Angels & Demigods Offers VR Take On Visual Novels

A new visual novel seeking funds on Kickstarter by developers 7 Keys Studios is aiming to offer gamers something different in the realm of VNs. They’re hoping to Kickstarter Angels & Demigods, a visual novel that allows gamers to experience a hand-drawn story through the immersion of VR.

Angels & Demigods centers around a warrior “Angel” manufactured by a state of the art organization known as The Chapel. They develop Ashley, the battle angel, only for her to escape and flee the facility. The organization sends you, the player, after Ashley to retrieve her. You can get an idea of what the art and story is like with the pitch video below.

The visual novel is a multi-choice, VR-themed sci-fi adventure. They released the first chapter on various digital distribution fronts, including Steam and Google Play. There are two different iterations of Angels & Demigods, the standard version and the VR version.

Milan Kazarka, the executive director at 7 Key Studios, explained in the press release why they decided to utilize VR for their visual novel, saying…

“At 7 Key Studios, we believe that the future of storytelling is taking the visual novel genre of games to VR. The first proof of concept prototypes blew our minds by how much more immersive the experience is while still keeping a 2D anime style art we all love. At the same time we feel that the next level in producing visual novels is taking them to VR,”

It’s hard to convey VR without a VR headset, but they give gamers a slight peek behind the curtain with a 360 degree video of Angels & Demigods that you can check out below. It’s probably best to use Chrome to view the video for the full 360 effect.

They have just under two weeks to go as of the writing of this article to finish their Kickstarter campaign. They have a goal of $29,240 and have acquired about $1,743. Long ways to go.

The concept of the visual novel seems pretty cool but the first chapter has received some mixed responses on Steam, with some people enjoying being able to look around in a visual novel’s atmosphere while others thought that making 2D novels in VR made them feel “flat”.

As mentioned, you can download the first chapter for free to get a feel for what 7 Keys Studios is doing, or if you think that they deserve to have their project brought to life, you can donate to the Kickstarter by visiting the crowd-funding page.


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