King’s Quest Chapter 4: Snow Place Like Home Walkthrough

The Odd Gentlemen’s King’s Quest reboot received its fourth chapter in the series, making it take one step closer to the finale that is chapter five. The fourth chapter is called King’s Quest: Snow Place Like Home and features the King having to buddy-up with his son on an adventure. For gamers who need help with the latest adventure, there’s a complete gameplay walkthrough available for the game on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC.

YouTuber GamerrZOMBIE put together a a six part walkthrough in a playlist that you can check out below, covering the chapter from start to finish along with all of the chapter’s puzzles.

The very first puzzle is figuring out how to keep the two brats from crying all night long. You’ll have to press the mobile for the blue twin and use the cloth diaper on the green twin to make the baby stop whining.

The little blue baby brat will begin crying again. Use the baby formula and place it in the bottle. Take the bottle and heat it up in the pot over the fireplace and then proceed to feed the baby.

The little green brat will start crying again. You’ll need to put the baby formula in another empty bottle. Heat the bottle up over the fireplace and then feed the baby the heated formula.

Press the crib mobile and then carry the baby around the room while singing to him to put the little green brat back to sleep.

King's Quest Chapter 4

The next playable segment sees King Graham running around calling out for Alexander just like the dad was calling out for Jason in Heavy Rain.

You’ll need to check through the goblin home until you find a small piece of Alexander’s blanket on the floor.

The next puzzle segment after that requires keeping the mouse or analog cursor fixated on Rosella’s face for the duration of the segment.

After showing Alexander King Graham’s accomplishments, you’ll head to the city where you can show Alexander the bakers.

Majority of the first half of the second video is about watching cinematics. But You’ll need to play a game of luggage Tetris, just like in real life vacation trip planning. If you need help on how to put the luggage in, you can watch the segment in the video above at the 10:00 minute mark.

The next game requires you to play a game of memory. You’ll need to remember everything that each of the family members mention. When you start the game pick a topic and then when it comes back around you’ll have to pick the same thing you picked before and then repeat everything the family mentioned in the previous round. You’ll have to keep this up until the game ends or until you lose two rounds.

You’ll have to head to the ice fortress where you’ll end up in a room where you need to search for clues.

The first puzzle is pretty simple and requires following the purple line on the floor to get to through the door.

The second puzzle can be a little tricky because you’ll have to follow a path that isn’t readily or easily visible. You’ll have to move through the puzzle as indicated in the image below, which shows the path you’ll need to follow to get to the door.

King's Quest Chapter 4 Puzzle

For the next room with the ice spikes, you’ll need to move slowly on the outer edge of the room on the right side of the screen. Continue to move through the outer edge until you get to the very top of the room. Move slowly down following the footsteps in the snow and the spikes will preemptively pop up to guide you to the door from there.

For the next room you’ll have to slide the blocks around to get them properly aligned. You’ll need to move the first block over and move it up into the slot while putting the first purple block in place. Proceed to switch places with the first blank slot and the second purple block. Move the first purple block up into the empty slot while moving the second purple slot to the corner. You’ll then be able to put the blocks into their proper place so you can get to the next room.

For the sliding block puzzle slide… it’s difficult to put into words but you can see how to complete it at the 17 minute mark in the video above.

Afterward, you’ll need to follow Alexander in a running puzzle to get away from the wolves.

King's Quest Chapter 4

The next segment involves shooting the switches to raise the bridge. It’s a basic accuracy puzzle where you point and shoot each of the targets down below.

There’s another sliding tile puzzle to complete, which you can see by checking out the video above at the 31 minute mark.

After finishing the puzzle head through the door. There’s another rolling block puzzle that isn’t that difficult to complete. Finish it and head into the next room.

A series of cinematics will play before you’re put back into the shoes of Graham, where you can venture around into additional rooms that have even more puzzles. You’ll need to press the lever in the room to lower the wall and pick up all of the tile pieces and place them down as indicated in the images below.

King's Quest Chapter 4
King's Quest Chapter 4

For the puzzle in the room just above on the second floor of the ice foyer containing the head to the statue, you’ll need to move three red blocks around. You’ll need to get each of the blocks up and to the top of the area where they aren’t blocking the pathway. You can see in the image below how you’ll need to have the blocks positioned.

King's Quest Chapter 4

The next puzzle is another block-sliding puzzle, but using predefined block shapes. It can be a bit tricky if you’re unsure how to align the blocks. There’s a video below that starts at the 10 minute mark to show you have to get through the puzzle.

The riddle room is the next puzzle to complete after doing the multi-floor puzzle.

The first riddle about a head and no arms and a tail and no legs is a coin. Place the coin on the altar in the next room.

The second riddle: every morning a noggin I shed, and every evening I regain my head, is a head – the answer is a pillow.

The third riddle: I come in different colors, I come in different shapes; our picture can be clear but we love to obfuscate – is the puzzle piece.

The fourth riddle: Graham’s favorite treat is the frying pan and the cake.

The fifth riddle: the bond’s of breaking the family is… nothing. You can take the crown and then leave.

The next puzzle is another walking puzzle.

Later on you’ll have to complete a puzzle where Graham and Rosella must climb a mountain together. You’ll need to move up, down, left and right to help guide her up. It will require a little trial and error but it’s not a difficult puzzle to complete.

The next puzzle, however, involving Graham and Valencia is a little more tricky. You’ll need guide her through the board without her getting hit by the archer going back and forth. Setup the board as follows to help her get to the end and you can use one of the status to work as a shield to keep her from getting hit in the open spots.

King's Quest Chapter 4

You’ll need to help Alexander in the final showdown against Manny to guide his shot. Aim the arrow at the mouth of the Sphinx to and have Alexander shoot.


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