Review Report: Tale Of A Common Man Is More Than A Common RPG

Aldorlea Games recently released their game The Tale of a Common Man onto Steam. Yes, it’s an RPG Maker role-playing game, but it’s designed to cover the JRPG formula in a very different way… a way that views the world from the eyes of a common man seeking revenge.

It’s similar in scope to Yu Suzuki’s Shenmue, insofar that The Tale of a Common Man examines the cost and toll of revenge upon a man’s soul. Players will take on the role of a common farmer named Jerrat who seeks vengeance after his wife and son are brutally murdered.

The adventure sees Jerrat accompanying other warriors and adventurers along the way, attempting to get revenge while also playing into a far more complicated plot that will affect the destiny of the nation. Jerrat also has to fight against his own demons, hoping not to become consumed by the hatred that drives him on his quest and maintain the core principles that led to his wife falling in love with him from the start.

The Tale of a Common Man is a 16-bit inspired RPG with turn-based combat, seven characters who can join the party, five active characters during combat, 17 side-quests, 30 secret rooms and 30 hours of gameplay.

Aldorlea has previously made titles like Millennium, Moonchild, Girlfriend Rescue and Vagrant Hearts.

The general consensus from the denizens of Steam is that The Tale of a Common Man is anything but common.

Many of the reviews note Aldorlea’s accretion in the quality of their output with each new title. Pedro Sanchez showers the developers in praise for their newest release, writing…

“I’ve absolutely fallen in love with Aldorlea developed games, they scratch that itch for turn based JRPG’s I’ve had since the playstation 2 stopped being supported. Good story, Interesting characters, Controller/achievement/trading card support +++ increasing challenge as the game progresses”

While the official game description promotes a total 30 hour experience, jaimi managed to complete it under 15 hours, but enjoyed every single minute thanks to challenging fights and clever writing…

“This game was well designed, it never felt like I was over-powered, and I was always having to think about combat even up to the end of the game. I really like the writing also – it was clever and engaging. The party banter was quite funny in spots (you can listen in on their thoughts sometimes). It’s an rpg-maker game, so if that bothers you, this may not be your cup of tea. If however, you like playing a challenging game that is both funny and clever, then you will enjoy it. I did. Game time was about 10-12 hours. Not bad for an inexpensive game!”

Detskii’Krem also shared similar sentiments, noting that the audio quality was good and repeated that the dialogue and story were interesting and well done, writing…

“Interesting story, good audio quality, detailed characters, great lines of dialogue,an adequate price. Game recommend to all fans of role-playing games with turn-based battles and role-playing fans of indie games with a good plot, I personally liked the game.”

Out of the 85 reviews logged for The Tale of a Common Man, all 85 are positive. So far there are no negative reviews for the game, as of the writing of this article.

The only major drawback that some people mentioned is that it’s made in RPG Maker and if you aren’t fond of RPG Maker games then you might be turned off with the title. One person also mentioned that the game closed out on them a few times during gameplay. Otherwise it’s only receiving a lot of high remarks and positive feedback for how it handles the subject matter and for rekindling that age-old 16-bit RPG adventure feeling.

According to Fortuna me amat, the combat system works well enough given the variety of spells, items and abilities to unleash on each turn, and the story of a common man attempting to avenge the death of his family was labeled as “tragic”…

“In «The Tale of a Common Man» I liked the story. Though he is banal, but rather tragic. The history of the common man of the people, a simple farmer on the path of vengeance, to avenge the death of his wife and son.


“The graphics in the game has pleased me. Of course it’s not the most outstanding, but everything looks neat and attractive. All the backgrounds and characters are drawn with love.


“Battles here are the same as in any JRPG. Their complexity depends on what difficulty level you choose in the beginning of the game.”

The Tale of a Common Man is available right now for $9.99, but received a 30% discount for its first week of being on sale, so it’s possible to pick it up for only $6.99.


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