Resident Evil 7 TGS 2016 Trailer Reveals Undying Hillbillies
(Last Updated On: September 16, 2016)

During this year’s Tokyo Game Show in Tokyo, Japan, Capcom revealed some new gameplay footage for the upcoming Resident Evil 7, which is due for release on January 24th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

The trailer arrives alongside the new hour-long demo designed to give gamers a brief taste and teaser of what’s to come. The demo is also better designed to accommodate the PS4’s PlayStation VR headset, which is due for release next month and is expected to be a huge seller for Sony.

Game Trailers captured the new trailer, which is up and available for viewing right now.

The trailer is said to be in 4K in lieu of the PS4 Pro, but you can bet your bottom dollar that the VR experience will not be in 4K on the PS4 Pro or for the PlayStation VR since the headset’s resolution is limited to 1920 x1080. That’s also not to mention that the PS4 Pro couldn’t run an intensive game like Resident Evil 7 with all its graphics maxed out at native 4K.

The trailer itself is pretty cool. It starts with an awesome wide shot of a car driving down a lonely road toward the mansion. We get to see a series of quick clips, featuring some of the enemy encounters that players will face off against, as well as the new and improved physics and visual effects.

The photogrammetry looks oh-so-sweet, and it would likely look even better if the game was primed and elevated for high-end PCs. Even still, there’s a distinct movie-like quality about the presentation of Resident Evil 7, which is especially impressive.

The regenerating zombillies seem to be an interesting twist, a little like humanized Regenerators from Resident Evil 4.

The trailer gave off a really strong Silent Hill vibe, though. I’d like to see more gameplay before coming to any conclusions about it, though. We’ll likely get to see more as the game leads up to its January launch early next year.

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  • C G Saturation

    Meh. Still looks more like Gun Survivor or Umbrella Chronicles than core Biohazard/Resident Evil.

    • LurkerJK

      imho the Guns look like an afterthought (as if they got a call from upstairs 2 months before finalizing the code “PUT GUNS IN”)

      my bet is that they are going to outlast/alien isolation route, sneak around, cant beat the enemies, guns only give you a chance to escape if they spot you at most

      • Wisdomcube2000

        “my bet is that they are going to outlast/alien isolation route, sneak around, cant beat the enemies”

        I hope not. That is what killed the last Alien game for me.

        • C G Saturation

          I have no patience for those games either. My idea of a good “sneak around” game is one where you CAN beat the enemies, but the game should make you feel like you’re taking a dangerous risk in attempting to.

          It’s also good design if there are cons to taking enemies out. In MGS for example, their bodies might get spotted, or they’ll wake up and report you. In SIREN, knocking out an enemy can mess with their patrol timing, making things harder.

      • C G Saturation

        The table scene reminded me of the intro of Dark Souls 2. Except this game is probably gonna be like that the whole way through. Feel the immersion of VR!

        • LurkerJK

          i like the part where the old man just walks through the wall like its not even there at 1:03, someone tell the animator that hobo man doesnt get to act like robocop, spoooooky.

          • C G Saturation

            I like the part in the demo where there’s a huge fucking invisible wall. Actually, I don’t like it. I hate it, a lot.

          • LurkerJK

            what, you want interaction in your games ?! *tap* *tap* WELCOME TO THE FAMILY SON

          • C G Saturation

            Hahahaha. It’ll be epic if the final game is filled with invisible walls like that.

          • What if — just stay with me here — what if the hobobilly is actually a robot?

          • LurkerJK

            the scary thing is i could believe umbrella building a house with murderous hillbilly hobo robots for some bizarre scheme, those plots have gone there, STAAAARS