Ghost In The Shell First Assault Update Drops New Weapons And Level

Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex: First Assault (that is always a mouth full!) has just dropped a new content update that was a little over 1GB in size. Here’s what they added!

We’ll talk about the smaller content first and work our way up to the bigger stuff. First up we have a few bug fixes and weapon re-balances. The bugs are pretty small, but they consisted of things like removing name tags while hiding behind Maven’s optic screen wall or while covered in smoke so that you remain fully hidden, and they also adjusting the spawn protection time by about two seconds, etc.

The newest member for Ghost In The Shell: First Assault, Kuro, has gained three new mods that can adjust his EMP’s detonation time, damage and distance. Additionally, they have added

AR F2020 (top), with the MPX Desert digital camo skin (bottom)

The SMG KRIS-SV accuracy has been increased from 50 to 55. The SMG SEO MPX damage has been increased from 29 to 30. I’m not sure what one point will do, but hopefully you’ll see the difference!

For assault rifles, the ACR1-G2 stability has been increased from 49 and bumped up to 52, while the S25-R damage has been increased from 32 to 33 and the gun’s overall stability has been increased from 48 up to 51.

For sniper rifles, they adjusted the values to how the guns work in general. They adjusted the body damage levels from 90% damage up to 95% damage, while also adjusting the arm and leg damage value from 80% damage and increased it up to 85% damage. So those body shots and arm and leg shots will do slightly more damage so that you don’t always have to rely on perfect headshots to get a kill.

The shotgun 870-ICS’ effective range has been decreased from 10m to 8m, giving this gun a smaller tighter area of effect so you’ll really have get up close and personal.

The USS 12 shotgun had similar adjustments, as its effective range has been decreased from 8 down to 7m.

Earlier this month they added the P-90S1, which is a variant of the P-90 sub-machine gun. For this update, they added the new Quick Point S1 gun sight that is now available for to use for most assault rifles, and they have also added in the F2020 bullpup assault rifle (depicted in the image above at the top). And what is that gun in the same picture below the F2020? That is the MPX Desert digital camo skin that you can now purchase for that specific Sub-machine gun; you know, for those of you that love your fancy weapon skins.


Last but not least, the demolition game mode for Ghost In The Shell: First Assault has gained a new prototype stage, The Train Station. The developers say that this stage is designed for cover, extra stealth and ambush tactics. What does prototype stage mean? Well with the last prototype levels, the developers left the stage in the game for awhile and gathered analytical data about how players moved and which points needed fixing to maximize the level design and fun factor. These stages may be missing textures or other items to fill in the level while they gather data.

This is why the above pictures look like unfinished concept art, because that is pretty much exactly what it is. If you watch the live Dev streams or read the developer diaries, they sometimes go in detail about how they refine and adjust the levels.

I’ll probably get around to doing an updated review for Ghost In The Shell: First Assault, since the last one was made during closed beta and they have added a lot of new content and fixed some major problems since then, so stick around and I’ll go in more detail about all the changes made from closed beta in comparison to how the game is now.

For more information about Ghost In The Shell: First Assault, you can visit their official website, or the Steam store page for further details.