The Turing Test Gameplay Walkthrough

One of the recent games to drop is the sci-fi, first-person puzzle title, The Turing Test for Xbox One and PC. It’s a mix of games like Portal and Adr1ft. Gamers looking for a little help in solving some of the puzzles will find some help in this gameplay walkthrough guide.

For a visual representation of how to get through some of the levels and complete some of the puzzles, YouTuber Nokzen put together a video playlist that you can check out below. It covers the game from start to finish.

Players take on the role of Ava Turing, sent to investigate a disturbance on the ground outside the facility. Players will get to examine the inside of the facility for a little bit, seeing who some of the other crew member are and looking through the space-age facility.

You’ll need to head into the armory to grab the EMT, the Energy Manipulation Tool, and then head out to the docking station to exit the facility. After taking the drop pod down to the Europa facility, the actual gameplay begins and the puzzles begin to initiate. .

Tom will guide you through the basics of the gameplay, and explains that the basic facility structure on Europa has a series of Turing Tests that players will need to complete, which work as a separator between humans and AI.

The initial tests are pretty basic to solve and the puzzles involve simply picking up and playing some power modules in the slots to open the doors. You’ll need to rearrange some modules and grab the blue spherical orbs to power up some of the models.

After you go through the preliminary rooms you’ll end up at a central hub where you can learn more about the other astronauts who were at the Europa station. After going through the info, you’ll end up in another set of Turing Tests.

The first major puzzle requires taking the power cube, placing it on the blue platform, de-powering the blue platform and then opening the door. The following rooms are fairly easy to get through as well, as you can see in the video below.

In the room with multiple transparent floors, you’ll need to repeatedly take the blue orbs out of the power supplies while traversing upward. You’ll also need to take the power supply and the blue orb out of the first bridge so that you can power up the bridges on the top floor.

For the room with the camera, you’ll need to bring up all the boxes to stack them in front of the camera so that it cannot see you. Blocking the view of the camera will open the door into the next room.

In the room with the giant silo, you’ll find a green and blue sphere. The green spheres turn objects on and off. The objective is to align all the silos so that the core is lined up. Switch the blue and green spheres on the silo so that you can get through the door, take the blue sphere and use it to open the next door.

The second silo puzzle, at the 13:45 mark in the video above, can be a little tricky but you can view the video to see how you need to rearrange the power sources to get to the next platforming puzzle.

For the platforms you simply need to raise them up high enough to reach the door. You’ll then need to make the platform high enough so that you can leap onto it and use the blue sphere to raise the platforms to the next level. It’s not terribly difficult once you get the hang of it.

When you get to the hydraulic platforms, you simply have to rearrange the green and purple power spheres to get to the top.

For the next two puzzles they can be tricky, especially the puzzle involving a lot of rearranging of the power sources involving a door and several hydraulic lifts. Solving those puzzles can be viewed through the video below.

There’s also a complex puzzle where you’ll need to roll a box down the steps, grab a blue sphere run through the door on the right and then head up to the platform and power-up the door with the blue sphere.

When you get through the next room where there are three different colored spheres required to open a door, you’ll need to put the blue sphere at the bottom, the purple sphere in the middle and the green sphere at the top. You’ll need the green sphere, however, so while standing in the door you’ll need to grab the green sphere while the door is open and then quickly slip through so that you can use the green sphere to power up the other doors in the next rooms.

The locked rooms puzzle beyond the 15 minute mark in the video above will require careful timing. The video will showcase how you have to power-up and de-power specific cubes in order to get around to the locked door.

For the room with the cylindrical platform in the center of the room and the pressure pads on the ground, you’ll to face both of the cubes on the edge of the elliptical platform facing the pressure pads. Head into the room and use the sphere in the ceiling to activate the cylinder to push each of the boxes onto the pressure pads in order to access the next segments.

After Ava is informed that she’s being controlled as a drone by T.O.M., the game proceeds to allow you to switch between T.O.M., and Ava during specific segments.

For the magnetic puzzle, you will need to alternate between Ava and T.O.M., frequently. To solve that puzzle you can see how it works and what you’ll need to do with the video below.

The puzzle directly after the magnetic puzzle can also be tricky. You’ll need to put a green and purple power sphere in the second door to open it while having a the first door powered just enough to squeeze through.

For the next room, you’ll need to use two purple and one blue sphere to get into the small room filled with pieces of paper and two additional audio logs.

When you get through the next room you’ll need to use the T.O.M., droid to pull the power orb out of the cube at the end of the hall. Have T.O.M., face Ava and have Ava head upstairs and grab the orb out of the droid and then use it to open the first door. Have T.O.M., grab the power orb/sphere and use it to power up the last door at the hall and have Ava step through and onto the platform. Then use the droid to power the platform to get to the other side.

The puzzle in the next room is a lot easier to solve, and simply requires running quickly across the red platforms, which only last for a short time. The room that gets tricky is the one that involves multiple layers with T.O.M., a single red orb and a single blue orb. You’ll need to first head up and get the red orb from the to and then head back down and replace the blue orb in the multi-level power generator with the red orb. Race up as high as possible to the top with Ava and then switch to T.O.M.

Have T.O.M., travel down and then take the red orb out of the generator and place it back inside the generator. Switch back to Ava quickly and race to the very top of the room. Use the blue orb to power the generator in the room that will allow you to exit and then proceed to exit the room.

The next room is very tricky and requires a lot of tactical back-and-forth orb switching. At the 10 minute mark in the video, the steps and procedures to get through the room are explained in the video below.

The rooms following have some equally tricky puzzles, but one of them is a co-op style, tandem puzzle where the player will have to use both Ava and a T.O.M., unit to help each other up the platforms and by alternating between using the blue power spheres to power up and elevate each platform.

essentially, put one of them on a platform and then raise it and then have them fire an orb into the power generator to raise the lifts and get to the exit.

The room after that requires dropping a red orb onto a red pressure platform. You’ll need to move Ava up and across the bridge while the T.O.M., unit stays on the platform with the red orb. Once you safely get Ava up and across the platform you’ll need to have the T.O.M., unit move up and across the platform as well while stationing Ava on a platform. Use T.O.M., to remotely activate the platform and exit the room.


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