The Guardian Offers No Response On Crash Override Network’s Targeted Harassment
(Last Updated On: September 25, 2016)

The Crash Override Network leaks were released to the public in late August. The leaks revealed targeted harassment, doxing and admission to sabotage. The leaks were covered by Heat Street and Washington Examiner in the mainstream space, but was ignored by other mainstream outlets. In the case of The Guardian, they were contacted both as part of an e-mail campaign and I personally reached out to one of their editors regarding coverage of the leaks, but there has been no response from the outlet.

The Guardian previously wrote about Crash Override Network, promoting the organization as an anti-harassment initiative. However, the chat log leaks and the Trello card leaks revealed that the organization was also partaking in targeted harassment.

Back on January 19th, 2015, Alex Hern wrote an article for The Guardian about Crash Override Network, entitled “Gamergate targets launch anti-harassment network”.

Hern writes…

“Crash Override is the brainchild of Zoë Quinn and her partner Alex Lifschitz. Quinn’s abuse, at the hands of the nascent anti-feminist Gamergate movement, […]”


[…] “One of the groups’ first clients was Israel Galvez, a web developer and Gamergate critic who was the target of an attempted “swatting” from a forum linked to the movement.”

Izzy Galvez was actually a member of Crash Override Network, participating in the chats and encouraging some of the behavior of a Crash Override Network member who participated in doxing. Galvez was also involved in a separate doxing attempt against a #GamerGate supporter, as reported by Breitbart.

The news about Galvez and his exploits followed closely on the heels of a separate report of another member of Crash Override Network, Robert Marmolejo, who was found to have allegedly engaged in sexual harassment against multiple women, as detailed in a report on Medium.

The instances of sexual harassment, targeted harassment, doxing and admitted sabotage from members of Crash Override Network seemed overwhelmingly disconcerting.

After an e-mail campaign was initiated to contact the outlets who previously gave positive, uncritical coverage to Crash Override Network, I personally reached out to Guardian editor Keith Stuart about any possible coverage about the issue, since Stuart had run some coverage of #GamerGate and the topic of harassment before, but I did not receive a response.

Previously, Stuart had mentioned in an e-mail back on November 13th, 2014 that they likely wouldn’t be pursuing many stories in the section about #GamerGate or the surrounding controversy, saying…

“I’m not sure how much we’ll be doing going forward – it has sort of calcified as a news story really – it’s descended into in-fighting and factionalism and our readers aren’t really interested in all that.”

The Guardian, according to a repository by This Is Video Games, has published a total of 26 articles involving #GamerGate. 10 Of those articles were published after Stuart had responded back in November of 2014 stating that the news had “calcified” and that “readers aren’t really interested” in the topic, despite publishing many pieces thereafter.

Ironically enough, claims made by The Guardian that #GamerGate was a harassment campaign still has no evidence showing it as such. However, plenty of evidence has surfaced regarding Crash Override Network engaging in doxing, harassment and targeted abuse. The Guardian has offered no response on the matter despite promoting an organization that engaged in nefarious activities.

(Main image courtesy of Ashion101)

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  • Alistair

    Here further proof of double standards when it comes to femmists.

    What if a male punch a woman, the Bastard need to be lock up a woman beater cant have that.

    Switch thing around a woman beat up a man, and things work differently as this article proves. A male had to resign but the woman wont.

    That your double standards MSM you fucking cowards.

    They make me fucking sick.

  • Alistair

    I wish the guardian goes the same way gawker did. One less gutter press the better.

  • FlamingoJet

    Now the real question is did those two outlets run the piece because they actually were interesed in the content and putting out the truth or did they do it because they knew GG was going to judge them harshly if they didn’t and in reality, they are just as bad as those SJW sucking Mainstream sources?

    • One of the pieces was from Ian Miles Cheong, who was a former member of Crash Override Network and provided some context and explanation for the group’s function and his role in that.

      The second piece is from the Washington Examiner’s Ashe Schow. She’s a real journalist with common sense and the ability to reason, which is not oftentimes found in today’s field.

  • jobelisk

    The Guardian is a ridiculous rag; its management have no integrity. The main thing from which to take comfort is that it is losing money at a ridiculous rate, and so will eventually be forced to either behave responsibly or close. Hopefully, the latter…

  • C G Saturation

    Mainstream media definition of harassment = criticizing their rich, corrupt, scammer friends.

  • Gamergater #7230

    The Guardian’s board of directors are all women, which is why it is a vapid gossip rag. I’m sorry if that sounds sexist but I have 6 sisters so I know bullshit when I see it.

    • C G Saturation

      I think you also described The Huffington Post.

    • “I’m sorry if that sounds sexist”

      Who gives a fuck even if it is?

      Feminists and SJWs in mainstream media and social media are openly sexist and discriminatory towards men every single second of every day.

      Time to give some of their own medicine back for ekwalertee.

  • The Guardian, one of the most SJW and feminist mouthpieces that promote outright misandry. lol

  • Migi

    The guardian itself likes to cherry pick topics so i doubt they’ll give a fuck about the truth. It’s full of nothing but delusional Feminists and SJW who feel only they are allowed to harass ppl, Time and time again its shown that those so self proclaimed SJW are bigger trolls then the ones roaming the internet.

    • C G Saturation

      Mainstream media in general cherry picks topics. They only tell us what they want to tell us, not what’s important or newsworthy

      It’s a fundamental difference that I think most people don’t realize, because they expect the news to be fair, responsible, objectively balanced and trustworthy (yeah, right).

  • Arbitrary

    Why are you constantly expecting all the people complicit in the harassment to be making statements about it?

    Stop trying to contact them, and start contacting the authorities, instead.

    • Public record.

      It’s always important to keep these things on public record.

      • DDD-kun

        Exactly. So when the time comes to take many of these perps to court, there’s detailed evidence of them being negligent in their duties and in need of policing to properly do their jobs.