#Gamergate Supporters Are Both Alt-Right And Bernie Bros, According To The Media
(Last Updated On: September 5, 2016)

According to a recent article from Brianna Wu on Bustle, promoted by the Hillary for America PAC, #GamerGate is an off-shoot of the Alt-Right. What is the Alt-Right? Some sort of Hitler-Satan political hellspawn that is worse than any terrorist organization out there and just short of a collective hive-mind that represents the Anti-Christ. That’s according to the media.

Readers informed me about the Hillary for America tweet, which manages to prop up Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton and demonize #GamerGate while promoting Brianna Wu, all within the confines of 140 characters.

According to the Bustle article, Wu writes…

“For the public, the most recognizable shock troops of the Alt-Right has come in the form of Gamergate, the hate group still targeting women that advocate for inclusion in the tech industry.”

Wu goes on to claim that outlets have stood in opposition to #GamerGate and that the “ethics in journalism” tag has always been a cover for white men to harass women out of the gaming industry…

“Hundreds of press outlets throughout the world investigated Gamergate, including The New York Times, The Guardian, and The Washington Post, as well as Bustle — and found little merit to their claims to be about “ethics in game journalism.””

DeepFreeze.it has a list of ethical violations from games journalists, from recounting Nathan Grayson’s lack of disclosure regarding paying Zoe Quinn $800 — money that some on KIA speculated was used to abort her ex-boyfriend’s baby based on the Crash Override Network chat log leaks — to PC Gamer’s Tyler Wilde sleeping with a Ubisoft communications officer while promoting the games from her company… without disclosure.

Both of the above cases involved sex for positive coverage; this is mostly because games journalists oftentimes are seen as individuals who lack the social skills and wherewithal to separate business from personal relations. Many of these journalists also seem to potentially exhibit the socially awkward symptoms of one ASD disorder or the next, falling victim to the biological allure of whatever attention they can garner from a female, even if it means partaking in unethical behavior.

Other cases involved people like Kris Ligman promoting products he’s had financial attachments to, to Polygon’s Brian Crecente and Kotaku’s Patricia Hernandez providing positive coverage to friends or organizational affiliates without disclosure.

There are almost countless other cases of corruption, many of which are – once again – covered over on DeepFreeze.it. So it’s false to claim that #GamerGate has no meritorious arguments centered around the media’s ethical violations.

Even still, Wu’s claim about #GamerGate being the Alt-Right Godzilla of politics has been mirrored – as mentioned in the Bustle article – by many other outlets, fawning over the claims made by Hillary Clinton in a recent speech where she denounced the growing threat of the Alt-Right.

Benjamain Wallace-Wells from the New Yorker along with NBC News’ Benjy Sarlin (amongst many others) have been clamoring to call #GamerGate an Alt-Right movement. Sarlin sums up the sentiments from most mainstream media with the simple blurb…

“[Milo] Yiannopoulos is highly associated with “Gamergate” a related movement to the “alt-right” that consists of mostly young male video game fans who warn that so-called “social justice warriors” are conspiring to produce games more targeted to female and minority customers.”

So according to Wu, the mainstream media, and a Hillary Clinton PAC, #GamerGate is an Alt-Right movement: It’s about racism, sexism, transphobia, deregulation, trolling, misogyny, white supremacy, Antisemitism, minority oppression, gender oppression, xenophobia and trolling.

Yet… just earlier this year – before Bernie Sanders’ Presidential bid was subverted by the Democratic National Committee, as reported by the New York Times – #GamerGate was apparently a Socialist movement attached to Bernie Sanders. In fact, some outlets referred to #GamerGate as being associated with a group known as “Bernie Bros”.

Buzzfeed’s Evan McMorris-Santoro lumped the Bernie Bros in with #GamerGate, with a post from January 29th, 2016 that reads…

“Women who support Clinton — or work for her and support her — have consistently cited a barrage of sexist attacks across social media. In the manner of GamerGate trolls or men’s rights activists, according to women who have dealt with them, Bernie Bros swarm, pummeling their chosen target with tweets. It’s become a trope among women who work in politics or cover it.”

