4chan May Have To Close Up Shop After Selling Out To SJWs
(Last Updated On: October 4, 2016)

Some people may not like the headline, but at this point it doesn’t really matter since a lot of people likely aren’t going to read this story anyways because most people don’t care about the internet’s equivalent of refuse. Nevertheless, if you are interested in the drama surrounding the Uncle Toms of free speech, look no further than 4chan and their recent woes where they appear to be running out of money faster than a retiring NFL star.

In a post made on Sunday, October 2nd, 2016, lead administrator over 4chan, Hiroyuki Nishimura, made an endearing post that pleaded for users to come up with reasonable solutions to a problem that is facing down 4chan like incurable STDs facing up at Charlie Sheen every time he lifts the toilet lid.

Hiroyuki Nishimura – the owner of 4chan since September, 2015 – doesn’t hold back in his honesty, letting users know that the road ahead for 4chan won’t be easy and there will be some kind of cost-cutting measure put into place one way or another, writing…

“Thank you for thinking about 4chan. We had tried to keep 4chan as is. But I failed. I am sincerely sorry.


“Some notice there are no more middle ads and bottom ads on 4chan. Ads don’t work well. So we reduced advertisement servers cost. 4chan can’t afford infrastructure costs, network fee, servers cost, CDN and etc, now.”

Technically, it wasn’t Hiroyuki’s fault at all. He ended up picking up the slack like a guy dating a hot girl and having to pick up her bratty kids in the process. He just wasn’t ready to deal with the responsibilities that came along with all that hotness.

Originally, things went south back in mid-September 2014 when Christopher “Moot” Poole betrayed his users, betrayed free speech and betrayed the internet. Poole took flight from 4chan faster than a 15-year-old boy ducking out of an alleyway after a failed attempt to help his girlfriend commit a clothes-hanger abortion.

Poole left 4chan in the hands of Social Justice Warriors after banning discussion of #GamerGate. His excuse was that too many people were talking about it across too many boards. Because obviously, a hot topic that affected a lot of people (even to this very day) is going to be talked about a lot.

So what was Poole’s solution? Censorship… mass censorship.

Obviously, anyone who valued free speech or wanted to discuss the corruption that still runs rampant in the gaming industry, was fresh out of luck.

#GamerGate is still censored on 4chan to this day because they valued safe spaces and tone policing on an anonymous imageboard. Embracing the SJW side of censorship caused a mass exodus toward another imageboard that had been running for a while called 8chan, that’s where #GamerGate now resides.

But getting rid of #GamerGate didn’t solve 4chan’s financial problems. Hiroyuki picked up 4chan like an unsuspecting visitor to a Chinese kennel looking for a meal that picks up a dog with aids; he was ordained for doom.

Hiroyuki gives 4chan denizens the option to pick their own poison… from cutting traffic in half by limiting image uploads, to using slower servers to the dreaded option of closing boards. Many users suggested to close the /b/ and /pol/ boards, the former due to being grotesque and the latter to being labeled as racist. As one Anon stated…

“Delete /pol/ hiro. Honestly. The traffic going there will either move to other boards and reduce the cost of having /pol/ in the first place and they must move in line with everyone else on other boards, abiding by the rules of those or get banned accordingly.”

The /pol/ board stands for Politically Incorrect. They talk open politics but majority of it is about unironically fawning over Hitler.

The danger, however, of cutting off a man’s use of detestable words means he must find a new place to use those words, or channel his hatred elsewhere for the lack of being able to use them.

As much as some people may not like /pol/, in a way it’s a containment board.

Nevertheless, deleting boards isn’t the only option. Hiro also proposes something that will not only make users squirm but will absolutely kill 4chan on search engines more than it already is: malicious ads. It’s either that or more 4chan passes.

The current infrastructure isn’t able to maintain the load and it’s not looking good for 4chan. Ultimately, the site will either have to trim the fat, shut down for good, or adopt the kind of ads that will force Chrome and Firefox users to receive a malicious content notice. Either way, it doesn’t look good for the anonymous imageboard’s future.

(Main image courtesy of Know Your Meme)

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  • Derp Minos

    Moot was never free speech though lmao. He’s been a piece of shit from 2003 to 2014, I’ve always despised him and so did most people who have known him long enough.

  • Uncle Ebola

    4chan’s today is 8chan’s tomorrow. Platform/board/app evolution is a given. Critical mass generates economic pressure. Accept it and move on. There is always someplace to go.

  • Italy GG

    So many are quick to defend free speech with words but if you talk about subscription fees they go all NEET poorfag mode.

  • Catering and pandering to SJWs is the road to ruin.

    Fuck 4chan.

