How To Unlock Urien’s Thong Panties In Street Fighter 5
(Last Updated On: September 24, 2016)

Capcom did something that a lot of people were wondering about regarding Urien’s appearance in Street Fighter V… they added Urien’s banana hammock, thong man-panties. That’s right, you can strip Urien down to his Street Fighter III garb if you really want to see the serious fighter get serious about getting nearly naked on the battlefield.

Shoryuken picked up the story from a Twitch live-stream from This Is LI Joe and BasedNinja, who posted up the video for all to see. You can check it out below.

Urien typically wears his stylishly fashionable suit, but during the beginning of the match if you hold down LP, MK, and HP all at the same time (and for reference, that’s light punch + medium kick + heavy punch) Urien will burst out of his suit in a blaze of flames, revealing him to wear only his tighty whities wrapped over his hotdog and pebbles.

Some gamers were worried that given all the censorship happening with games coming to the West, a character who typically wears only very little clothing like Urien wouldn’t be able to make the cut in his Street Fighter III garb. However, it turns out that Capcom managed to sneak the schlong satchel by making it a cheat code Easter Egg for dedicated fans, managing to slip the outfit by the censors without having to worry about explaining it to them.

Previously, Capcom went through the process of removing Cammy’s nipples, changing camera angles to avoid crotch shots, and attempting to lower the bounce and jiggle of the boobies for the female characters. The most talked about change was the alterations to R. Mika’s super special, which included no longer showing the butt-slap and no longer having the opponent’s legs spread during her finisher. This issue was further highlighted when ESPN forced Capcom to avoid allowing players to pick R. Mika in her default costume during the EVO finals.

Given all the outright censorship and nonsense taking America by storm, Capcom has had to resort to backdoor schemes to get fan-service into their games, mostly relying on DLC to give gamers what they want while attempting to avoid raising the rating of Street Fighter V to Mature.

It’s a sad state of affairs, but at least they were able to get Urien back into his pelvis Popsicle wrapper in a creative way.

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