Gizmodo Incites Harassment On Female #GamerGate Supporter, Forces Her Off Twitter
(Last Updated On: September 24, 2016)

After having feigned concerned for females in gaming, sites like NeoGaf and Gizmodo have shown their true colors, inciting their userbases to send harassment toward a right-wing #GamerGate supporter. Why? Because she’s the girlfriend of Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus, and it turns out both of them support Donald Trump. [Update: According to a Facebook post, Palmer Luckey states that he actually supports Gary Johnson]

While sites like Ars Technica attacked Palmer Luckey for his political leanings, other sites like Gizmodo and NeoGaf made it personal by going after his love life.

Gizmodo published an article on September 23rd, 2016 where they dug up Luckey’s personal affairs and made everyone aware of his romantic affiliations with Nicole Edelmann, who went by the online Twitter handle of Nikki Moxxi. She posted cosplays on her channel and interacted and engaged with Trump supporters and #GamerGate advocates.

By pointing people to her Twitter account and personal information, Edelmann began receiving untold amounts of harassment that eventually led her to close down her account. You can see that her account no longer exists according to an archive.

Previously, you could see that her account had plenty of content on it before it was unceremoniously deleted. An archive of her account before deletion can be viewed here, where it shows that just before the articles were published on Gizmodo and other sites, she was still plenty active on Twitter.

The Twitter fallout can be chronicled just by following the responses toward Moxxi following the publication of the Gizmodo piece, as pointed out by user TheLOTDreport.

Previous to her deleting her account, you had egg accounts and others sending harassment.

Others began tagging in Nikki on Twitter as the stories began going viral to make people aware of her association with Luckey.

According to an archive, a lot of it was basically dogpiling from people who were made aware of Nikki’s presence on Twitter, which resulted in plenty of people searching her out and doing what usually happens when someone is outed in a negative way in the media.

Other gaming sites that lean heavily toward the left-wing oriented media have also jumped in on attacking Nikki and Palmer Luckey for their perceived political affiliations. As pointed out by Nick Monroe, various members of NeoGaf made the issue personal against Nikki.

The harassment got so bad that one user on NeoGaf named omgfloofy made a post stating the following…

“The number of times I saw people shit talking about Nikki’s twitter in here on top of people posting about her on Gizmodo that she has deleted her account due to the harassment she’s seen.


“People tweeting at her that she’s a hateful fucker and to fucking kill herself.


“Seriously, guys? This is what you want to do? You bitch and moan and whine about inciting harassment on women in gaming, and you take part in this kind of shit on her?”


[…] “maybe people here should take a moment – a good long fucking moment – to look in the mirror before they start judging other people”

As pointed out by Twitter user Jason Miller, the user was banned for objecting to NeoGaf engaging in groupthink harassment toward someone supporting #GamerGate.

The general response from people following sites like Ars Technica, The Daily Beast and Gizmodo has been that Palmer Luckey and his girlfriend are “juvenile assholes” for supporting Donald Trump and #GamerGate (the latter of which helped financially bankrupt Gawker for unethical journalism).

Some users in the comment sections did warn that groupthink harassment against people with opposing views was a dangerous way of thinking.

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  • slimgrin

    She should have stayed on Twitter and flipped the media the bird.

  • Dennis McMurtrey

    So many ppl without a freakin’ life…
    That others opinions threaten their mental health so easily…
    Quick…Run to your “safe places” you SJW kitties!
    Internet Trolldom sponsored by globalist corporations…
    to generate ad revenue from click bait….LOL

  • DDD-kun

    NeoGAF’s poison has been around long enough. Too long. It’s high time they be made to answer for their own stupidity and hubris.

  • bob

    Where’s Twitters Trust and Safety Counsel?

  • Alistair

    I want to further point the difference between left and right of course being centre ground is the right way. Because govts need to be centre to govern us.

    If a government goes to far left it means censorship incoming. Now me I’m anti-censorship but I keep a open mind. What am I left or right or centre?.

