Windscape, Indie Action-Adventure Game Is Out Now For Steam Early Access

The most recent indie action adventure game to hit Steam Early Access comes from publisher Headup Games and developer Magic Sandbox. The name of the small project is Windscape, and it’s is shaping up quite nicely with its low ploy-count design. Windscape is currently available for PC via Steam Early Access for $13.59, and usually runs for $16.99.

I’ll admit that the pricing for the game is pretty steep to be an Early Access project. I get it that it was developed by one person, which, I hope he uses the funds to better the game for the audience playing Windscape, but I digress.

Looking over to the actual game and what it has to offer in terms of story, it seems quite interesting. The game follows a young adventurer leaving her parent’s farm in search of the recent disastrous events plaguing the flying islands and seeks to stop the evil behind the tumultuous acts:

“In Windscape you play as a young girl living on your parents’ farm, set in a lovely world made up of floating islands in the sky. As you discover the world you learn that something has gone terribly wrong – islands are breaking apart and falling from the sky!”

Although one has a valid point in saying that the game looks unpleasing, at the same time it does sport a distinctive look that could arguably be a treasure in the eyes of another. Beauty in the eye of the beholder and all that jazz.

In addition to the game’s graphics and how it is presented mechanically, I see that most gamers are complaining that Windscape feels a bit unpolished in the fighting area with one sided clicking to kill an enemy, and suffers from “Early Access” syndrome with other little features — if you know what I mean.

However, the above is what others think about the game. You can form your opinion on the game by checking out the official trailer, and a preview video by Attackslug showing Windscape in action.

Windscape is out now via Steam Early Access and originally runs for $16.99, but now runs for $13.59 due to a 20% off special that will end on September 8th. For more information on this game you can head on over to


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