Sweet Volley High Launches Uncensored On Nutaku October 7th

New West Games announced today that they are launching the new visual novel, Sweet Volley High, starting October 7th on Nutaku. The version launching in the early part of October will be completely uncensored, giving gamers a full-on view of all of the romantic, raunchy and sexy content the game has to offer up. If you’re not into the lewder side of visual novels, a censored version of Sweet Volley High is set to launch on October 26th on Steam.

Available for $10, the new game sees players taking on the role of a volleyball player, Aya Mizuki, who joins the team, looking to excel in the sport and maybe find a little romance. Sweet Volley High is a yuri title, centering around bisexual love. Players will have four different dating paths available from characters Yuichi, Eri, Nanami or Yuka.

Whether or not you want Aya to date any of the girls or the one guy is entirely up to you and the choices you make throughout the game. You can see what the art is like with the trailer below.

Sweet Volley High will apparently contain some scenes too risque for Steam, which is why they’re launching the uncensored version on Nutaku. There will, however, be an uncensored patch available for the Steam version of the game during the launch.

According to the press release, there are 25 CG images along with partial voice acting for some of the characters and dialogue, along with an original soundtrack by Sam Jean.

The Steam version of the game will have both achievements and trading cards.

It’s interesting to see some developers taking advantage of Nutaku and its platform for hosting uncensored content. So far they haven’t encountered much resistance from the SJWs, which means you should be able to browse and buy the games you want without having to worry about being called a racist, facist, transphobic misogynist, which is common for a lot of media outlets to roll out if you don’t share the same political ideology as they do.

Anyway, you can learn more about the visual novel by visiting the official New West Games website.