Haydee Nude Mod Download Made Available Courtesy Of In-Game Assets
(Last Updated On: April 21, 2017)

Nude mods are the way of things on PC. You can’t find a good game with awesome female models without having a nude mod somewhere on the net, either in the backwoods of a forum board or on an image hosting service. Well, the game Haydee has been making huge waves lately with core gamers for having a busty, curvaceous female protagonist wearing a thong leotard that showcases her ample hips and derriere. Unsurprisingly enough, modders were working hours after the game’s release to get a nude mod up and out for the title after it launched onto Steam.

The NSFW mod was made by HongChina but the assets were apparently already in the game.

In a Steam forum thread HongChina explains…

“The models and textures themselves were made by the developers, and were in the demo game files but unused and then removed from the commercial release. I extracted them from the demo and compiled them into an outfit for the final game”

So the developers already figured a lot of people wanted to see their buxom half-cyborg protagonist naked and included the files in the core assets but disabled them for use in the actual Haydee game? Smart.

It only took file scavengers and data scroungers to sift through the assets and discover the nude model and textures for the cyborg, extracting them and then doing a mesh replacement for the main character in the game. The results? The character you see in the main image… completely and entirely naked.

If you haven’t see Haydee or have no idea what the game is like, there’s a trailer below that you can check out to get an idea.

The game is a third-person action platformer. Some gamers have found that they’ve actually enjoyed the game whether they like the big boobs and big butt on the main character or not. The difficulty and challenge has been likened to the old 3D games from old such as Fade to Black and Shadows of the Empire.

Limited inventory space and a lack of checkpoints mean players will have to use wits and caution to navigate the test-chamber style industrial facility in order to find a means of escape while battling evil robots.

Some players have mentioned having trouble with the camera positioning and some of the platforming, but others don’t seem to mind. I do wonder if the complaints about the camera will still persist now that a nude mod is available?

You can download the nude mod from Drop Box [Update: The Drop Box link died but you can also grab it from the Mega download link] Alternatively you can pick up a copy of the game from over on the Steam store for $14.99.

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  • Where are the previews…?
    I can’t tell if I want or don’t want to download this based on a single cencored picture.
    Yes, we already got the NSFW warning in the title so let us in with some details in the article. God dam this western culture…

  • C G Saturation

    I’m still waiting for the model conversion tools so I can put my own stuff in.

    I saw that the latest patch made changes to some climbable ledges. I hope that means the jumps are less iffy.

    • C G Saturation

      I’ve been watching some reviews/playthroughs on YouTube. As I

      thought, it’s more interesting to see how other people deal with the issues. Many people never realize you can climb down ledges, they try to fall down and turn in mid-jump, which often gets them killed.

      I saw the endings. The game is really lacking in narrative-related stuff like cutscenes, but at the same time, you can glean a decent amount of information from what little is available. Ultimately, the concept and story is very simple, but still manages to be interesting (if you think about it).

      It’s a good example that you don’t need to focus too much on story to have a decent game. Personally, I would still have added a few simple, short cutscenes, at the beginning and at the end.

      Something interesting I noticed is that in Western videos and forums, there are tons of SJWs bitching about the protagonist’s appearance.

      But I didn’t notice that with the Japanese playthroughs I watched. No downvotes. Because Japanese people usually respect other people’s personal tastes, including the fact that males find females attractive.

      Westerners keep bitching that the game cannot be taken seriously because the protagonist is a sexy female. I think that says a lot about how they perceive females. Countries that actually respect females don’t seem to have problems taking sexy females seriously.

      I think that if someone immediately assumes a female character can only be for sex, it says a lot about how they personally see females. They’re projecting. They assume everyone thinks as low of females as they do.

      Meanwhile, “objective game review” sites like Kotaku are writing
      articles bitching about the “terrible” breast physics, and feminists
      are linking to Kotaku as “proof” to justify their delusions.

      News flash: real breasts jiggle. Complete absense of jiggle in a game with realistic visuals is far more jarring. Besides, I’d wager that Kotaku “journalists” know absolutely nothing about how difficult and taxing it is to create realistic breast physics in a game.

      This is why people don’t make games with female protagonists. Because Westerners can’t take females seriously and make accusations that they’re only there to sell the game via sex appeal. They’re the ones looking down on women.

      Someone on the Steam forum pointed out that feminists are the ones who hate women (something I’ve often said). Feminism doesn’t actually promote feminity. It’s entirely about making females act and be treated just like men. It’s about promoting masculinity.

      That’s why feminism is almost entirely absent in countries like Russia and Japan: because women there like being women, and value feminity. They aren’t desperately trying to be the manliest badass man among men.

      I’m also seeing lots of people assuming that the game was changed at the last moment to have a sexy female, in exchange for the bare-bones gameplay. I severely doubt that was the case. It’s obvious the creators like sexy women. It makes sense that they wanted to have a sexy woman from the beginning, especially if you’ve seen the ending and know the role of the “female”. Hint: it’s not about sex.

      I did hear that they made her breasts larger, but that’s nothing to me. I think their main focus was and always has been the ass, because the animations and camera revolve around it.

      • C G Saturation

        Heads up: mod tools are out. Someone on the Steam forum mod tool thread already put Quiet in it.

        The tools seem to use 3ds Max and I think it allows you to make your own maps, too. Haven’t tried it myself.

        • Oh nice. I will likely do a new article on it. It’s not like Google can penalize us for cannibalization when they wouldn’t even index the nude mod article. I’ll check it out when I get a free minute.

  • Alistair

    Hmm there one way to get around the silly retarded censorship by leaving nude files alone, then a mod unlock the files.

    And everybody wins well almost everybody regression lefts wont be to happy.

    • “But then little Timmy might have his virgin eyes sullied by female nudity…”

      Personally, I’d be more impressed he managed to reverse engineer the game or whatever.

      • Alistair

        Well le little timmy willy should play mario and rescue princess toadstool, and sonic and leave us adults to play adult games.

        But yet again little timmy willy haven’t meet antia yet, she thinks mario is sexist shitlord character.

        Poor little timmy willy.

    • Watch the SJWs/feminists make mainstream games media priortize this issue to expose, focus on and demonize the developers/companies for leaving these kinds of unused codes in the game. They’ll call it Hidden Misogyny and Moddable Misogyny.

      • Alistair

        Oh Noes the cry of a thousand femmist/SJWs, you hear of the x files, well here the secret files.

        Every scream of SJWs ring out, is one step towards them not been important.

      • Moddable Misogyny?! Ahahaha… that’s a good one.

  • FlamingoJet

    Drop box disabled

    no images

    need new links

    • Don’t worry, the link has been updated with a new download location.