  • Alistair

    Hmm pretty tame general chesseburger, here Reg Prescott DIY.

    My last vid promise, see the contrast then and now, pre-Watershed again.

    Not for the faint hearted.


  • Alistair

    Here general chesseburger (Kenny Everret) Freedom of speech speech.


    The sketch begins shortly after a short intro.

    The general says progresses it should be regression that be funny as hell. Maybe regressionists come later.

    Billy can you see it over there in NA No copyright protected i notice some youtube are block in UK Saying it not allow for my country.

  • Mr.Towel

    4chan thinking about killing /b/ for being too dark… if you said that 8 years ago trolls would fell of their chair laughing…

  • LurkerJK

    Just take it behind the shed and shoot it

  • Sevuz

    1984 here we come

  • So this is how 4chan will die, infected with the cancer that Political Correctness, Safe Spaces, SJW, and regressive leftists is now. I used to lurk 4chan since 2004, it used to be a great place, an utopia of freedom of speech, even with all the nasty shit you could find in it, it was a place were people could vent their ideas, hobbies or just troll, and nobody gave a fuck about hurting feelings, players in there knew how to deal with the content posted everyday.

    The old anonymous where a group to fear they were the truly “Internet Hate Machine”, great lulz we had. Today thanks to social media and the widespread of technology the internet is starting to turn into a pussyfied shadow of his former self.

    Just like T.V. I miss the days where mainstream media could air things like these (even on a kids show).


    The last part of that clip is so politically incorrect, yet so good: “People who sings like that should be drug out into the street and shot.”

    • Alistair

      Alarm bells will be ringing if Garfield said that today.

      When the script writer wrote that, i bet he/She didn’t know what was wrote would could cause problematic in today age.

      BBC Poldark is spoiled by political correctness. The 60s 70s and 80s were naughty UK Telly and consider alf garnet racist views, good times.

    • Alistair

      I think this be well suited here this from BBC you can’t have this now the late kenny everret.

      Pre-Watershead at 7pm or was it 8pm it ground breaking at the time.

      “any body wearing Red, any body left handed….”

      “we gonna round them up, put them in a big field, and BOMB the bastards”.

  • Alistair

    Now today word of the day is “Devoid of context” Have you hear of it i come across the saying today.

    It suits freedom of speech and expression very well, that regression left trying to oppressed with candid AI, with mods, etc etc.

    Have you say things like Are hurtful but doesn’t mean sqat or when mundanematt made examples off “Gass the jews Race war Now” he didn’t really mean it. So is that consider a hate speech regression left would think so.

    so the “Drop dead” “Go jump of the cliff” Or the classic when i was small “Go play on the motorway” is devoid of content. In 60s, 70s in Tv shows, blazing saddle film you can get away what you say. Today age Nope you can’t.

  • DizzyGear

    Didnt moots girlfriend had some ties to gawker or some shit? I remember reading through her some people from gawker became mods at 4chan.

    Anyway that 4chan is probably beyond salage by now. Moot’s bullshit and SJW’s aside, even the less mainstream boads got destroyed by nazi modding like autistic mods nuking threads that were even slightly offtopic even if there was active discussion going on causing people to pack up and leave for other chans.

    • Grey

      Not even his girlfriend, from what I recall, just a girl he was desperately thirsty for who jumped on some other guy’s lap virtually the day after he’d banned GamerGate discussion.

    • C G Saturation

      Yup. It’s interesting how many mighty men have fallen for the underprivileged helplessness of a single oppressed woman.

      Western forums seem to be very full of shit. 2ch has its own share of problems, but at least they don’t seem to have to deal with SJW bullshit or Soros/Clinton’s buddies deleting anything that opposes their agenda.

  • Alistair

    “Some People may not like the headline…”

    Which people, i found it quite exciting, no rather please that another regression Left SJW website like gawker is going to be shut down.

    When moot left in a huff there was a Void and SJW just flooded in to much so planning, plotting et etc, a powerkeg on a long fuse was too much for the new owner.

    I call this out too since 4chan to close 8chan better bolt the door as a massive wave Of SJWs going to storm 8chan.

    I have zero care about 4chan, i don’t give a fuck about SJWs they’re deserve all the hate that coming to them. Because they’re hate us shitlords well the hobby we like.

    Other SJWs website should take note.

    • durka durka

      seems to me nearly all sites are “regressive leftist” at this point and needs to shut down.

      “Because they’re hate us shitlords”

      Who doesnt thought? Seriously mainstream does not care about you or me or anyone, why would they? I mean fuck look at buzzfeed. You can sell shit much better than shitposting in sites with questionable looks and contents like image boards. In the end that is what it is all about money.

