King’s Quest Chapter 4: Snow Place Like Home Launches Sept 27th
(Last Updated On: September 21, 2016)

The Odd Gentlemen have have announced that the next episode of King’s Quest will launch next week at the end of September on the 28th. It’s been a while since the last chapter was released out into the wild, with chapter three having released way back in April of this year.

It’s safe to say that The Odd Gentlemen don’t quite have the release schedules down like Telltale when it comes to pumping out episodes in a timely fashion. However, I suppose it’s better to be late than to scam people by not coming out at all.

Matt Korba, president and creative director of The Odd Gentlemen commented about the late but new episode for King’s Quest, letting gamers know that they’re getting ready to wrap up this new adventure with the final few chapters…

“King’s Quest is approaching its final chapters, but there are still plenty of adventures, surprises and puns to be had,” “Today we are incredibly excited to announce that players will be able to experience the last two chapters and bonus epilogue of King Graham’s journey before the holidays.”

King’s Quest – Chapter 4: Snow Place Like Home centers around Graham and Valanice’s infant child being stolen. Alexander returns 18 years later and both King Graham and Alexander must go on an adventure while attempting to reconnect over lost time.

This is a very different take on how we were introduced to Alexander in the old games, but it could build back up to one of the best stories told by Roberta Williams in King’s Quest VI, where Prince Alexander had to go through a grueling and fantastical adventure in order to save a princess from an evil wizard.

Players will have to deal with some new challenges and puzzles in the Ice Palace as well as attempting to bridge the bond between Alexander and Graham. Part of me can’t help but think about Adventure Time when they talk about an adventure in an Ice Palace but we’ll see how it all plays out when it launches next week on September 27th. Following chapter four there will be a chapter five and possibly an epilogue. For more info feel free to visit the official website.

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