One Piece: Burning Blood Cheats Allow For Infinite Health, Money
(Last Updated On: September 3, 2016)

Bandai Namco only recently released One Piece: Burning Blood for home consoles and PC, but PC gamers get the added benefit of being able to cheat their way to victory. Just a day into its release and a cheat trainer was made available for the game that allows for infinite health, infinite money and fast kills.

Over on the Mr. Antifun website the prodigious catalog of Mr. Antifun was extended even further yet with the addition of a cheat trainer for One Piece: Burning Blood.

The 4MB trainer includes the option to add infinite health for whichever character you’re playing, infinite gauge so you never run out of specials, infinite charge so you can use your specials quickly, fast kills so you can wipe out the competition with ease and infinite money, so you can buy whatever you want from the in-game shops without having to work hard for it or grind it out.

So long as you don’t take the cheat trainer online to dick people around, it should prove to make the game more engaging for your tastes.

The basic five cheats that are included in the base trainer are below.

  • Inf.Health
  • Inf.Gauge
  • Inf.Charge
  • Fast Kill
  • Inf.Money

You can download the One Piece: Burning Blood cheat trainer from over on the Mr. Antifun website right now.

The game itself features 40 playable characters including four new playable characters from Shonen Jump’s One Piece universe and six different alternate outfits if you get the Gold Edition. There are new arenas to battle in, 3-on-3 bouts in both offline and online modes, and lots of over-the-top fighting action.

One Piece: Burning Blood has been receiving rave reviews from actual gamers, so if you enjoy the rubbery antics of Luffy, the bikini-clad bods of his female companions, the ridiculous bad guys and the crazy story, you might enjoy the game. It’s available right now over on the Steam store.

(Main image courtesy of Pampe)

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