    • Horseshoe theory is in effect for both sides. Most rational people just call themselves “Moderates” these days because the left have gone crazy, the right doesn’t really seem to know what it is (I mean, a large portion of the right champion Milo who actually has a lot of liberal views) and I don’t even know what you would call Trump but he’s certainly not conservative nor does he champion traditional conservative views.

      I’ve backed out of the labels because both sides no longer represent my views as a citizen. I’ll wait for the clown show to subside and then see what’s left standing on the scorched Earth.

      • Alistair

        Fair point billy it be rather intreasting to see who comes out on top.

        In November, I just found out we could be heading a general election soonish here in UK according to labour. That be fun too.

        About milo he become a saint because he backed gamer gate and wasn’t he the one that expose the special club named game jorno pro.

        No wonder the journalists hated our guts lol.

  • chasrmartin

    You shitheads didn’t learn from Gawker, did you?

  • Erodred

    sites like neogaf and other sjw sites fucking disgust me

    • Alistair

      I love this site and niche gamer even i pop in to lewd gamer from time to time.

      Its nice to commet with fellow anti censorship and anti regression lefts bullshit like myself.

      The sinkhole they open is now even deeper and something will give.

  • MusouTensei

    Fuck these people, all of them.

  • Alistair

    Yeah every one of them are showing their true colours that the regression lefts SJWs cucks.

    One of them was even got so triggered by the deleting of her tweets before it was close down.

    Saying she was hateful what a silly thing to say. Its because of fucking them she had enough and close her twitter account down.

    You could say they hounded her to get her twitter account down. And they did by harrasment that CON Should have polices shows what hypocrites CON really is.

    As for new look gawker the ghost of old gawer still lives on.

    • I agree.

      I realize she has a lot of support from GG and Anti-SJWs, but I’ll be the bad guy on this occasion – I think what she did (leaving Twitter) is special snowflake-esque behaviour.

      When SJWs sense weakness and smell blood, they’ve got you and will double-down to attack you.

      She’ll probably be back on Twitter in no time. But caving in to SJWs only makes it worse.

  • pixelperfect3

    Did she go to her “safe space”?

  • Arbitrary

    How the fuck do you get “forced” off Twitter, anyway? Someone holding a gun to your head?

    WORDS DO HURT for a certain type of person, apparently.

  • This is abhorrent behaviour. Absolutely fucking disgusting.

  • anopolis

    At what point does too much become too much? This is garbage. these people are the very definition of intolerant assholes. If one has the audacity to believe slightly different than they do they throw any and all rules out the window and show what it means to be a douche canoe.

  • Clayton Weaver

    I’m republican and had seriously considered not even voting this year. After seeing this horse shit around the two of them I feel my hand is forced. I’m voting for Trump come November.

    • static5225

      I’m not a republican, but even so, voting for Trump is really tempting because these SJW hypocrites really need to be taught a lesson. I am tired of them getting away with this BS every single time and not be held accountable.

      • Ruprect

        You are willing to piledrive your country into the ground just to teach a few rainbow-haired harridans a lesson?

        • Country is going to be piledrived whether CLinton or Trump takes office. The only super downside with Clinton is that she’s backed by a lot of people who can’t wait to censor the internet and remove “harmful” people and their opinions from having a platform. Mainstream media have already started closing down and banning comment sections, the last thing we need are independent outlets blacklisted from search engines on the grounds of wrongthink.

  • wombat

    Here it goes again. They just don’t want the ride to end, do they?

    This is fucking insane. No proof of “gamergate” harassing, women, but the people blaming “gamergate” are openly doing it and apparently it’s a good thing to do. They could at least pretend that they’re not shitty people. I don’t even

    … though I guess cartoon frogs are worse.

  • Mr.Towel

    I’m lost for words, the hipocrisy just hit clinical levels, this is clinical insanity.

    They claim that what they’re doing is not harassment, “it’s just criticizing someone for their political views” (with incredible thoughtful political dissertations like this one:”Nikki, You’re a real hateful fucker and your boyfriend’s feet are bloated and weird.”)

    So, why when some people react the same way to Anitta or Zoey it suddenly becomes harassment?

