Virginia Gameplay Walkthrough

505 Games’ Virginia landed on PC courtesy of Jonathan Burroughs and the rest of the crew at Variable State Games and Pink Kong Studios. The new game, running on the Unity 3D game engine, is a story-oriented, point-and-click title. If you need help getting through the game, there is a complete gameplay walkthrough available.

The game isn’t very long at all, but you can check out the five video playlist that was put together by YouTuber Nokzen. It covers the game from start to finish, centering around an FBI investigation in the state of Virginia.

The early goings of the game are pretty basic. You just interact with the objects directly in front of you, such as the purse with the lipstick in it or the doors that they allow you to go through.

After getting your FBI badge and go through various flashbacks, you’ll end up having to turn off the alarm, get dressed and then eventually head out the door.

The majority of the early parts of the game are a hand-holding experience. You walk through the FBI floor to the director’s office – you get the file and then head down the hallway. Eventually you’ll get to the office of your new partner, Maria Halperin, and then head to a small town where a young boy, Lucas Fairfax, has gone missing.

When you get to the home of Lucas, examine the bathroom where you’ll find a feather on the floor. You can take the feather.

Head into Lucas’ bedroom and go to the closet. You’ll be able to move the clothes aside, open a secret compartment and grab Lucas’ diary.

After a few moments in the car, players will be able to investigate Lucas’ home again. Only this time the only thing that can be done is to walk through the door with the red glowing light.

There are a few scene jumps before players are put back in charge and can investigate Halperin’s office, where it’s discovered that she appears to be a lesbian, which seems to be a common theme in most games these days.

When you get into the field you’ll need to head into the cave and grab the hat off the chair. Head over to the fair wall where the wooden planks are covering up cages. Remove the planks and free the bird.

When you get back to the field, you simply have to walk over to the rowdy boy and his girlfriend. After getting knocked over, frisk the boy to get the knife and to check his wallet.

After some more dream-like sequences, polayers will have to investigate Halperin and Judith Ortega using the file system. You’ll have to scroll through a few pages to find out what happened to Ortega.

Head through the observatory and go through the standard motions after heading up stairs. You’ll then head back to Lucas’ house where Halperin will picklock the door and you can examine a college admittance letter. When you get to the bar, Halperin will give you her wedding ring to hold on to – after you get inside you can grab a napkin from the ledge against the wall and then grab a seat in front of the stage to see the concert and then start dancing with Halperin.

After spending the night at Halperin’s place, and examining the rooms, you’ll need develop photos in the bathroom.

Very little of the game requires actual playing, though, and the story unfolds with very little input from the player. After Halperin discovers that Tarver is investigating her, she breaks off the partnership. Players will have to continue to investigate Halperin to piece everything together and discover what’s really going on.


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