GTA 5 Deadpool Add-On Mod Adds The Merc With A Mouth As A Pedestrian

Feeling as if the pedestrians in GTA V are way too boring? Well, maybe you need to spruce up who is walking around the streets of Los Santos by downloading the add-on to roam around as Deadpool.

Modder Quechus13 manually created his own version of Deadpool, based on the Marvel comic book character. The suit looks pretty good and contains a fair amount of detail. You can see how the mod looks in action within GTA V with the video below.

The trailer has some sound bites from the movie, giving gamers plenty to laugh at as Deadpool is used to go around Los Santos, causing chaos and destruction along the way.

The suit looks great in the game, and Quechus13 did a fantastic job modeling the costume to look legit. The only drawback is that you can use the two swords on his back.

The Deadpool add-on mod can work in conjunction with the GTA V pedestrian ASI selector, which you can grab from right here. If you want Deadpool in your game, you can download him from the GTA5-Mods page.

If you’re still in the mood for some more Marvel madness, there’s a Ant-Man add-on as well from his Captain America: Civil War appearance.

YouTuber MayconCOD did a video of Ant-Man running around in GTA V, where he can shrink and grow, adding all new kinds of ridiculous gameplay antics to the open-world action game. Check it out below.

You’ll need the ASI loader for custom pedestrian add-ons, but once you have that installed it’s just a matter of grabbing the Ant-Man mod from over on GTA5-Mods, so you can grow and shrink and have a hilariously good time trolling people as a miniature nuisance.

Unfortunately, you can’t turn gigantic like in Civil War but being able to shrink should provide for some ample fun.


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