Slate’s Amanda Hess wrote a piece in February of 2016, earlier this year, comparing the tension between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton with #GamerGate, dropping in the hashtag in an article about those infamous Bernie Bros…

“Is the Democratic Party’s primary flame war the Internet’s fault? It’s at least a little bit the Internet’s fault. The online battle between Bernie Bros and Hillary bots has been compared to #GamerGate by that movement’s critics, sympathizers, and fence-sitters.”

Vox had a series of explanations centered around exploring the mindset of these Bernie Bros. Apparently women didn’t and couldn’t support Bernie Sanders (and by proxy to #GamerGate, they apparently can’t support Donald Trump either). Nevertheless, Dara Lind’s article from February 5th, 2016 states…

“It’s important to understand this clearly: “Derailing” refers to avoiding responsibility for hurting someone else, by trying to change the subject or claiming that the “real” problem is something else. It is itself one of the obstructionist behaviors associated with the “Bernie Bro” stereotype. (This, too, became a flashpoint during the Gamergate controversy, that the “real” issue was ethics in gaming journalism and not the coordinated harassment of individuals.)”

BleedingCool interviewed Marvel writer Ruth Fletcher, who also reiterated the media’s narrative that #GamerGate was associated with the Bernie Bros, telling the outlet in a June 7th, 2016 piece…

“And no, calling out Bernie Bros, who have used derogatory language, name-calling and threats online, much in the same way the perpetrators of #gamergate did, is not divisive. They are divisive.”

Birth.Movies.Death’s editor-in-chief Devin Faraci, famous for saying that #GamerGate was worse than ISIS, also tweeted out that the Bernie Bros and #GamerGate had some kind of connection.

So #GamerGate were all Bernie Sanders supporters up until the Democratic National Commitee sabotaged his Democratic nomination and now they are all Donald Trump extremists who are on the Alt-Right? Is that right?

According to Ethan Chiel from Fusion, he at least acknowledges that not all things the media labels as “evil” in this current year is birthed from #GamerGate but instead claims that the Alt-Right movement has been around since the 1990s, writing…

“The essay, which takes its name from “The Californian Ideology,” a 1995 critique of the 90s Silicon Valley culture, starts off with a fine but pretty skippable exegesis of various theories of fascism from the 20th century before diving into a cogent analysis of the rise of the alt-right online. While others have mistakenly cited the movement’s birthplace as the Gamergate movement, this essay traces it back to privatization-friendly changes in hacker communities in the 70s and 80s, as well as cultural influences of the 90s and 2000s, such as the Matrix, with its message that one needs to take a red pill to see the world as it really is.”

So then #GamerGate is a continuation of the Alt-Right from the 1990s? So then where does the Bernie Bros connection come from?

According to Quartz the Bernie Bros were a sexist group of white males who rose to prominence to suppress Hillary Clinton and other politically driven females on the side of Liberal Democrats…

“Bernie Bros was once a playful nickname for a certain white, male, and self-serious segment of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’s base. Now it’s become the tag for the multivalent harassment mobs who crop up on social media to hurl reams of uncomfortably gendered, personal hatred at his Democratic primary rival Hillary Clinton and anyone who supports her—or fails to sufficiently support Sanders. (Full disclosure: the Bros have not been kind to me.)”

So basically, these Bernie Bros and the Alt-Right groups are both a collective of racist, sexist white males who cling to whoever they can to harass women? Is that right?

Trying to understand the logic of how Bernie Bros, Donald Trump, the Alt-Right and #GamerGate are connected will require more strings than an orchestra violin section and more red pens than a Paper Mate shipment of back-to-school supplies.

