Haydee, 3D Platformer Doesn’t Hold Back On The Sex Appeal

There’s a new 3D action-platformer that launched recently for Steam called Hadee. The game is a throwback to classic platformers and shooters from old during the PSX and PS2 era where hand-holding and casual difficulties didn’t exist. Haydee also doesn’t hold back on the T&A sex appeal.

Players take on the role of a half cyborg, half-human named Haydee. The objective is to make one’s way out of a mysterious, high-tech industrial complex filled to the brim with traps, mines, killer robots and other challenges set to stop you from making it out alive.

The game could best be described as a new generation rendition of something like Generation’s Lost, Out of this World or the original Resident Evil games.

One of the core tenets is in its punishing difficulty. They don’t supply you with everything you need in every segment so that you’re “safe” so long as you follow the set path. Instead, you have to scavenge for useful items and keep hold of them because things like ammo and health are a rarity. You’ll have to ration their usage throughout the game and keep a close eye on your inventory. Yes, it’s one of those throwback games where inventory resource management will make or break your ability to complete the game.

As for the gameplay itself, it’s one of those methodically paced titles, where you have to move cautiously, check your corners and watch out for mines. You can get an idea of what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

Despite the super sexy protagonist and her ample, physics-based assets, the reality is that a lot of gamers actually seem to enjoy the game for its plot.

Not only do they like what the story is about they also seem to enjoy the actual gameplay. Majority of the Steam user reviews are positive, highlighting that the game’s punishing gameplay challenges and uncompromising difficulty means that you have to stay alert and think smart about how you progress through Haydee. We don’t get many games like this nowadays since everything is made to appeal to casuals. I mean, you can’t blame some devs; casuals are where the big bucks are at.

Anyway, Haydee‘s thong-wearing protagonist with big jiggly boobs has already won over gamers based on sex appeal alone, but the title also managed to win over those looking for solid gameplay as well. If you’re interested in checking out this new indie title, be sure to visit the Steam store page where you can pick up a copy for $14.99.


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