      • Alistair

        They’re hate us by label us as shutlords, sexist, misogyny every label under the sun.

        The fact MSM doesn’t cover the CON leaks, gamergate, etc etc would consider Don’t care with me or you but care enough to label us for They’re agenda.

        You get a upvote, because regression leftist websites need to be called out and reform or close down.

        • durka durka

          Why would MSM cover that? All they wanted was as story bad videogamers that steal our revenue harassing women sounds much more interesting than sjws pushing their agenda. The real stupidity here is that the right did not do anything with that information to stick it to the left but the morons burned that bridge a long time ago by demonizing videogames.

          • The Right — for as far as it looks to me as an outsider — seem to be in cahoots with the left.

            Trump hasn’t done a thing with all of the info that’s been dumped in his lap on Clinton. He should be centering his campaign around anti-corruption, since there’s literally proof thanks to the DNC leaks of Clinton and the Democratic committee being involved in corruption.

            Trump should be rallying normies by calling out how stupid it is to wage a war on memes. Like seriously? Any normal functioning human being would see how silly Clinton’s war on memes is.

            Trump should be highlighting all of the people pushing to censor freedom of speech across various platforms while backing Clinton.

            Trump has infinite amounts of ammo regarding media corruption. It’s literally all right there. Debunking their falsehoods is so ridiculously easy, and ALL of it is archived so he could take this on the campaign trail and wake up the average person with ease as to how corrupt the media is.

            Trump hasn’t done ANY of that, and by extension none of the media on the Right has done any of that. Fox sensationalizes some stuff but all of it still seems to be patting Clinton on the back.

            Literally, the ONLY person on the Right talking about these issues is Milo. But the Right has even distanced itself from Milo for being a provocateur even though he’s the only one speaking some truth about what’s really going on.

            You’re absolutely right that the Right did nothing with all of this info sitting in their laps. Either the whole committee is being ran by idiots with brain damage worse than an 80-year-old wrestler who took one too many chair shots to the head, or they’re actually working with the Left.

          • fnd

            Wtf are you smoking, Trump is doing all these things and more. You are somewhat right about right wing sites like jewcon Fox, but Breitbart is way better(and i’m not talking Milo).

          • Is he? Because most of the interviews I’ve seen seems to make it more personal between him and Hillary than about all the backroom policies taking place.

            He mentions how the media fails (him) but usually focuses on it being personal rather than the institutional problems. He speaks in really general terms about these problems but he hasn’t really talked much about corrective policies, other than vaguely mentioning opening up the libel laws (but he didn’t really saw how or to what extent).

          • C G Saturation

            Yes, left/right doesn’t matter. In the end, any group will always have a bunch of assholes with a mutual goal.

            I heard that Trump sometimes points out a few of the leaks, but he doesn’t seem to be going all out with them. I don’t understand why he wouldn’t focus on them. If he gave them more attention, it might make a bigger difference.

            Although, there seem to be a lot of people who are blissfully ignorant or just plani stupid. They say stupid shit like, they’d prefer someone who leaks national secrets (for personal profit) over a businessman who will supposedly be triggerhappy with nukes (mainstream propaganda).

          • He’s either blissfully naive, willfully ignorant or in cahoots with Clinton.

            There’s way too much ammo for his campaign to use for them to be mismanaging his campaign in the way that it is. He’s running the campaign like a joke instead of a serious bid for the White House. I don’t like Trump, but there’s no denying that all the facts are stacked heavily in his favor if he ever decided to get serious and burn down the current institution in the public limelight.

            I completely agree with you that the DNC leaks should have been top priority for Trump but he seems to skirt around them as if they aren’t that important. Either his campaign managers are idiots or he just doesn’t want to do any real damage to Clinton’s campaign.

          • fnd

            When he is being injustly slammed by the media, why shoudn’t he complain about it? Besides, he is trying to win the presidency first, but he will indirectly fix journalism by trolling them and making their trust sink even lower.

            Winning elections is a rethoric war, maybe it woudn’t be that effective if his platform was about ethics in journalism(the majority already doesn’t trust it anyway, so he just badmouths them and it’s all good).

          • When he is being injustly slammed by the media, why shoudn’t he complain about it? Besides, he is trying to win the presidency first, but he will indirectly fix journalism by trolling them and making their trust sink even lower.

            That makes no sense. How is he going to win the presidency when the mainstream media are constantly lying and misinforming the general public? Sure, people who pay attention to what’s really going on know what’s going on, but the general public at large probably have no idea how corrupt media has become because Trump is too busy playing the victim (which is ironic given how much Clinton plays the victim and is representing people who do nothing but play the victim).

