Gamers Petition NISA To Release Criminal Girls 2 On Steam Uncensored

NIS America had their hands tied when it came to Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors. In order to avoid an Adults Only rating for the North American release of the game, they decided to censor half of the game’s “motivation” ecchi art and removed a lot of the audio from the game as a way to appease the ratings boards. Despite all the censorship, some regions still won’t allow the game to be sold there, including Australia and Germany.

Gamers have decided to petition NIS America to release the uncut Japanese version of Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors onto Steam as a way to avoid the ratings boards. The petition would see the original Japanese game, without any edits made to the gameplay or art or audio assets, re-released on Steam in all its uncensored glory.

Unlike retail releases, Steam doesn’t require an ESRB rating in order to sell a game through its storefront. Thus, Criminal Girls 2 could be sold as an unrated title. The only drawback is that NIS America doesn’t release unrated games.

The petition quotes a localization team member, however, who stated that NIS might reconsider their policy on an unrated release of Criminal Girls 2 if there are enough people willing to see it happen, saying…

“I will say again that I am trying to get as much weight as I can behind an argument for making an unrated, uncensored Criminal Girls 2 on Steam, but without surveys and sales numbers, there’s little to go on. I did some cursory research and discovered for example that there are no thorough surveys/petitions for CG2 coming to Steam uncensored. Without something like that, all we really have to go on in terms of numbers are like…youtube comments. Which, y’know. Come on.”

The petition is a way for NIS to see if there really is demand for an uncensored release of Criminal Girls 2 on Steam.

Censored Gaming originally tipped us off to the news, linking to the petition where gamers are voicing their opinion and desires to see a wholly uncensored rendition of Criminal Girls 2 on Steam. If you want to join in on the fun and let your voice be heard, feel free to check out the petition and sign your name.

For reference, you can see the comparison between the censored and uncensored version of the game via the video below from Censored Gaming.


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