    Double Standards for an Asymmetrical War, that seems to be the mindset of the left these days.

    Empathy is lost on them.

    • C G Saturation

      Exactly. Only a monster can defeat a monster. It’s silly to try understanding, accepting and protecting the feelings of someone who only wants to tear out your eyeballs and piss on your brain.

  • durka durka

    I hate republicans and i dont understand why anyone would support a dumb fuck like trump for real “but you see hillary is bad and i want to see the whole thing coming down” i dont disagree but why make usa the biggest joke for the next 4 years and ruin its economy?

    Anyway, someone pointed out that she is out of that guy’s league and someone else that money makes men pretty.

    Yeah pretty much and i have absolutely no sympathy for rich douches and gold digger whores.

    Fighting the supposedly “ethical advantageous” left wing while supporting dumb fucks like trump… FOR REAL as you agree with his positions and opinions and dont do it as a joke or to get to sjws. Well, that, that takes away all argumentation on your side about you being more “ethical” or “moral” or even “logical” than the other side.

    I mean you pretty much say that all the sjws are stupid crazies, but you are for the rich fucks, the douchebags, the racists, the assholes, the clueless idiots who think science is a hoax, the theocrats and the big money lobbyists.

    So you are essentially shamelessly fighting your mirror image who likes team Democrat instead of team Republican when both are just as corrupt, hypocritical and full of themselves.

    It is like you forgot what major douches the right was during the 90s towards gaming. I see sargon of akkad saying things like “all my friends think i am racist” and “i am ashamed for being left leaning” With words like that everyone who doesnt know you, will say. it looks like a neocon, it sounds like a neocon, it hangs out with neocons, it must be a neocon.

    Skeptic on that twitter post is bashing Hillary for her health problems but what about trump? He has done every stupid thing that you can possibly do, but of course there is no point to be “skeptic” on that guy since we all support him as a joke…RIGHT? RIGHT? No many support him as a serious candidate and do believe the horseshit that comes out of his mouth like how obama is some Muslim isis founding spy who was not born in usa.

    USA is a country of retards and needs someone to keep them in check, instead of that the so called “skeptics” decided to throw all objectivity and skepticism when it comes to the right because “hur dur the left is in charge”

    As if they dont have any long term thinking and dont realize that this anti pc reaction and anti establishment reaction will get the other side in charge and then you will be handling a pro corporation pro surveillance pro pollution future to the neocons.

    This is why i stopped paying attention to this “community” because to anyone on the outside they are just like the sjws they hate so much and they dont even see it. Making irrational emotional decisions to stick it to the other side.

    Oh and something else, kinda surprising gizmodo is no different than their predecessors but dont worry youtube heroes is totally gonna make the internet a better place with all those “useful idiots” that will silence people who “advertisers” dont like, for free….remember those “useful idiots” are not only on the left, they are on the right too, or you think the right wont use such tools if they gain access to em? A few years ago milo was for censorship on twitter on the argument that people make stupid comments as if they are drunk and lets not talk about trump wanting to sue and silence every outlet that does not praise him.

    The worst thing of all of this is that SERIOUS trump supporters and “shtlords” with awful things they are saying are giving an excuse to the likes of youtube and twitter to silence them.

    Essentially all those “shitlords” who “stand for free speech” and say whatever bullshit they want to say,, they are effective “useful idiots” that gives an excuse to those corporations to silence them. WAKE UP, its like you have not been paying attention all this time, if you behave like a “shitlord” any argument you make will be branded with “harassment” or in the case of youtube “not ad friendly” and silenced, you are feeding sjws with what they want, reasons to disregard or censor your views on the basis of being “toxic” if you were fair and objective people coming in from the outside will believe you but if you are a totally fucking shitlord people wont even look twice at what you are saying, they will read it and say “just some edgy kid trolling” and move along.

    To the outside you will look like the bad guys.

