NBA 2K17 Cheats Grant Unlimited Fans, Fatigue And Stamina
(Last Updated On: September 18, 2016)

Ahead of the September 20th release of NBA 2K17, the WeMod community tested out and released a new trainer for 2K Games’ upcoming sports title after the game inadvertently leaked. Given their time to test out some of the inner workings of NBA 2K17, they were able to churn out some cheats ahead of time.

The NBA 2K17 cheat trainer is available right now for PC gamers, featuring six different cheats that can be activated. This includes creating unlimited fans for your custom character – with the fans working as a progression method – the ability to add score during a match, either for the home or away team, so you can basically cheat through a match even if you’re losing badly, as well as the option to have unlimited stamina and no fatigue.

The unlimited stamina would be extra useful for dashing across the court from front to back as your favorite star as if they had the tenacity and court temerity of Anthony Weiner’s sex drive.

The six cheats that are currently available in the NBA 2K17 1.0 trainer are just the beginning. They have plans on adding more cheats to the trainer as they become available. However, they don’t say exactly what sort of cheats they plan on adding.

If you’re a console gamer then you’re fresh out of luck because the trainer is only available for PC gamers. PCMR for the win.

As for NBA 2K17, the game will officially drop on September 20th for home consoles and PC. New to the game is the MyCareer mode that follows two rising stars in the NBA who end up adopting the nickname “Orange Juice”. You can get a taste of the action with the video below from YouTuber Chris Smoove.

The MyCareer has been bolstered about in the media for starring Hollywood actor Michael B. Jordan.

You can grab the cheat trainer right now from over on the WeMod download page.

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