Redout Currently Available On Steam, Rekindles F-Zero Racing Madness
(Last Updated On: September 2, 2016)

34BigThings recently unleashed Redout onto Steam’s store for $34.99. The Unreal Engine 4-powered racing game is designed for today’s high-end gaming rigs, offering players blazing fast racing gameplay set across 20 distinct tracks that span four locations around a post-apocalyptic Earth.

If you’ve been a fan of games like Acclaim’s Extreme-G series or Nintendo’s beloved F-Zero, then Redout will likely be right up your alley. The game allows you to go toe-to-toe against 11 other players in online race modes, or attempt to become the king of the race track in a career mode that features more than 75 different events. Players will level-up their pod, upgrade their parts and vie to become the champion.

It’s not all just racing, though. Redout also features seven different event types, including standard races, point races and an arena mode. There’s also power-ups that can be utilized throughout each of the races to give your pod an advantage over opponents. You can get a brief look at the high-end Unreal Engine 4-powered racing game in action below.

The Kickstarted racer looks fantastic. The game is also supposed to be arriving on the home consoles at some point as well. With the PlayStation VR due to drop in October, I wonder if 34BigThings will take advantage of that opportunity?

Speaking of VR, the game does have native support for the Oculus VR headset. So if you want to take the racing experience to the next level, you can very well do so.

The early user reviews for Redout are quite positive. Many people are calling it the F-Zero replacement they were looking for.

I love the way the game looks and some of those pods look similar to the Star Wars Episode 1: Pod Racer game for the N64, which was one of the best Star Wars games made back during that time. That game was insanely fun.

Anyway, Redout is available right now for $34.99 but for the first week of being on sale you can get the game for 10% off the normal price for only $31.49 over on the Steam store.

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  • ForsakenEagle

    It’s like the Forza of AGR games.

    This game is a joy to play. The physics of the vehicles are very much hovercraft-like and is a blast when you execute a perfect turn. Pitch controls on slopes and loops adds to the strategy as your ship will grind on the track. Straights may not be that straightforward. Mastering the game’s tracks is a blast.

    Everything feels very fast. Vehicles leave behind slipstreams (which you can take advantage of) and the world around the track is detailed with buildings and objects near the track turning into a blur as you zip by them. The use of blackout and redout effects in turns and slopes really adds to the sense of speed. Using the steering, drift, and turbo to speed around a curve at near top speed while the edges of the screen darken is a thrill.

    Graphics are great. Worlds are detailed and tracks are wide and simple enough to navigate. Sparks fly off of your ship on collision. Up to 11 opponents may race you in a race. Everything performs well on my GTX 970. The ships themselves are very detailed. They have a pastel, minimalist look like Wipeout ships. Their animations are gorgeous. Flaps, air brakes, turbines, jets, as well as parts of the vehicles that separate on ignition, held together through nothing but magnetism.

    The ships are diverse. One looks like your starter Wipeout ship, another a typical F-Zero machine, a podracer lookalike, and even one that looks like a Cadillac with exhaust pipes sticking out of the hood. Six teams with four classes of ships each for 24 ships total with unique looks, animations, and seven color pallets to choose from. If there’s more, I don’t know yet. Each has stats including speed, acceleration, durability, energy, and turbo, and different ships will have different advantages and disadvantages. Four classes means the game will get progressively faster as you climb the ranks in the campaign.

    NO WEAPONS, but there are power-ups you can equip your ship with before a race. One is an active ability which must be activated, and the other a passive ability that’ll enhance your ship’s abilities. In addition, upgrades may be purchased for permanent improvements to your ship stats. Also, no pits. Your ship will automatically repair (when you’re not bouncing off walls and opponents).

    Race types include time trials, race, pure race (no power-ups allowed), tournament races, survival (no respawn), and more. Four environments with several tracks each including things like snow and sandstorms. Tracks remind me a lot of F-Zero tracks in that they will twist, turn, loop, have gaps, and just in general going in any direction rather than being flat on the ground. I got vertigo a couple of times.

    Price may seem steep, but if you are starving for an AGR game on the PC that’s high quality and polished, then Redout is totally worth it. If the devs can make a demo for download, it would go a long way to selling Redout to skeptical buyers.

  • I’ve watched a couple of gameplay videos of this, and they indicate that the racing machines’ handling is a bit slippery compared to games like F-Zero, almost more in line with wipEout.

    Besides, it’s like $35USD. At that price, I could buy both Aqua Moto Racing Utopia and Riptide GP Renegade, and I’d probably get more mileage out of the two of them than I would this.

    As excited as I may have been, I’m afraid I’m going to have to pass on this. Damn shame, I was really looking forward to it.

  • Hawk Hopper

    This game looks really cool. I completely missed it if I hadn’t of checked Totalbiscuit’s channel and saw him recommending it.