    • f you behave like a “shitlord” any argument you make will be branded with “harassment” or in the case of youtube “not ad friendly” and silenced, you are feeding sjws with what they want, reasons to disregard or censor your views on the basis of being “toxic”

      Yeah that’s pretty much spot-on. If the media calls someone a racists and they say “no, I’m not a racist… I just like to troll” and then proceeds to troll by posting racist stuff, then it feeds into the media’s narrative.

      However, given your dislike of Trump and the fact that a lot of people supporting Clinton seem to be financially backing initiatives to censor the internet and free speech, my question is: what should the average person do?

      The general sentiment I’m seeing from most average people, most moderates, most neutrals, most independents is that they feel powerless. They either say they won’t vote or will try to vote for the lesser evil. So what do these people do?

      • durka durka

        The answer is simple you need a third party for fucks sake man, there needs to be less of a dichotomy. Most people dont agree with either parties. I mean fuck, vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein. When americans stick it to the old parties things will change if they keep falling for that trap they wont.

        Also i will repeat myself, by bashing only Hillary and not Trump and saying things “i am ashamed for being left leaning” or “my friends think i am racist” the vast majority of people wont bother digging up to find out more they will quickly disregard your opinion as what they describe you and move on.

        It is like that guy who said he has given up trying to explain gamergate and how the media got it wrong because its like sisyphus pushing a boulder only to roll down again.

        You gotta be less shitlordy if you ever want to gain mainstream support. If not they gonna quickly disregard you and move on with Hillary or trump and the problem with trump is that at this point nothing of what he says surprises anyone or even shocks them. There is a line and that line has been crossed. After that there is a whole lot more cynicism and lack of responsibility. It is like voting for populists who seek only to gain power to do horrible things. Trump is not a fascist or racist, he is a fucking buffoon who has his easy life handed out to him and he says stupid shit without any consequences. He is clueless about everything and cant take responsibility for anything. He has the ego of a manchild. If he is in power he is a diplomatic incident waiting to happen. Not to mention he will shred the climate change agreement and possibly other anti pollution laws and his plan is to give a gigantic tax break to the rich.

        Obviously this Palmer dude will benefit from this, but will you? Nope, voting is not just a right, its a responsibility and trump is not the worse thing out of it. It is what comes out after trump. Many of the supporters of trump or the anti pc movement, are actual assholes, who are clueless on wtf they are saying, have no actual skepticism or knowledge of history and watch the likes of sargon of akkad because he mocks stupidity or the left, since all republicans think the left is stupid and dangerous. So when you have so many dumb people or young people who just know learn about politics and form their worldview, what you are risking is a “no limits” approach to which dumb fuck or crazy nutjob could be president. The world laughed with Bush and USA looked bad, with Trump they will face palm and conclude that Americans are either retarded or evil people who like causing problems to everyone else.

        When you bash Hillary for all the corrupt shit she has done, the media does not do shit about it, nor does the law and the vast majority of people look at this with cynicism “of course she is corrupt, they are all corrupt, nothing we can do about it” but when you replace a corrupt democract with a corrupt oligarchic theocrat who wants to go to war. (am not talking about trump) Then what you get is far far worse and thanks to all this cynicism and lack of criticism towards the right and of course the media having beaten the dead horse that is the argument of “why you should not vote for trump” this kind pf approach no longer works so everyone says “fuck it i wont listen to you” and vote with emotion and populism for a crazy nutjob who will cause alot of damage. Like i said you dont have just the right to vote, you have the responsibility and this 2 party system is too divisive and polarizing, you need a third party to put things into moderation by judging both sides, same goes for media and centrist objective skeptics that will criticize both sides.

        • The third party… the Independents are about as relevant as vapors from an F-22 exhaust during the take-off from a naval carrier. They’re just there and after the elections they’re basically gone.

          Jesse Ventura once said that he didn’t want to deal with the partisan politics that rule Washington, which is why he and other independents haven’t run seriously for POTUS. Well guess what, if people aren’t willing to step out there and fight to get bank-rolled to be a legit third party the majority of people won’t know that the party exists and won’t vote for them!