            Winning elections is a rethoric war, maybe it woudn’t be that effective if his platform was about ethics in journalism(the majority already doesn’t trust it anyway, so he just badmouths them and it’s all good).

            I’d agree with you if general sentiment amongst some average people wasn’t that Trump is a super evil misogynists leading a group of pepe-frog enabling white supremacists to the White House. I wish I was making that up, but just check around general Facebook conversations from average people, or supposedly centrist websites where the comment sections are still open. There’s still a large swathe of average people not engaged in the culture war who are buying into Clinton’s ridiculous campaign that if you aren’t with her you’re a young white guy in a basement jacking off to Pepe.

            Sure winning elections is a rhetoric war but in this case Trump has an entire bunker full of factual ammunition he could be using to absolutely DESTROY Clinton. If I were his campaign manager would make it a priority to NEVER let anyone forget about the DNC leaks showing the convention was rigged for Clinton to win. If I were running the campaign I would focus entirely on the fact that the DNC undermined American democracy to cheat to get into office and run ads non-stop saying “If this person cheated to win a nomination, why should you trust that they wouldn’t cheat the American people?

            The campaigns write themselves. But instead Trump is focused on the silliest of things and his counter-arguments are inane. I can’t help but cringe at how badly he’s mishandled smoking guns that were dropped right in front of his feet.

          • fnd

            He is doing all the things you are sayin, maybe you are not paying much attention (or maybe you are getting your Trump news from Clinton media only, and they are not going to report or debate Trump criticism)

          • He is doing all the things you are sayin, maybe you are not paying much attention

            Did we watch the same debate? He had 100 million Americans watching and he spent several minutes playing the victim of people saying he supported the war in Iraq. His defense? “Call Sean Hannity! […] Will somebody please call Sean Hannity! Sean Hannity and I used to argue about this all the time. Get Sean Hannity on the phone!”

            Are you freaking kidding me? Is this guy serious? 100 million people watching and that’s how he defends himself?

            Did no one beforehand brief him on how to dismantle falsehoods? Did he not know how to state the proper interview that could be cited where he was against the war in Iraq and name a date when it took place? It would have taken 10 seconds to say, “That is false, I was on x show at y date that proves otherwise”.

            I couldn’t help but laugh in embarrassment for him. Majority of all the things he does on the grand stage is take shots at Hillary in silly ways and masturbate his own ego. I mean, Hillary’s whole campaign is a walking disaster that any half-competent candidate could dismantle with ease. It astounds me how many missed opportunities have whizzed by Trump as he makes vapid points and says silly things when he should be destroying Clinton’s campaign with the available info he has.

          • fnd

            So you was talking about the rigged debate only? I was talking about his whole campaign not just one single debate.

          • His Twitter is mostly filled with jabs at Hillary instead of red-pilling people about her corruption. I mean, come on Wikileaks handed him a lobster dinner of corruption on a plate and he skirts around it like a sailor doing the jive at a swing party.

          • fnd

            He frequently tweets about the rigged system against bernie sanders, hillary emails and all her corruption, dishonest reporters,etc. Don’t know what the problem is, he is not really that kind of intellectual to put think pieces, he is just trying to relate to the masses.

      • C G Saturation

        Regressive leftist seems to be the inevitable result of humans with nothing better to do. I think it’s similar behavior to people who are filthy rich and have everything. It’s also similar to when you cheat in a game, get bored and have nothing left to do, so you just mess around and try to break stuff.

        Once humanity reaches a state where we’ve overcome day-to-day survival problems, we end up with too much spare time and seek some kind of enemy to defeat, to define our lives and to profit from. When there are no enemies, we create them.

        So we have all these regressive left millennials who are spoiled to shit, have no real direction in life, and are constantly trying to find fault with everything humanity has worked so hard to achieve over the past several centuries.

        • ForsakenEagle

          Well said!

    • DizzyGear

      SJW’s took over even before moot left because was a massive SJW cuck desperaly trying to fit in with the “cool” kids from the gaming press due to his everlasting frustration 4chan never became the next facebook or twitter.
      i went to /v/ after the DOAX3 shitstorm for some laughs and was shocked that the board had become a NeoGAF light while a few years earlier /v/ was known as a gaming themed shitposting board.
      Wondering wtf happened to /v/ is how i stumbled into gamergate so at least some good came of it.

      • Alistair

        I thought it the other way round, my bad, yes i hear of /v/ Before gamergate and not your shield took off.

        A lot of good stuff happen from GG and other Anti regression left bullshit groups.

  • FlamingoJet

    Hey Billy, which RSS feed, gives me absolutely all posts on the site, including NSFW posts in my RSS client?