Nevertheless, according to Brianna Wu #GamerGate and the Alt-Right will persist as a movement beyond the 2016 elections, writing in the Bustle article…

“Undoubtedly, the Alt-Right will continue to be a force in American politics well beyond the 2016 election. For some, it’s evidence of the fragmentation of the Republican party — the slow divorce of their corporate wing and their social conservatism wing. “

Except… Wu also believed that many of Bernie Sanders’ supporters were also associated with #GamerGate, as highlighted on a thread on Kotaku In Action, pointing to Tweets Wu made back on February 22nd, 2016

Well now… someone seems confused.

For reference, journalist Brad Glasgow did his own independent survey and discovered majority of the people using the GamerGate hashtag lean left and are Libertarians, with a piece on All Think titled “No, Gamergate is Not Right Wing.” The gist of the survey can be summed up with this snippet from Glasgow’s extensive research…

“There are right wingers within Gamergate. There are alt-righters within Gamergate. They’re just not the majority.”

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  • Alistair


    Here the UK Mediia watchdog to complain. I do Not know if it covers complait by viewers and listeners.

    There may be another watchdog that covers that reporting for bias on BBC and ITV.

  • spaceMONkeyMM

    Both gamergate movement and Alt-right(hate) movement are media’s fault of being completely one sided and no room for discussions. I remember when gamergate was going on. All i saw were feminist and anti-gamergates being interviewed while other side were left to the internet.

    • “media’s fault of being completely one sided and no room for discussions”

      They’ve been biased and siding with Political Correctness and Feminism for the last 30+ years. Welcome to Mainstream Media.

      • durka durka

        maybe in canada but most of the world has to listen to conservatives.

        • Not only in Canada, but also the UK (where I am) and from what I can see, also virtually the whole of Europe. And Australia, etc.

          So most of the world doesn’t really have to listen to conservatives

  • Alistair

    Which planet wu On “Just a cover for white men harrash women out of industry” She got proof of that.

    Did the gamers are dead articles never happen, it wasnt about censorship in video games. Thats they line. It all about “just a cover for white males harrash women out of industry. So why zoe quinn making more games and you wu still making games.

    Because you are a 2 face lier.

  • Alistair

    That agenda is rather clear if she gets elected, she will be fighting all that says them. How can they via legislation thats how.

    Dont know about ESRB but PEGI Is a independent rating board with-out govt involvement. Cant say over at NA.

    Whatever happens over there in November we in a hell of a rided we basically doomed.

  • Alistair

    GG Did a lot of damage, hence the more we hurt them the more they hate use back, “Gamers are dead articles” Time move forward, and gamers are Not dead.

    Gawker is dead and buried.

  • Alistair

    That 2 faced lying right there gamergate aren’t the minority at all, the ones who apparently push the angenda are SJWs those are minority.

    Gamers are the majority, and SJWs are rather Jealous that the video games industry is doing swell, & they cant stomach that. It quite Jealousy.

  • Mr.Towel

    The mainstream media ability to condense so many bullshit in just one piece is staggering, there should be some sort of prize for that.

    To begin with, the Alt-Right is not a new movement, it has always been a thing. Since the beginning of the 20th century there has been Right-wingers who weren’t part of the Bible-Belt Movement, people who didn’t care about family values, religion, church, soul, abortion, tradition and etc. People that disliked Left’s political and economical ideas and agreed with the Right’s opposition to it. They have been called different names through different eras. In the 90s and early 2000 they were the great EVIL of Neocons. Did you noticed that nobody speaks about neocons anymore? Apparently now they are called the “Alternative-Right” and Gamergate. The Left likes to create Strawmans over this group to create an imaginary enemy to beat.

    I don’t believe GG is mostly Right-winger, not from what I’ve seen. From what I’ve seen, most Gamergaters are actually very layman when it comes to Political sciences and history: They don’t read books about it, have little to no interest in Philosophy, don’t follow professors or journals, have little interest in real world history, they’re not versed in Political sciences in anyway. They speak mostly from their own mind, from what they have learned as an observer and from their own intuition.

