Office Freakout Is A Game Built For Middle-Class Working Americans

Do you work a 9 to 5? Do you hate being trapped behind the desk, crunching numbers, typing up reports, doing the daily grind for what feels like eternity just to go home, get a couple hours of sleep, eat a microwave meal, watch some crappy sub-HD show because Comcast is a piece of crap and won’t let you watch HD programming without paying a freaking arm and a leg, and then you have to hear from your ball-and-chain ex about how much of a pain you are while denying you visitation rights to your kids on the weekend?

Well, if you answered “Yes!” with the kind of emphatic gestures, middle-fingers to the screen and vocal nastiness that encompasses the rage pent up in that ever-growing ulcer of yours, then you might enjoy Hollow Robot’s rage-releasing, office rampage game called Office Freakout.

You play Philbert, a disgruntled office worker who is at the end of his rope. He’s been a slave to the mega-corporate machine like so many other drones working to make the fat, lazy pieces of crap in the 1% richer while they export your jobs to some third-world dung-hole where they pay slave wages to some sap even poorer than you and education so bare that he doesn’t even know he’s being cheated out of his earnings.

Philbert – like most middle-class Americans facing the threat of losing his job to the burgeoning growth of third-world labor – ends up getting fired.

Unlike real life where the mega-corps take every inch of fiber from your soul and then sodomize the remaining infinitesimal microcosm of your center of peace by forcing you to work long hours for piss-poor pay, you can actually do something about it in the game Office Freakout.

It’s a proletariat’s wet dream come true.

The trailer below gives you an idea of what to expect from this first-person rage induced rampager. Check it out.

The game allows you to annihilate up to 90% of everything in the environment. You can destroy chairs, tables, windows, coffee mugs, computers and more. You can fill up the rage meter to unleash untold amounts of destruction within the office space before you clear out your desk at 5:00pm.

You can go around punching the living daylights out of robot coworkers and unlock hidden collectibles in each level. You have access to a variety of weapons, character skins and even customization options for your office with various colors and patterns.

The game seems to be designed as a release for those trapped in the rat race. Heck, I can imagine a bunch of gamers just sitting and watching people on Twitch play this just to relax. It might be the only way to relax after Clinton or Trump takes office. The only difference is that if the former takes office you might be censored from watching games like Office Freakout on your PC, and if the latter takes office you might be forced to watch the game from a friend’s house because some piss poor 12-year-old kid in a Chinese sweatshop took your job as a customer service representative using a $3 mic and Raspberry Pi as a workstation.

You can get your hands on Office Freakout right now for $11.99 over on the Steam store. However, for the first week of its availability you can pick up a copy for 20% off, making it only $9.59.


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