          And who is to say that the Indies won’t be worse than Trump or Clinton? Just because the major two party systems get all the mainstream TV spotlight and social media spotlight highlighting their corruption (oftentimes inadvertently) what makes you think an Independent would be less corrupt? It’s like saying you don’t like Batman or Superman so you’re voting for Owlman… only Owlman wants to negate all existence by destroying the multi-verse. Just because you don’t hear much about Owlman doesn’t make him a better alternative.

          • durka durka

            Yes and they will continue like that unless you support them instead of the main parties. Look at gg did it work out by picking a side on the mainstream sites or building alternatives? You need to support third parties, The mainstream parties are connected. Usefully it is the indiepedant parties that are against the establishment and the system. Now the question is what if they are corrupt like the main parties? The answer is simple, will you take that chance or will you ignore them until they decide to give up and assimilate with the main parties which means you are back at square one? But do tell me how continuing on this system is ever gonna make change or give you any control of the situation when you just vote for one of the main parties. Trump is more likely to do significant damage to the country and destroy the republican party than changing the system. Once he is gone the democrats will be like “we told you so, now vote for us” so everyone will vote for them because they are a lesser evil…..and we are back at square one….and of course Hillary winning changes nothing, it is the same establishment we had for decades.

          • draconian139

            Hillary is more likely to pull off another middle east invasion and worsen relations to Russia further. Its practically guaranteed that she’ll pass TPP as well when you look at the lobbyist support for her. Everyone’s freaking out over a piddly $10,000 dollars spent by Luckey when you have countless mega millionaires lining up behind her so the whole neocon argument is ridiculous when most of them are supporting Clinton.

            There is ample reason to believe that she’ll crack down on free speech as well. Meanwhile Trump isn’t a “nutjob” or “racist” you’ve mostly fallen for billions that have been spent against him. Hell most of the typical arguments against Republicans don’t even apply to him as its not like he’s trying to get gay marriage revoked or something, that’s more Cruz’s deal. I’m entirely comfortable in voting Trump despite never having voted Republican in my life before.

          • Look at gg did it work out by picking a side on the mainstream sites or building alternatives? You need to support third parties,

            Whoa, but there’s a big difference here between independent political parties and independent media outlets.

            First of all, political parties need funding to raise awareness. They need active PACs or super PACs to lure in the delegates, to get the votes and to sway the electoral process. They need affiliation and support from various Congress members and the Senate to make their policies and party prominent to establish a worthwhile caucus.

            GG didn’t need a high ladder filled with bureaucratic rungs to make independent media viable; GG users just had to show up at the sites and sometimes fund Kickstarter/Patreons to make the sites legit.

            In politics you need bureaucracy to stay relevant. Not only that, you need big voices with strong pull to get anywhere or make anything happen.

            You think getting an Independent into the Oval Office would be the end of the journey? No friends in Congress means a lockout on any worthwhile policies they would try to push through.

            The entire system is borked. Independents are just there on the ballot as a facade. They don’t actually represent an Independent third-party that can be a viable alternative. They have no pull, they have no mainstream clout, and the same way the media turned on Trump is the same way the media will turn on an Indie if they aren’t pushing whatever flavor of politics the media conglomerates want.

          • Alistair

            Third parties is a headache here in UK as its class a wasted vote and given advantage to the party that to govern.

            It be the same over there too i never hear of jill in the news or the other one for the same reason i given you.

            They not important lol. So what jill views on videos games is she a regression left like Clinton.

          • Good point. A vote for Jill or Gary could end up being no different than a vote for Trump or Clinton. In that regards, it’s just a vote wasted that could have gone to one of the big two.

        • totenglocke

          Jill Stein is an ardent socialist and Gary Johnson lost his marbles in the past four years and is just another piece of shit SJW Democrat. I’ve voted third party plenty of times in the past, but we don’t have any worthwhile third party candidates this time and we cannot afford to have Hillary continue Obama’s legacy of appointing anti-freedom and anti-constitution judges to the Supreme Court. That is the one and only reason why I’m voting for Trump. His economic policies are horrible, but no worse than Hillary’s – it’s literally all about having a chance and keeping the Supreme Court from being filled with SJW sympathizers.