    I would say that most Gamergaters are people who are fed up with Cultural Marxism, the idea that you should bring Class Warfare to modern cultural media, weaponizing their nerd culture for political ideals and how that all happens behind the curtains through the nepotist behavior of corrupt journalists and game developers. The SJW are just the mass front from this ideological assumption (Cultural Marxism).

    Apparently, that opposition to Cultural Marxism is enough to label all GGers as Right-Wing fanatics, for they’re not Lefty enough for mainstream media. It doesn’t matter that there are a lot of progressives inside GG, that agree with labor laws, government protection, syndicate rulings, Class warfare and etc. it still is not Lefty enough, therefore is too Right-winger.

    And then we’re the radicals… hah.

  • C G Saturation

    The opening sentence already blares warning sirens. Allow me to rephrase it!
    “Lying attention seeker funded by rich corporate assholes throwing money at a lying career criminal generalizes ethical people under a negative label.”

    In relevant news, WikiLeaks supposedly has evidence showing that Sanders was threatened into giving up. I don’t think they’ve posted it yet, though.

  • scemar

    both currents are anti-establishment somehow, both have been wronged by it through its corruption, both were attacked of every -ist and -ism they always spout

    reminder, berniebros were accused of sexim, DNC was literally rigged from the top, they always wanted hillary, and the electronic voting was tampered with

    and there’s no need to bring up how the alt righters have been wronged, there’s too much to say

    so yeah sounds about right that both would have been influenced by the media and government distrust gamergate has taught gamers

    tho if I had to draw a line between them though, I’d say the alt righters are angrier and have a more nihilistic sense of idealism, they want change, period, don’t care how they are seen or perceived

    while the berniebros seemed more like the romantic idealist, who has more love for his ideals than his accomplishments and sees the world as he wants it to be, not as it may prove to be

    for anyone curious about the more in depth sides of the alt right, the stuff many won’t even dare say, I found this article extremely interesting and informative about it http://www.dailystormer.com/a-normies-guide-to-the-alt-right/ but visit at your own peril, it’s so un-PC it makes regular un-PC seem tame

    • Ghost

      Don’t think I’m going to intentionally visit a kkk website lol.

  • AFGNCAAP Paradigm

    I thought we got rid of Wu after that whole SyFy channel atrocity?

    • These people are cancer, they will recur even when seemingly killed off.

  • Fenrir007

    Wu is trying hard to steal back the spotlight Anita and Zoe stole from her.

  • The Fractured Filter

    Oh for fucks sake, Wu is just trying any bit to keep itself relevant at this point. And all this “booo alt-right!” Its just for this time, the 90’s it was the whole of republicans. But now new boogeyman to use, gotta have that boogeyman to try and shake up and terrify the sheep.

  • Gorgon

    Gamergate is also ISIS, don’t forget that.

    • Ghost

      That’s racist to Muslims, somehow.

      • Gorgon

        Everything’s racist to Muslims, even Allah.

        • Ghost

          Isn’t funny how being critical towards a religion is somehow considered “racism”. I don’t like Orange Soda(I actually love it), thus I am somehow racist to black people.

  • Grey

    It’s well known that GamerGate was and is an alt-right Socialist Conservative Liberal movement of hyper-masculine dudebro geeks who live in their mothers basements when not using their Green Barret training and Call of Duty-honed skills to snipe at women from twelve thousand yards with abusive tweets in support of Bernie Trump and his bid to build a wall that will keep all women oppressed.

    • durka durka

      you forgot all those sockpuppets with a ridiculous large supply of female photographs.

  • Kipper Parrish

    Conversely, gamers are seen as lacking social skills and unable to separate art from personal interest

    • Conversely, gamers are seen as lacking social skills and unable to separate art from personal interest

      What you just described also applies to every Hollywood director pushing for progressive politics and social issues in big budget flicks.

