Quantum Break Cheats Make The Steam Launch A Lot More Entertaining
(Last Updated On: September 30, 2016)

It was mentioned before that Remedy Entertainment’s Windows 10 and Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break would be making its way to Steam. Well, it’s now on Steam. In addition to being available for Steam you can also grab a cheat trainer that allows you to cheat your way through the game from start to finish.

A Steam news announcement made it known that the third-person, time-bending shooter is currently available on Valve’s digital distribution platform. The game sees players taking on the role of Jack Joyce as he attempts to save his brother, deal with a time-traveling rival and prevent the fabric of time from collapsing in on itself thanks to a man-made time machine.

Quantum Break had some decent graphics and an okay story that was wrapped up in pretty boring gameplay with unenticing gunplay. If you want to elevate that gaming experience you might want to consider getting a cheat trainer.

Mr. Antifun has a solution for you in the form of a 1.7.0 trainer featuring six different cheats you can activate.

The six cheat options includes infinite health, infinite ammo, the option to never have to reload, super accuracy so you never miss a headshot, the ability to turn off recoil, along with infinite time charge so you can use as many powers as you want without having to worry about being bottle necked.

I didn’t find the game to be particularly engaging but I did find the way the story unfolded to be entertaining. The mix of live-action television-style storytelling with the in-game cinematics helped give Quantum Break a little bit of something special, not unlike Alan Wake. However, I think Alan Wake had a far more engaging plot and it was a lot easier to get invested into what was going on. It would be awesome to see a remastered version of that game with real-to-life graphics.

Anyway, if you’re bored and you have $40 to throw away on the Steam version of Quantum Break (which can run on Windows 7, by the way), you can grab a copy from the Steam store. If you want to elevate your gameplay experience you can grab the cheat trainer for Quantum Break from the download page on Mr. Antifun’s website.

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