    • Oh you lovable lefties, always unable to see between and beyond black and white. Is it some kind of mental illness you lot have? Or do you just love Hillary that much?

      Donald Trump is no saint, but here’s a good article explaining why Hillary Clinton is far worse:

      Read it. I dare you.

      And before you dismiss it as “just a shitty Ralph Retort article”,
      it’s actually by an author named Christi Junior, and it’s filled with
      links and citations for evidence.

      Read it and weep.

      • durka durka

        I am not a leftie dipshit, that is exactly my point.

        “always unable to see between and beyond black and white. Is it some kind of mental illness you lot have? Or do you just love Hillary that much?”

        Exactly to you idiotic dumbfucks if you dont support one side you must support the other side, you see everything as black and wait and you are incapable of judging things objectively and be SKEPTIC about it, to THINK ABOUT IT, to make philosophical arguments and decide what is better. This is why there need to be more parties than this polarizing left and right when they are both shit. YOU HAVE BECOME SJWS, you hate the left but you on the right are FAR FAR WORSE and ofcourse you dont see it.

        “Donald Trump is no saint, but here’s a good article explaining why Hillary Clinton is far worse:”

        None of the things in the article say anything substantial about corruption, what they say is that she was anti games,and that she uses identity politics you know why? BECAUSE IT WORKS YOU DUMB FUCK, IT WORKS BECAUSE OF DIPSHITS LIKE YOU WHO HAVE TO PICK A SIDE. All these politicians are liars and you are the useful idiots for supporting them. This is what they want from you, to attack the other side for their benefit.

        I am simply gonna point out that Trump is a dumb fuck who does not have any idea about anything he has zero managing skills, look at this failed companies, he has no experience in politics, he is so vulgar that he is a diplomatic incident waiting to happen, his solutions are essentially tax breaks for the rich and making deals in case he bankrupts the country. He is mismanaging money from his donations and i am sure if i look it up i will also find proof that he is taking money from big donors oh and yes dipshit climate change is real, all scientists are not retarded and clueless YOU ARE.

        SEE? See how i can anticipate what you gonna say?

        But hey since we are there and i am having the opportunity to talk to someone who is EXACTLY what i was referring to, aka a shitlord that no one will take seriously and is picking a side and ignoring objectivity and how unethical his side is, lets get to it.

        These are your candidates, THE MOST DISLIKED CANDIDATES EVER.

        PICK ONE


        I dont, vote for a third party this is how you stick it to the establishment and yet you use your typical “shitlord response”

        “Read it and weep.”

        YUP, and you got a hentai avatar, the average person will immediately disregard your opinion as not serious or some troll or some edgy kid.


        ME: stop shitlording, be more objective this is the way for people to take your seriously and get your point, this is the only way to reach more people instead of talking only to a echo chamber of people who know you and agree with you and think exactly like you. This is how you become more mainstream and appealing in order to stop this dichotomy system and change the establishment.



        Why do i even try? I should just let you believe the stupid bullshit that you do and continue in the retardants which will give no result and we will continue to have the same establishment that we have today.

        BRILLIANT….Keep playing their game useful idiot.

        • I’ve got news for you, I’m not even on the right. I’m actually a cultural libertarian. Make of that what you will. =)

          “you see everything as black and wait and you are incapable of judging things objectively and be SKEPTIC about it, to THINK ABOUT IT, to make
          philosophical arguments and decide what is better.”

          Eh no actually, I’m well aware that both candidates are not ideal, and for the record I do not agree on some of Trump’s policies he’s implied or hinted at. But based on what’s reported from both mainstream and alternative news outlets, there’s far more shit on Hillary then there is on Trump. And I simply disagree with virtually all of Hillary’s policies. She’s the ultimate Social Justice Warrior candidate after Bernie Sanders. And to make things even worse, she’s the feminist’s choice because of vagina.

          “This is why there need to be more parties than this polarizing left and right when they are both shit”

          Yes I agree with that. But there isn’t is there? It’s just those two. No point rambling on about if’s and but’s, it’s pointless.

