Endless Rush Launches For iOS Devices

Neoglyphic Entertainment recently released their new mobile title Endless Rush for Apple’s iDevices. The game is a 3D endless runner that sees players attempting to collect nectar through a dynamic forest filled with obstacles.

The game rolled out to little fanfare on the app store, but it’s designed to capture the attention of people just looking for something small and fun to play in their spare time. If you needed a glimpse as to what the gameplay for Endless Rush looks like, you can check out the gameplay trailer below.

There’s nothing particularly special about Endless Rush but the challenge of flying through the forest and collecting nectar while taking a break from whatever it is you’re doing in real life.

The game currently has just over a dozen user ratings, all of which have given the title a 5 star rating. The actual reviews are harder to come by, though. There’s only one available from a user that states that the game is very addicting and that the world is very gorgeous. So that’s definitely not a throwaway comment.

Also, if the name Neoglyphic Entertainment sounds somewhat familiar to you it’s probably because they also made the middleware software NeoFur, which is a Unity 3D middleware plugin that can enable game developers to dynamically and quickly render fur for objects, animals, creatures and monsters. They now have a game on the app store so if you don’t need them because you aren’t making games you might just remember them because you can play their game.

You can grab Endless Rush from over on the iTunes App Store right now for free. The game does work for the iPad, iPhone and even the iPod Touch, so if you’re part of the Apple family you’ll be able to get in some game time with the new title.


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