Weekly Recap Sept 24th: Palmer Luckey’s Girlfriend Targeted, YouTube Censorship Heightens

This was a strange week of news. Things started off verifying what many people already knew and it’s that confidence and trust in mainstream media has dropped drastically, with only 32% of Americans trusting media these days. The rest of the week birthed frustrating news such as YouTube Heroes, a new measure that will give a lot of power to power-hungry people to remove content from YouTube; but most bizarre was the media’s massive attack on Palmer Luckey, the co-fonder of Oculus, and his girlfriend. Why were they attacked? Because they aren’t pro-Hillary Clinton. These stories and more in this stranger than fiction September 24th, 2016 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Only 32% Of Americans Trust Mainstream Media

Given all the FUD being spread by media, it’s no surprise that in a recent poll, it was discovered that only 32% of Americans trust mainstream media. Gambling in gaming just got judicial. Two YouTubers have been charged with soliciting minors in FIFA 16, the court has some serious plans for the two YouTubers and I’m sure Bubba and Jones in the British jails also have big plans for the two YouTubers, too. Both Business Insider and Develop’s online media outlet have stayed exceptionally silent about Crash Override Network after promoting the organization last year. Following the leaked chat logs revealing that Crash Override Network has partaken in actual doxing, harassment and abuse both Business Insider and Develop have had nothing to say.


Safe Space Level Created In Super Mario Maker For Journalists

Game journalists have complained a lot about safe spaces and about having to “get good” at games in order to report on them effectively. Well, one gamer decided to take time out to create a level in Super Mario Maker made up of safe spaces and victory conditions designed specifically for game journalists. Mai from King of Fighters made a huge impact in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, getting a lot of positive feedback who enjoy the curvacious beauty. A new game called Void Destroyer 2 has launched this week on Steam. The final episode for Final Fantasy XV’s animated short series has concluded with an epic battle involving the boy band. And the launch trailer for Gears of War 4 has gone live.


BrightLocker Wants To Make Crowd-Funding Great Again

The CEO of BrightLocker talks about the new crowd-funding service and how they plan on bringing back integrity to the crowd-funding process and how they plan on changing things up with the new platform, aiming to make crowd-funding great again. As a way to rub in the faces the unfortunate reality that Free Radical’s Star Wars: Battlefront 3 is never coming out, some new alpha footage was released of the unfinished build featuring the kind of gameplay that most gamers have been dreaming about. It looks unpolished but it looks fun. Need help finding the best Legendary Weapons from vendors in Destiny: Rise of Iron? Well, there’s a guide for that. A demo for Monster Hunter Stories has gone live, and is currently available for the Nintendo 3DS. A demo for Gravity Rush 2 is out this week. And the system requirements for Battlefield 1 were revealed and they’re about as steep as you could imagine.


YouTube Implements New Hero System For User-Curated Censorship

Don’t like a bunch of videos? Well, once you reach a certain status on the new YouTube Hero system, you’ll be able to mass flag those videos for deletion, this is how it works with the new YouTube Hero system. Higher levels mean more power and more content control. After Hulk Hogan and #GamerGate laid the smackdown on Gawker, the company has been completely rebranded to Gizmodo Media. Need a little help getting one of Destiny: Rise of Iron’s most powerful weapons? Well, there’s a guide for that. The details on how many maps and game modes that will be available in Battlefield 1 have been made public, with the base game launching with 9 multiplayer maps. And a YouTube rep threatened a YouTuber for wanting to ask a European Commission president some tough questions.


Criminal Girls 2 Petition Asks For Uncensored Version

Gamers have put together a petition to ask NIS America to release the uncensored version of Criminal Girls 2 onto Steam for PC gamers, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be an easy hill to climb. The system requirements for Resident Evil 7 have gone live, giving gamers a look at what’s required to play the game adequately. The isometric, action-RPG Zenith has launched for the PS4 and PC, and it’s coming soon to Xbox One. And a new game called Serial Cleaner lets players take on the role of a cleaner having to pick up the pieces behind a serial killer.


#GamerGate Supporter Harassed Off Twitter For Dating Palmer Luckey

Gizmodo ran a hit-piece on Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey and his girlfriend, Nikki Moxxi. They ended up siccing a mob on the duo, resulting in Luckey having to make a public statement about his political affiliations and forcing his girlfriend to close down her Twitter account due to the fallout. Doom was recently updated, adding in the much requested deathmatch and private match modes in multiplayer, along with some tweaks and updates to some of the core gameplay mechanics. GOG.com has added three classic Electronic Arts titles their line-up, and yes, they’re all DRM-free. And Final Fantasy XV in China will be heavily censored.


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