          “YOU HAVE BECOME SJWS, you hate the left but you on the right are FAR FAR WORSE and ofcourse you dont see it.”

          Failure to see between and beyond black and white and putting people into strict groups again are we?

          As I said earlier, I’m not even on the right. And I don’t hate the left. I only dislike the ones which are SJW and feminist authoritarians. Unfortunately a shit load of the left seem to be this way.

          And I advocate for free speech, anti-censorship, freedom of expression/creativity, and ethical journalism and ethical news reporting. I don’t harass, bully or dox people I disagree with. Therefore that doesn’t make me an SJW. Sorry to disappoint you.

          “I am simply gonna point out that Trump is a dumb fuck who does not have any idea about anything he has zero managing skills, look at this failedcompanies, he has no experience in politics, he is so vulgar that he isa diplomatic incident waiting to happen, his solutions are essentially tax breaks for the rich and making deals in case he bankrupts the
          country. He is mismanaging money from his donations and i am sure if i look it up i will also find proof that he is taking money from big donors oh and yes dipshit climate change is real, all scientists are not retarded and clueless YOU ARE.”

          Hey, I already said Trump is no saint right? I’m fully aware he’s dodgy. Then again, all politicians are. But once again, we are stuck with these two.

          And I sense some real hateful bias there man. Mask slipping there perhaps?

          Do you have ‘#NeverTrump’ tattooed across your forehead by any chance?

          “YUP, and you got a hentai avatar, the average person will immediately disregard your opinion as not serious or some troll “

          Well thank god for that, I wouldn’t want to discuss anything with someone who’s that shallow and retarded enough to actually judge people purely on their icons and avatars anyway. ; )

        • C G Saturation

          I already told you I don’t support any side. Your argument is invalid.

        • scemar

          the projection since the start of the season has been this:
          hillary has the lead with a stable base of secured voters, trump comes as an underdog and his chance a chance of winning depends on independents voting for him

          any independent not voting trump, is accepting a hillary victory

          not saying it’s the same as voting for her, obviously it isn’t, not even close
          but knowingly accepting that she’d likely win and not voting against her is like being ok with her winning, at least on practical terms

          I’m not a fan of the american 2 party system for this reason, or their odd college based electorate

    • scemar

      trump hater huh

      If you like the topic you should give it a try, read more about it, see all the stuff going on, how deep it gets you

      this is a story with a plot that goes decades deep, with tons of players involved, so many layers to it

      I didn’t like the guy before, during his apprentice days, but he’s really like the anti hero the world needed, he’s the perfect challenger to the current zeitgeist

      I’d personally suggest you check stefan molyneux as a good starting point

    • Id

      I was just like you about 10 years ago, right before I voted for Obama. You’ll grow up, and look back and realize how fucking retarded you were.. One day, just like I did.

    • Alistair

      But we not supporting censorship the only crime is being a white cis male and the intrests that i like. Is a part a small part of the narrative.

      The things like harrasment that they said GG did it upon us also its a narrative against us, play a ecchi game your a pedo neogaff said that when showing a person the way out “Banned” For his anti-Censorship views.

      Long story short they using different stories to direct that narrative for them in 1994 a film child’s play 3 was in the news here in UK a toddler got murder the shit that cause linking that death to a film and regression left took action no further censorship was added to BBFC just tougher laws off selling 18 rated vids to minors.

      If the next big event say a ecchi games made the news for whatever reason regression lefts SJWs would jump on that shit to proves us that we are wrong.

      The theme this time is Hilary, trump, that cartoon frog pepe and now this harrasment of a female GG supporter that has link to a dev of VR.

  • kalil6

    >feminists claim they are the reason why women can vote
    >woman vote for candidate they dont like
    >woman get harassed by feminists

    does something looks wrong in this scenario?

  • Michael Anon

    I’m sure they’re having a doubleplusgood day over at NeoFascistGaf.

  • SJWs being hypocritical pieces of shits again.

