Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni Launch Trailer Promises To Be Lewder Than Senran Kagura
(Last Updated On: September 30, 2016)

It’s not often that a developer and publisher agree that they should just embrace a game’s lewd themes and go all out with it. In today’s climate most studios have opted to be rather conservative with sexuality unless it’s third-wave feminist-approved sexuality. Well, PQube Games and Marvelous have basically given one huge, bouncy middle-finger to the current politically correct culture enveloping games at the moment by releasing the extra lewd hack-and-slash title, Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni.

The game has launched today over in Europe and is set to arrive in North America starting October 11th. PQube released a new launch trailer for the game covering all of the important facets of game, including highlighting the fact that it’s faster, stronger and lewder than Senran Kagura. Check it out below.

The game is very similar to Marvelous Entertainment’s other lewd-and-slash 3D series, Senran Kagura. Both games feature the ability to bust open the clothes of the fighters, as well as big bouncy boob physics.

Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni adds the extra element of clothing customization and bigger bosses with more dynamic combat, where-as Senran Kagura is closer to the likes of Dynasty Warriors. The other added feature for this newest game from Marvelous is that it’s themed around power lesbians. The more sensual the lesbians are with each other, the more affable one of them is to becoming a powerful weapon that can be used on the battlefield to dispense great justice.

Quite naturally, all that lewdity has caught up to Valkyrie Drive and the game was banned countries like Germany and Australia. Many titles featuring lewd content have been getting hit hard with such bans, limiting them in their potential sales opportunities and market reach.

Nevertheless, at least the rest of Europe and America will be able to experience the fast, hard, jiggly, lewd action of Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni without any problems. If you live in the U.K., you can pick up a copy right now for the PS Vita from Rice Digital, and if you live in the good ‘ole U.S., of A you can look to get your hands on a copy starting October 11th.

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  • Munyyup

    I heard that this game is actually much more tame than the Senran Kagura series and that it’s not as smooth as Estival Versus in terms of fluidity. #StillGettingIt #SupportingAllKenichiroTakakiReleases

  • Joshua Anderson

    Aw yeah, boi! πŸ˜€

  • Alistair

    Besides what my though of artwork, 1 question is laid to rest at least the reason of why the game been delayed. It was due to unfinished touches to get ready for market release eg. Change all artwork for EU, is the only reason for the delayed.

    If NA is true like EU they Artwork will be censored, besides i got the zavvi email saying my game is depatch.

    Some toward pressure from someone triggered the delayed.

    • Hmm… I wonder if there will be changes in the versions between Japan and the US/EU? I’m sure there will be some comparison videos at some point.

      • Alistair

        No billy the game content for EUNA is like the Japanese version uncensored, the Japanese artwork cover is like the EU one. A cropped bottom (censored) I haven’t the artwork yet I try to post one as compare tomorrow.

  • Alistair

    Anyone got a contact PQUBE I want to know the reason for censorship when they say the game not censored.

    The selling point is echhi as example by her arse. I saw the trailer the game camera look upskirt of said girl. Also the cropped image doesn’t represent the game as uncensored.

    Little things like artworks cover makes the full package. For me anyways.

    • There could be some standards for what’s displayed on retail shelves. They probably can’t have shiny bare butts on store shelves, but I’m not entirely sure. If it’s just the cover art then it’s not that bad. I imagine if the cover was that lewd they would have to keep it in a special section.

      • Alistair

        That doesn’t wash with me, i said before the place where i live it not on the shelves period as other vita titles are gone everywhere.

        Plus other titles like senran shows of more of a butt on display if the place like mine ever had that on stock.

        No it not due to censorship that there no vita games on display, its because sony not releasing vita like on tap so the stores dried up vita old stock. Sad but true.

        I say this billy if NA Got that shiny arse uncensored can you imagine the fall out from EU gamers.

        Also im a 100% anti-Censorship not 95% πŸ˜€

  • γ―γƒΌγ―γ‚Œγ‚“γ‘γ§γ™οΌ

  • Alistair

    Think amazon is misleading us here both EU & NA cover artwork.

    I haven’t got the game yet so I can’t judge this PEGI box is missing the logo but NA got the logo on if you look closely she is wearing a thong.

    • Wow… surely they won’t allow that upskirt on the boxes?

      • Alistair

        I dont know if Amazon just photo shop the image, it showing up on ZAVVI too.

        Dam now i got the funds in the bank, but i fear i get the censored cropped version her cute arse cropped.

        Any infor billy save this perverted soul tell me what NA version like.

        Im be reading the gamefaqs getting mixed response some say it only EU get the buttcheeks, while others say NA didn’t but got them back.

    • MusouTensei

      This is the official PEGI cover (my copy), they zoomed it a bit to cover up her butt.

      • Alistair

        Nooooo they cropped her arse πŸ™ well this will be rather intreasting as I wrote to PEGI about did they consider artwork covers too.

        I know ESRB does not like lewd artwork covers. Can you open it up has it got a reverse cover.

        • MusouTensei

          Sadly no reverse cover.

          • Alistair

            Noooo dam but why, but you know what PQube not telling the whole truth when they’re say the game is not censored. Sure the game is uncensored but.

            By the way guys we told a little white lie the box art is censored if the NA get the full arse crack expect EU gamers piss on PQube.

            There no need for artwork covers to be censored I’m sorry PQube has lost this.

          • MusouTensei

            “There no need for artwork covers to be censored I’m sorry PQube has lost this.”
            It actually is, where I live all retailers have Vita games on display but most stores also have policies about what a cover can and can’t show, mostly because children don’t need parental guidance to look at the games and none of them is like Target in australia that covers up ALL 18 rated games regardless what the cover shows.

            Look I hate censorship but I draw the boycott line at covers, I could just print the uncensored one out myself, hell even remove the age rating and other things I don’t want on it, but when the game itself is censored this option is almost non existent.

  • Alistair

    How can you get more lewder?, If you not suppose to expose any nipples or uses streak of light over the mid drift.

    Placing swords (Girl) in akward places would increase it a bit.

    Tell you this right now senran is 5 next year and They’ve already running out of how can we go even lewder, the last games pushes it limit 1 day they are gonna expose the boobs and buttocks.

    • MusouTensei

      Well, VD goes full lesbian and they transform through lust, SK isn’t actually really sexual besides Haruka and Katsuragi. so they really increased it.