New Book Covers Hot Button Topics Of Censorship And Moral Panic

A new book from author Jerry Barnett was recently published and is currently available as a digital download or in physical paperback form. The name of the book? Porn Panic!: Sex and Censorship In The UK.

Now I know what you’re all thinking “This has nothing to do with video games!” and you’re absolutely right, but some readers suggested for Barnett’s book to get a little face time here on the site and since it relates directly with the recent topic of heavy censorship both from the establishment and from party ideologues, it’s hard to dismiss it.

The book is actually about the recent rise in moral panics being spread throughout the media, as well as the prominent attacks on how we view sexuality in today’s society. It’s not too far removed from the current topic of discussion in gaming regarding various risque video games dealing with some sexual material that have been heavily censored or outright banned recently, such as Meiq or Criminal Girls 2, amongst many others.

In fact, Tokyo Mirage Sessions isn’t even a sexual game but things like midriffs and cleavage were heavily censored for the Wii U game, along with the artists going through the painstaking process of literally removing the female pelvic bones from the meshes of the characters so that you couldn’t see the indentations of the female pelvis.

According to Barnett, the idea behind the book was to cover how the current issues of attacking female sexuality and focusing on censorship falls back to a lot of identity politics, explaining in an e-mail…

“Although focused on sexual content, [the book] broadens to look at a range of censorship issues, and the way in which feminism and identity politics have become tools of censorship.”

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to actually have conversations about these topics. It’s all become a blur of blockbots, censorship, mass deletions and invectives thrown around like mud in a pit with pigs who have palms.

The book’s recent publishing has already garnered some positive feedback from verified purchasers who have taken to the review section to proclaim that Porn Panic! is a “necessary antidote” and one user, named Ness, wrote…

“It is sad today that many of these outlets purely wish to cause moral panic rather than helping people feel happy within themselves, whether that be sexual or non-sexual. Having experienced firsthand what the media will do to sell papers is unsettling.”

According to the reviews the book is very “factual” and provides plenty of evidence to back up its case. If you are interested in Barnett’s new book, which seem very relevant for the times, feel free to learn more by visiting his official website, which contains various methods for purchasing the piece.


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