H3H3 Breaks Down How YouTube’s Demonetization Enforcement Works
YouTube Censorship
(Last Updated On: September 1, 2016)

YouTube’s new enforcement on a year-old terms of service policy has come out biting content creators like a starved, rabid dog let loose in a park filled with toddlers. Lots of YouTubers are currently being hit hard with demonetization from YouTube, claiming that a lot of their content is no longer ad-friendly. The public was made widely aware of this enforcement thanks to a content creator named Philip DeFranco and his anti-SJW video surrounding the Lyft driver controversy, which was denied monetization.

Following on DeFranco’s public announcement, other YouTubers began posting up letters they were receiving in mass from YouTube’s support indicating that various videos across the spectrum (from learning how to treat acne to dealing with depression) were being flagged for demonetization. Small and large outlets alike were affected, including news organizations like The Young Turks.

According to a video from H3H3 Productions, the flagging might be the result of an automated bot. Why it seemed to go after anti-SJW content first was not answered but in the video below he explains that a lot of it has to do with tagging and headlines.

So essentially, meta-data for a video’s content could get your content flagged and demonetized. According to H3H3 Productions, this means you cannot include words like: rape, depression, suicide, Holocaust, Hitler, Nazis, racism, SJWs, death, killing, murder, sex, or any sexual or pornographic terminology.

By avoiding tagging and headlining your content with those terms, as well as avoiding anything in the description that might set off a flag, H3H3 presumes that your videos won’t be demonetized.

Now as mentioned, this policy has been in effect for more than a year but it was not aggressively pursued or enforced until recently.

Nevertheless, the selective demonetization of some videos across various topics could be due to the automated flagging from a bot, as H3H3 suggests. In the case of Philip DeFranco, his producer notified him that after speaking directly with YouTube the demonetization of his videos would be staying in effect. So in that case, the anti-SJW content – whether it was flagged by a bot or not – was still not going to be allowed to be monetized according to YouTube’s standards.

Why YouTube has enacted this enforcement and what their end game is has not been clarified yet. According to Kotaku, who contacted a YouTube representative, this policy was always in effect and they’ve always been demonetizing videos for quite some time, and only recently have they been notifying people about it and the process in which demonetized videos can be appealed, stating…

“While our policy of demonetizing videos due to advertiser-friendly concerns hasn’t changed, we’ve recently improved the notification and appeal process to ensure better communication.”

Does this mean that YouTubers haven’t been making money all this time and they’re just being notified about it? The article doesn’t say and the rep doesn’t explain.

More YouTubers who have been notified will have to roll out their finances to show whether or not the recent notifications coincide with actual drops in revenue, or if the notifications are just notifications and their content has been demonetized for the past year.

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  • Alistair

    what is the moral of this story, it means to get the money from ads you have to knottie to SJWs “hail the mighty queen Antia she was right all along”

    but the better thing is Do not put Tags, leave description blanked or this

    ……. better still this youtube proudly presents anything that the bot doest see in fact they have to watch the video to see what is it about.

  • Reaper of Salt

    We need a new video service provider that would by created in reponse to YT’s shitty enforcement policy. Kinda like how WikiLeaks gave Twitters CEO Jack Dorsey an earful saying how they would start a rival service if they didn’t stop pandering to these PC cultural free speech supressing cluster fucks. I ain’t heard anything else about whether WikiLeaks would keep word of their promise though. As Shia LaBeouf would say, “JUST DO IT!”

  • Michael P

    So nobody is saying if this is at the behest of the advertisers or whether Google is doing this off it’s own back, which is it? It’s likely Google as there’s been no murmurs from advertisers in the past on YT but it’d be nice to know for sure what’s caused this.

    The other video service providers should be looking into this, Google doesn’t want the money and it’s right there for the taking, all they’ve gotta do is reach for it.

  • C G Saturation

    The world sure is getting shittier by the day.

  • “the anti-SJW content – whether it was flagged by a
    bot or not – was still not going to be allowed to be monetized according to YouTube’s standards. Why YouTube has enacted this enforcement and what their end game is has not been clarified yet.”

    Remember that photo of Anita Sarkeesian standing with that group of feminist/SJW staff in Google’s office (she was invited there)? I’m willing to bet it’s them.

    • static5225

      Yep, plus her trip to the UN with Zoe Quinn and the Trust and Safety (aka. Ministry of Truth) Council on Twitter. She has definitely played a major part in the promotion of censorship.

      • This is the photo. These assholes are likely the ones enforcing it

        • VLOCKUP

          >Blue hair.

          Special snowflake alert.

  • scemar

    it’s a narrative protection, a big favour to investors, pure and simple
    they’re attacking alternative information sources by attacking their pockets because they noticed the historical low trust in the media and people out there with youtube channels telling people what the mainstream news would not played a big role in it

    of course it won’t work
    they didn’t make videos for money, they made it out of passion and commitment to the spirit of journalism, even if they weren’t journalists themselves,the idea that people deserve to know what’s happening out there, the truth, and all the truth, nothing but the truth

    youtube is making a position clear here, they are on the same side as the corrupt mainstream media collision with their actions
    because these actions have one specific goal, to dry out, financially, the people that are competing with the mainstrea media at informing people

    and this isn’t an isolated case, google has worked for them, with them, and their side before
    I predict this will have the opposite effect though, it will ring an alarm to people, stop relying on a third party so much, and start building their own brands and their own channels
    youtube is good for getting known but it should only be a gateway medium, not your entire platform

  • LurkerJK

    If they take the money from a date before notification the shit flinging is going to be biblical

    I wonder how much money Google is leaving on the table doing this, they don’t get their cut either

  • chaoguy

    YouTube doesn’t have to be your audience.
    YouTube is over.