More Than Half Of Criminal Girls 2’s Sexy-Time Scenes Have Been Censored
(Last Updated On: September 9, 2016)

More news has surfaced regarding the censoring of Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors. It turns out that the sexy, dungeon-crawling JRPG will have more than half of its “Motivation” scenes (sexually themed BDSM mini-games) censored in its Western release on the PlayStation Vita.

TheGG pulled the actual quote from the official site, where Prinny Supervisor, a liaison for NIS America, mentioned on the NIS forums

“More than half of the total Motivation scenes have been edited in some way. The overwhelming majority of these edits, something like 30 in total (including regular and Knighted outfits), were just removing chains/ropes. I found approximately 10 instances of more noticeable changes, such as changing a pose or adding clothes (mostly involving Mizuki and Kuroe). In short, more than half of the Motivation images were changed, but most of the changes were just removing visible restraints.”

Censored Gaming also sent out a tweet recently based on another forum post made on NIS America’s official website indicating that the character stories, the overall plot and the dialogue hasn’t changed from the original, save for minor tweaks to the characters’ ages.

Just a short while ago NIS America published another teaser trailer ahead of the game’s Western release to help get gamers in the mood. But they avoid showing any of the censored motivation sequences.

Ultimately, if you want the full gameplay experience you’ll likely need to import Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors from an import specialty site, like

Criminal Girls 2 was also denied classification in Germany and can’t be sold in Australia.

The game was originally due for release this September in North America but according to PlayStation Lifestyle NIS America sent out word that Criminal Girls 2 has been delayed to October 11th due to manufacturing issues.

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  • Nathan Lindsey

    Is the Euro version censored?

  • The ridiculous level of censorship in this game highly suggests now that it’s done for political agenda.

    I think NISA needs a purge of staff.

    • I believe it would be better if NIS just purged NISA.

      • Unrelated, but I also think it’s a problem when niche game websites choose to be extremely diplomatic and skirt the issue of censorship when reviewing these kind of censored games. (you know which website I’m talking about)

        Not bringing up the issue in moderate detail or simply dismissing it as “edits” only hurts the video games industry, because normies, sheeple and new gamers who read those reviews will get the impression that the censorship (or “edits”) in it is something that is trivial and can be ignored.

        The gamer should be fully informed of any censorship issues regarding a video game, because he/she is the one who will be paying money for it.

  • Alistair

    And further lying contines, this time from Sony Asia at TGS 2015.

    Really didnt expert this but Moe crystal wont have English subtitles for Asia release.

    Getting really fed up being lied too and yes higher up at Sony told them No so my respect for Sony has Gone FUCK Sony.

    • C G Saturation

      Doesn’t seem like anyone was listening when the fallen-from-grace Gabe Newell pointed out that the key to beating pirates is to provide a better service than the pirates.

      Why should we buy stuff like shitty localizations or bastardizations of a series, when fans often provide better for free? It’s like companies really don’t want our money anymore.

  • Alistair

    I did comment about this the other day, the fact remains & Fanboys & Shills can still dress it up as “does it matter That much”.

    The fact prinny come late with further revelations tells me they been caught out HAHAHA.

    Did they say half of the minigame was needed to be altered “Censored” In the 1st place. No they didn’t if they did pre-order sales will suffer.

    You ALL Been tricked by masters of spin and fallen into a Trap i still have pre-order and wont buy it brand new i even not bother getting a pre own of it.

    To sucker up to NISA The lying DEVs. So all was said “Some” Art needed to be redrawn More then some Eh.

    • C G Saturation

      It’s not even just fanboys and shills, but idiots in general who don’t want to hear anything negative because they’re so ridiculously sensitive and simple.

      “We’re getting screwed hard? That makes me feel bad! I want to feel good! Let’s focus on the positives! Like, well, at least we’re getting the game! I feel so happy! Happy! Happy! Happy! Happy!”

    • You’ll be glad to know that The Mary Sue (a feminist website) has launched an attack on the ‘moe’ archetype (cute and feminine Anime girls) and blames it on “masculinity”, as reported by The Gaming Ground…

  • Migi

    Atleast these kinda practises save me some money.