      • C G Saturation

        Sadly, I’m pretty sure that description can be extended a lot farther than that.

  • Ghost

    I still support the idea of #gg, but I distanced myself from it a long time ago. I didn’t like the idea that these new youtube “philosophical/political” e-guru’s are our mascots and figureheads

    . I also didn’t care for some of the bedfellows we seemed to be allowing to speak for us. I didn’t ask Sargon or Milo to represent me. I thought the point was that we had no leader because it was a consumerist movement.

    I also think a lot of people saw #gg as a chance to make a name for themselves on youtube.

    • hurin

      I have never seen anyone in GG say that Milo represents it.

      Sargon is the one who found a connection between the Gamers-are-Dead articles and Digra. That was when GG realized the magnitude of the threat gaming was facing.

      • scemar

        milo is on the record for stating multiple times that he doesn’t want to be seen as representative of any of those movements and claims to merely be a journalist who does his job reporting about stuff and giving them a fair chance

        both alt right and gg

        I don’t think many of them actually try to be seen as representatives of the movements per se, but when people want to know about them, they’re the ones they usually go to, because they’re the ones who are talking about them extensively in a positive light and with a public profile

    • durka durka

      ” I didn’t like the idea that these new youtube “philosophical/political” e-guru’s are our mascots and figureheads.”

      What i dont like is that most of those people are right leaning and they pretending to be liberals.

  • Professor_Icepick

    To be fair, both assertions aren’t really incorrect: at its peak, Gamergate was pretty politically diverse. The problem is that they’re effectively firing off a sort of “all or nothing” thing. Effectively oversimplifying the membership of the movement into whatever flavor of the week obscenity the “progressives” has been a recurring theme since before Gamergate even really got off the ground

    The funny thing about Gamergate in my eyes is just the fact that it became a media boogeyman with such power and contempt, to the extent where even mainstream news media outlets were apparently scared of whatever “power” it wielded. Think of that, the people in control of the narratives of pretty much every first world nation on the planet were scared of some “neckbeard permavirgin misogynists posting from the safety of their mothers’ basements”.

    Perhaps the most interesting thing, especially in this post-Gamergate era, is just the level of mental gymnastics everyone is capable of. Apparently, the most dangerous people on the planet are also simultaneously the most pathetic.

    • the people in control of the narratives of pretty much every first world
      nation on the planet were scared of some “neckbeard permavirgin
      misogynists posting from the safety of their mothers’ basements”.

      It really showed just how stupid mainstream media are, and how afraid they are of a little bit of independent thought being spread amongst the populous.

    • durka durka

      I wont bother addressing the retarded arguments these people make after all at this everyone who knows them and does not support them in some way, knows that they are lying manipulating shills.

      Instead of that i am gonna explain wtf is going on and why it happens. I am of the firm belief that over 70% of Americans are retarded. The bullshit they are served by tv and other media are in a way “corrupting” their moral and societal compass . The youth learns about the world and society from what they observe around them. If they are observing retarded bullshit that make absolutely no sense. They normalize that and think this is normal. just like the Romans that enjoyed throwing Christians to the lions for entertainment.

      By controlling the narrative and appealing to non skeptics who simply swallow everything you give em without thinking you could in fact argue that people are both alt right and Bernie bros. Why not?

      Of course all of this has to do with money, from Hillary to Wu, to every manipulator they do it for money. Exposing their bullshit is a right that we must have, forget about ethics and doing the right thing for a second, because those things do not matter to anyone at this point, the world has become more cynical, so lets forget about those things for a while. If you let the establishment and organized groups of special interests based on money or crazy ideologues to manipulate the crazies and the youth…or the old farts in the case of conservatives….and you are not allowed to speak against them, to disprove their bullshit, then you no longer live in a free society and that is dangerous for your quality of living.