PlayStation 4 Pro Features Jaguar CPU, 4.20 Tflops GPU; Promises 4K Gaming

Sony held the PlayStation Meeting today, unveiling the PlayStation 4 Pro, which will give gamers an opportunity to experience 4K media at the price of only $399.99. The new console will be available on November 10th along with the new PS4 Slim, which will replace the standard PS4 units and cost only $299.99.

CNN did a basic break down of the pricing and the pricing and release date, where-as others like analyst Zhuge-EX posted up the spec sheet for the PlayStation 4 Pro on Twitter.

The specs were also detailed over on the official PlayStation website. As you can see the teraflops are at 4.20 and it’s still running on AMD’s octocore Jaguar CPU architecture. The GPU is also based on AMD’s Radeon series.

There is 1TB worth of storage and a GDDR5 8GB shared memory setup, just like the standard PS4.

For reference, the Titan X features 11 teraflops and 12GB of GDDR5 VRAM. As the benchmarks from showcase, 4K gaming on a GTX Titan X – a GPU built for high-end gaming – doesn’t necessitate that the game on the highest settings, running on an i7 on the max settings, will stay above 60fps. In fact, on the newer titles, you’re lucky to stabilize at 40fps.

So how is it if a card that’s three times more powerful than the PS4 Pro specs happens to struggle to hit 4K, the PS4 Pro will be able to run games at 4K? Where’s that extra power coming from?

Many people with common sense are speculating that the 4K gaming claims relate to upscaling and not native rendering. There are also some people speculating that the PS4 Pro is designed to stream games at 4K and not actually run games at 4K. That would make a lot of sense given that the specs right now just do not add up when it comes to 4K gaming.

Nevertheless, we’ll likely see how the console really performs once the benchmarks come in after it launches on November 10th.


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