Weekly Recap Sept 17th: CON Leaks Result In Wikipedia Censorship, Pepe Storms Elections

Wikipedia editors and an administrator named MastCell have filibustered the Crash Override Network Wiki page in order to prevent people from making any mention at all about the CON chat logs and Trello leaks that recently took place. The administrator and a few of the editors are hoping to keep the page locked until people eventually forget that it ever happened, ultimately censoring the facts from ever getting out.

The leaks revealed quite a bit about the organization’s inner workings, with former member Ian Miles Cheong confirming the details of the leaks and giving everyone plenty to talk about. Additionally, critics who lambasted Kingsglaive made some criticisms that seemed as if they never watched the film, Pepe the meme has stormed the elections as a supposed Alt-Right boogeyman, and Tumblr will be adding in automated affiliate links… without disclosure, of course. These stories and more in this September 17th, 2016 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Crash Override Network Trello Chat Leaks

As promised, the anonymous vindicators of truth have stepped forward to offer the Trello leaks, giving everyone a firsthand look at the fact that the coveted Crash Override Network anti-abuse organization used doxing to identify targets. Need to find the secrets in Destiny? Well, there is a quick guide to help you with some of the Rise of Iron secrets. It turns out that the FTC used more than 50 pages worth of #GamerGate material in their investigation into Gawker. The critically acclaimed visual novel Steins; Gate finally made its way onto Steam. And a roadmap of new content for Halo 5 was revealed by 343 Industries.


Critics Really Dropped The Ball With Kingsglaive

Yeah it was a little long, a little sappy at times and suffered from the dead-eye effect, but Kingsglaive was a much better film than what critics gave it credit for, many of whom seem to have lots of contradictory criticisms. The parody reality TV game Killing Room is due for release this October and it’s actually a much better looking game than what you may have been expecting. A new Dynasty Warriors-style strategy game called Tiger Knight Empire War, which is seeking for votes to appear on Steam. Social media network Imzy decided that exposing the Crash Override Network leaks was harassment, and they ended up closing the accounts of those posting the leaks. And Slain: Back From Hell is due for release later in the month for the PS4.


Tumblr Will Add Affiliate Links To Posts

Following in the footsteps of Reddit, Tumblr will be adding affiliate links to user posts. This will not result in users making any cash from the links, but it will allow Tumblr to make cash per every purchase from a user who clicks through the links. Lots of ad revenue to ensue. Oh… and of course, no disclosures. Birth.Movies.Death and Polygon also gave a lot of high props to Crash Override Network, but have been decidedly silent about the network’s recent involvement with the chat log leaks that reveal that they’ve engaged in harassment, doxing and sabotage. The latest PS4 4.00 update is a precursor for the PS4 Pro, introducing 1080p streaming and HDR output for televisions.


Wikipedia Filibusters Crash Override Network Article Over CON Leaks

We’ve nearly reached peak irony, as an administrator and underling editors work as a minority to circumvent the majority of editors trying to add references to the Crash Override Network leaks to the Wikipedia page. The entire thing has turned into a political lockdown as various editors try to circumvent the rules to prevent the truth and the facts from getting out. Looking for the hidden Ghost in the Crucible? Well, there’s a new guide for Destiny showing you how to get it. Bandai Namco’s highly anticipated VR game Summer Lesson has received its official release date, but it’s only going to be released in Japan due to Namco wanting to avoid SJWs. A new animation tool that works to easily rig and move your 3D characters around has joined Steam’s Early Access. And a playable demo of FIFA 17 is currently available for the Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.


#GamerGate Never Harassed Anita Sarkeesian, According To CON

The proof is in the pudding. Crash Override Network examined Anita Sarkeesian and her online media channels and determined that there was no harassment by #GamerGate committed against the culture critic. Damning evidence, no doubt. On the lighter side of the news, Just Dance 17 currently has a free demo available that you can play on home consoles and PC. We have up a new review of Heroes & Generals‘ 2016 edition that you can check out if you’ve been in the mood for a World War II MMO. Two playable demos of Yo-Kai Watch 2 are available on the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo 3DS. And the second episode of Batman: The Telltale Series has been set to release on September 20th.


Daily Dot Lays Off Staff While Daily Beast Gets Debunked

The Daily Dot has laid off 20% of its staff, dwindling down at the very least 15 of its 75 staff as part of a restructuring. The outlet has had a string of poorly published pieces and it seems it may have caught up with them. And on the line of shoddy journalism, the Daily Beast published piece about how the alt-right Pepe came to be, only for the Daily Caller to interview the people that the Daily Beast did the article on and it turned out that everything printed in the Daily Beast article was a lie. A new 3D space exploration game with 2D strategic management is on the way called Divulion. And the point-and-click game Yesterday Origins has a release date set for October 13th on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


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