Sceelix Lets Players Create Their Own Game And Import Assets

If you like games where you can create whatever it is that comes to mind, then you might like Sceelix. The publisher and developer named Sceelix, allows you to create cities, 3D models, behavior patterns, physics based objects and much more using parameterizable 3D scenes and direct nodes. Sceelix is set to hit PC via Steam Early Access on September 6th.

I really do enjoy making stuff in editors, and other program tools that let nearly anything that comes to mind manifest on screen. If you are like me and enjoy creating your own stuff, a new project called Sceelix let’s you do just that.

Explaining Sceelix in an all encompassing way can best be summed up as a cross-platform software that allows for 3D unique scenes, terrains, vegetation, cities, and other entities in an efficient way.

Sporting a procedural engine and an intuitive visual node-based editor (as seen above), which hones 3D models with behavioral patterns, the game offers:

“A powerful procedural engine. Generate parameterizable 3D scenes and game objects at design or run time using Sceelix’s unique node-based language and integrate your creations directly into your game engine.”

For those of you who are wondering if Sceelix is for “neeb” coders it is not. Although it is said to be simple to use, the cross-platform software can be complex enough to create algorithms that are less-prone to system errors. However, it is noted that you can create your own nodes through the devs C# API.

Though the video below is a bit on the cheap side as per quality, I do have to say that the game’s current position does spark up a lot for folks to create whatever they want with ease, which is pretty cool. You can check out the video courtesy of Sceelix Team.

Set to drop on September 6th for PC via Steam Early Access, more can be found on this game by heading over to, or Steam Early Access.


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