Gal Gun: Double Peace Launches On Steam In All Its Uncensored Glory

Inti Creates and PQube’s Gal*Gun: Double Peace has officially launched on Steam for $39.99. The game is one of the few imports that PQube fought tooth and nail for to arrive Stateside uncensored, and now gamers get to experience that uncensored gameplay on Steam for PC.

The title carries a hefty $39.99 price tag but you can get it for the first week of its availability on Steam for 10% off the normal price for only $35.99.

The game sees players taking on the role of Houdai, a love-sick dweeb who gets struck by a cupid angel named Ekoro. The shot turns Houdai into every girl’s dream guy… making him the desire of every female at the academy he attends. However, there’s a trick to the shot: if Houdai doesn’t find his one true love by the end of the day, he’ll be forever alone.

It’s up to players to use their newfound sex appeal to please as many of the females at the academy as possible to get them to leave Houdai alone until he can find his one true love. This means that Houdai must go around and quickly grope, fondle, caress, kiss and nuzzle as many girls as possible to please them and get them out of his way until he can find his true crush. You can see what the absurdly silly gameplay is like with the trailer below.

The game is designed to be a completely different take on the on-rails shooter. While most arcade games back in the day focused on players having the gun and following the rail line to kill everything in sight, Inti Creates flipped the scenario on its head so that you’re pleasuring and spreading love to everything in sight.

Culture critics have been harassing developers about violence in games since people like Sarkeesian stepped into the public spotlight, and so Inti Creates has a game that celebrates love and affection instead of violence. I wonder if the Sarkeesian types will give this game any sort of praise for encouraging both sexes to get a little bit closer instead of encouraging what Sarkeesian’s former headmaster called “toxic masculinity”?

Anyway, for gamers who like games and gamers who like having a bit of cheeky fun, you’ll find that Gal*Gun: Double Peace has a fully fleshed out story mode, a score attack mode so you can try to rack up as many points as possible, a collection mode so you can check out image galleries and achievements, as well as the ability to choose your love interest so the story changes depending on your choices.

For more info you can hit up the game’s Steam store page. I’m almost willing to bet that there will be mods available for this game coming out faster than medical teams attempting to help Clinton get from the curb to her SUV when the portable defibrillators fail.


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