Valve Set To Alter Steam’s Storefront Appearance

Multiple reports have been going out about Valve’s new changes set to arrive for Steam over the coming weeks. According to Techraptor, after finding out about a post on Reddit, they confirmed the news with a few developers, learning that Valve will have plenty of new goodies in store for Steam users.

The main storefront will be altered so that it no longer just shows new games until they get a million impressions. Previously that’s how it worked. A new game would be on the front page of Steam until it received a million impressions, and then they would rotate it out for something else. They’ve decided to scrap this mechanic and try something more-so geared toward interested consumers. This means focusing on games that interest you! They didn’t say how they plan on rolling out the new setup but it’s coming soon.

In addition to changing what new games and new releases are broadcast on the front page, they’re also changing what games are displayed on the front page when they’re updated. Previously they had a method that only showed game updates until they received 500,000 impressions. Now they’re changing it up so that the updates for the games are more in-tune to what you, the user, find interesting. They may even pull games from your wishlist to let you know when something new has been added.

They’re going to add a new top-selling new release section for games that are selling well after recently being released, as well as an all new left column navigation menu that will show a number of features for exploration and easy navigation purposes. They will have global customer preferences so you can only see what new games you find interesting, including being able to exclude things like movies, Early Access or productivity software. Heck, if you’re only interested in waifu VR games… you can whittle down the categories to best suit your needs.

There will be new curator options based on your playing habits and preferences as well as what curators you follow. These titles will appear on the front page as well, along with improved curation for displaying some niche and specially targeted games.

Again, the update for this new facelift for the Steam store is expected to roll out over the course of the next couple of weeks.


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