PS4 Finally Surpasses Wii U Install Base In Japan

It’s been years in the making but Sony finally managed to defeat Nintendo in the homeland of Japan. Twitter user Cadreinth tipped us off to a recent sales update courtesy of the Media Create sales charts in Japan, which indicated that Sony has finally surpassed Nintendo’s Wii U with the PS4 install base sales in Japan.

NeoGaf took time out from harassing Palmer Luckey’s girlfriend in order to focus on the console wars for once. The result is that they managed to post total sales figures from Media Create to showcase the lifetime SKUs sales for both the Wii U and PS4, and yes… the PS4 has finally beat the Wii U. Here are the figures, courtesy of Raylan.

WiiU launch: December 8, 2012
PS4 launch: February 22, 2014

PS4 LTD: 3.267.243
WiiU Japan LTD: 3.265.329
XBO LTD: 68.224

Lifetime sales to-date are not impressive for any of the consoles in Japan.

Let me put this into perspective so you have an idea of just how awful the total lifetime sales are for both consoles. In November, 2008 alone the original Wii sold 2.04 million stock keeping units in the U.S., according to Digital Digest. Let me repeat that: the Wii sold close to 63% of the total Wii U’s Japanese install base within the span of a single month in the United States back in November of 2008.


But don’t go schlong-slapping the competition like synchronized male swimmers who forgot to wear jockstraps. The reality is that the PS4 only beat the Wii U by 2 thousand measly SKUs. So the victory is pyrrhic.

Neither Sony nor Nintendo come out looking particularly excelled after several years of competing in Japan and barely moving the same amount of units as the Wii and DS were moving nearly a decade ago. Back then, Sony couldn’t touch Nintendo like CM Punk couldn’t touch Mickey Gall.


It kind of speaks volumes as just how out of touch it seems some of the publishers are that they can’t seem to make software that appeals to gamers outside of Call of Duty and Battlefield, especially when it comes to courting the Japanese console audience. Some analysts believe that consoles are dead and the name of the game is mobile, but not everyone wants to play IQ-detracting clickers with cash shop-sucking items that add artificial means of achieving success or rather, playing not to lose. It just seems more like the console market is out of touch rather than the mobile market achieving something great.

We’ll see if the PSVR will open up the sales in Japan and if Nintendo can turn things around with the Nintendo NX this upcoming spring in 2017.


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