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

  • Grey

    Once again, we can watch with pride as our fellow Americans (and allies abroad) help dig out those no good socialists, liberals, and commie Reds who have taken root on these shores and distorted political discourse in an attempt to undermine the spirit of this great nation. History will prove us right when we say Better Dead than Red. Patriots of twitter and NeoGaf, Senator McCarthy would be proud of you all.

    • sinister

      “The greater good”

  • C G Saturation

    Just sounds like the usual for Gizmodo, NeoGAF and friends.
    Meanwhile, Twitter’s magic anti-harassment system is nowhere to be seen.

    I can’t help but see this as the direct result of a society filled with ignorant egotistic assholes incapable of empathy and with no better way to define themselves than attacking others for whatever reason.

  • scemar

    gee, another one?

    funny how the only real harassment we see is the one coming from the side that’s supposedly against it, whenever one of the people they supposedly protect has one of the opinions they have forbidden

    • Exactly. Also, it’s funny how when people ask me to write about #GamerGate’s harassment, I also ask for proof that it happened. In this case, I was informed about this Gizmodo incident and proof, screenshots, archives and images were all provided.

      In fact, with Anti-GG there never seems to be a shortage of proof of corruption.

  • Bitterbear

    Time to send emails to Univision’s advertisers.

    • lucben999

      Start with Univision themselves, this is against their code of conduct:

      If they don’t do anything about it then it’s ammo to mail advertisers.

      • I’m featuring this comment so people can easily join the e-mail campaign.

        • Throwingrocks

          I don’t think that corporate contact page is working anymore. I try it and it gives me the error that the fields are incomplete, but then I can’t complete the fields they say are incomplete.


    • Zanard Bell

      Time to also report bomb Gizmodo’s FB page.

    • Arbitrary

      I’m glad to see E-mail campaigns becoming a thing, again.

      I sincerely do not actually give a shit about this woman, but I’m happy to see GamerGaters actually DOING something, again. I will be joining in on this one.

      If only people would have done the same with Ubisoft’s doxxing and harassment, a while ago.

      If only HALF the people who just sit here in these comments, bitching impotently with their tails between their legs would actually get up and write some fucking E-mails, we might actually get somewhere.

      • So you’re like that guy in the animes or in JRPGs who just doesn’t care, but then when the chips are down and the team needs help, he struts in all macho, flicks his hair and says he’ll lend his sword to the fight?

        • DDD-kun

          Nah it’s just the tsundere. T-t-they didn’t give a shit about this! They just can’t stand arrogance not being knocked down!

  • Not to hijack the topic… but hot dang, she is way above Palmer Luckey’s league.

    • There’s a reason he has that surname. I’ll get my coat…

    • Bitterbear

      Money makes men pretty.

    • scemar

      think so?
      he’s a young successful creator and entrepreneur, that takes some real mental and emotional skill and capacities that takes, he’s already in a good position so young, plus the status of being there

      he’s not even bad looking, just out of shape and seems to love his fast food a bit too much

      • Well yeah, but he’s rich and created a device that was worth billions to Facebook, but he’s pretty goofy and laidback. She’s pretty much a 10. Plus, it’s easier to get smart and make stuff than it is to get a level 10 body.

        • Arbitrary

          Let’s stop pretending this woman is a better person than she is.

          • Don’t tell me you’re jealous he’s with her and you’re not?

        • scemar

          we’ll disagree big time on that

          • Ahahaha…. that’s cute.

    • Alistair

      I notice a weird turn of events billy she called herself a cosplay but a shitlord too. Should it be a sockpuppet SJW femmists called women they dont like as a sockpuppet.

      Shitlords is aim at me because im a white cis brit male we are bad men in they eyes and must be purge. By taking away our toys “Video games”

      Well i got a ball sack so i must be a male well no shit.

  • All this hatred and vitriol over their fucking personal politics. Yet none of the people responsible for it will ever take a step back and consider that maybe, just maybe, they’re the excrement given human form.

    • scemar

      according to ancient legends it is said that once upon a time, people used to be able to get along despite their differences in politics

      many doubt those tales though

    • Bitterbear

      They’ll still do it because they firmly believe that herstory will be on their side.