Hellenica: Greek Style Strategy RPG Awaits Greenlight Approval
(Last Updated On: September 28, 2016)

I think its quite obvious from the concept art that someone was inspired quite a bit by Princess Mononoke’s character design. Developers The Dragonloft are the team behind Hellenica, which is a new tactical strategy game that has a similar gameplay concept to Final Fantasy Tactics.

The story for Hellenica takes place in an ancient Greece setting, however it is also combined with an industrial Steampunk setting to make the world feel more unique. Another cool feature is that the actual story will not be set in stone based off of historical events, instead your actions will shape the story and will create a branching narrative so that the story will be more open. Based on the choices you make will determine the enemies you will face and the allies you will meet.


The developers also say that they have custom dialogue that will adjust based on past actions you made in the game so that your actions will feel like they actually matter and NPCs will acknowledge them. That looks like some Telltale style storytelling there, and that´s never a bad thing.

The art style for Hellenica follows a retro pixel art design, but it also has high quality character portraits and background designs. The developers released a gameplay trailer to show off Hellenica, so take a look at the trailer I linked down below.

Hellenica is currently on Steam Greenlight and is looking for the community to vote them through to become an official Steam game, so if you are interested in supporting them you can visit the provided link up above to cast your vote.

For additional details about the game and developers, you can also visit the official Dragonloft website for more information. If everything goes according to plan, Hellenica is scheduled to release this coming Winter of 2016, so keep your eye out for when this game launches.

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  • Laytonaster

    Character portraits are already all over the place, so I’m surmising that there’re different artists. Not exactly something new, but I can’t really sit comfortably in this case for some reason. I mean, I played through the Grisaia series and the differences between Akio Watanabe and Fumio stuck out like a sore thumb, but I still enjoyed it in the end (probably because it was just that damn good a VN).

  • Alistair

    Billy you not taking about candid harmful opinions Didn’t like.

    But suppose, Pro speech, And Anti censorship/SJWs mundanematt liked it and form it. Holy shit. In short he can never use the censorship card again.

    He just made the most silly Vid ever, calling out Anti censorship people as chicken littles in short he just a censorship shil to candid.

    Candid says this “Free speech but politely” Youtube zeros is kind of like candid it doesn’t uses AI, but the same idea to weed out the unwanted that Matt hated but love candid. Make no sense.

    • I’ve taken a look at Candid and how it claims to operate on the surface. From what I can see, it seems to be a disguised censorship platform despite it claiming anonymity and free speech.

      It also seems to be a system where it is designed to expose and label people through it’s ‘perceived’ feature (such as whether you’re a Explorer, Giver, Hater, etc.). Now while this wouldn’t be a problem, you have to wonder how ‘anonymous’ it really is, and what they actually do with the user data their algorithms collect.

      It’s “speak freely but politely” is pretty much a code word for no rude or aggressive speech. That’s pretty much censorship as it is. A true free speech platform should allow EVERYTHING to be said – regardless if it’s a Pepe Nazi meme or a simple “fuck off”. I think they said they use an AI to spot and delete such comments.

      And then there’s the issue of possible bias of those higher up at Candid, for example Moderators (if any).

      But having said all that, I wonder if SJWs/feminists will be allowed to post stuff like Kill All Men or All Men Need To Die type comments?

      In Harmful Opinion’s video, he’s posted an update in the description as follows:

      Bindu Reddy, CEO of Candid, has responded to this video:
      “Candid is meant to be a place where you can have candid conversations, express yourself and speak about controversial things
      THAT SAID, it’s impossible to have any type of constructive conversation when someone spams with you the same image the same time, posts a meaningless one liner against all white men without backing it up with some reasoning or slanders every single poster by calling him/her a ‘fagg*t”

      Take for example a user who shows up and spams every single
      YT comment of yours with an gory and horrifying image. YouTube today takes some measures using it’s ‘AI’ to remove those messages.

      We do the same.

      We use AI to remove low quality, meaningless posts which PREVENT CANDID conversation.

      We don’t have any evil intentions and in fact, I am for speaking you mind and having great conversations that enable constructive discussions.”

      Make of that what you will.

      • I’ve only seen this at a glance. I would have to thoroughly watch Harmful Opinion’s video to get full context. If it’s a new platform made for anonymous SJWs… well I can’t say much since we’ve mostly always said they should make their own stuff and create their own communities. If it’s supposed to invite everyone in but then they start selectively censoring… well that’s a problem.

        • Well we’ll have to see how it goes. Apparently some well-known anti-SJWs have endorsed it I think?

          I do find the ‘speak freely but politely’ motto questionable though.

          As always, the best judge of this kind of service is to actually see it operating for real.

          • Alistair

            Yes mundanematt he got paid for it and the way he talk down his audience makes me see him in a new light.

            Not good at all.

            ShoeOnhead is another that support Candid. I don’t care now if Matt and other SJW want they safe space that’s fine by me.

            But when the Next big censorship story happens Matt can’t discuss censorship because he now tainted goods. He backed and been paid a censorship App. Market it as free speech that not the case.

        • Alistair

          HO Is bang on the money with this, he also bang on the money with YouTube zeros.

          He can be very outspoken but in a good way and he one of us.

    • Nick

      I had to go Google Candid because I didn’t know what it was. There are way too many social networks! >:L

  • Grey


    Please, stop. No more steampunk. It’s getting nearly as bad a zombies.