Here’s How To Get The Commie Whacker In Fallout 4

Fallout 4 has yet another weapon in the game that can only be found in the Nuka World DLC. Standing as a collectors item, the Commie Whacker doesn’t sport any significant stats on it, but it does feature a special mod and animation for finishing enemies.

If you are speeding through Fallout 4’s DLC Nuka-World there’s a chance you might have missed the somewhat deadly mallet. Although there’s nothing to write home about with its damage, there are a couple of things to take notes on with its special mod and finisher animations.

Before jumping into the Commie Whacker’s stats, the padded mallet can be found by hitting up three locations. These locations are scattered about Nuka-World, which the first of the three is in Nuka-Cade. By heading to the Whack-a-Commie game section that holds the Red Menace you will find the first mallet.

The second mallet can be found in Nuka-World’s junkyard. After searching the junkyard near the spaceship the Commie Whacker can be found on the ground inside the large warehouse.

The third and last Commie Whacker is located in the same building as the first but on a table (Nuka-Cade).

Below, Camelworks has a video showing the Commie Whacker in action. The video guide below runs over seven minutes and holds a lot of good information on the silly weapon.

Again, the weapon isn’t special with its stats, or its appearance for that matter, but its bladed mod does add some flare to killing random trash mobs around the wasteland. Coupling its bladed mod with its strange finisher moves that send enemies ragdolling away, you’ll surely have a good time when using this weapon.

Fallout 4 is out now for PS4, Xbox One and PC. As for the last DLC for Fallout 4, Nuka-World, it too is also out for said platforms.


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