Anti-#GamerGate Author, Sunil Patel, Dropped By Publishers Following Abuse Allegations
(Last Updated On: October 20, 2017)

[Update 10/19/2016:] Following the publication of the article, additional publishers have dropped support of Patel.

[Original article:] A sci-fi author and fervent critic of #GamerGate – the movement about calling out corruption in media and attempting to restore ethics to journalism – has been called out for allegedly abusing his position over women by manipulating them, gaslighting them and objectifying them. The author, Sunil Patel, admitted to these allegations and apologized for them. However, the publishers he worked for decided to drop him following the allegations.

Kotaku In Action has a thread containing all the links from the accusers to Patel’s response to the publishers’ decision to no longer do business with the author. Originally Twitter user Kristine Wyllys wrote on October 14th, 2016

“Wait till y’all read my new book. It’s about this serial gaslighter who hides behind his name to prey on the women within his community. Ah, fuck it. I’ll give you guys the blurb.


“So the dude’s an author, right? Good career. Solid career. Is buds with some big names. Pretty well liked dude. Let’s just say, for shits and giggles, he writes SFF. Despite his reputation as an Alright Guy. Author Man routinely preys on the badass women around him, using his name and buds as shields.


“[…] Unfortunately, Author Man forgot one crucial thing: Women. Talk. To. Each. Other.”

After some posturing and some jokes, Kristine finally talks straight about Patel, explaining in a series of additional tweets

“I’m talking Sunil Patel, y’all. It’s Sunil Patel.


“My role in this is minor. I may have been being groomed. I believe I graduated from “The List” because it benefited him. Easier to keep victims quiet when you move in closer and charm the loud people connected to them, you see. The victims I know of, I know, love, respect, and trust. I believe them. I’ve seen the patterns they describe with my own eyes. You a victim as well? Hey. I believe you too, okay? I got your back.”

The accusations don’t actually say much and certainly don’t offer any definitive proof or evidence of their claims. Someone else going by the Twitter handle Sarah Hollowell made a series of tweets on October 14th, 2016, also calling out Patel, but not citing anything particularly specific, only listing things like gaslighting, manipulation and objectification, finishing off the tweets with the following…

“I won’t tell anyone else’s stories unless someone wants me to. I don’t have ~ proof ~. But I. Believe. Women. And my gut. And I’m. Done. […] I’m done hearing the “Creepy, but we can’t prove it, so what’s the point?” stories and feeling helpless. I’m DONE.”


“[…] I won’t tell specific stories because they aren’t mine to tell. But I’ve gotten a lot of questions so I wanted to give a primer. And there’s more. There’s always more. But that’s the bulk of it. Mostly towards women across [Sci-Fiction], [Young Adult], and romance.”

However, much like when Devin Faraci came under fire for allegedly sexually abusing a woman a decade ago and quickly begged for forgiveness, Patel did the same, writing in a reply on Twitter on October 15th, 2016

“I believe that I have caused women emotional harm and I am deeply sorry. I truly wish to understand my behavior and change it, stop hurting. I do not want to be the man these women are describing. It’s clear my actions have hurt them and that’s not okay. I’m sorry for exhibiting toxic behavior. I’m sorry that I’ve made people feel uncomfortable. I must self-reflect and become a better person.”

His apology didn’t go over too well with his employers, however.

A day later, on October 16th, 2016, Book Smugglers Publishing announced that they would be dropping Sunil Patel from their label, despite the lack of evidence supporting the allegations, writing a short post about the matter…

“This past weekend, several women put forward their encounters with a well-known male SFF author, citing his history of manipulation, gaslighting, grooming behavior, and objectification of women in the speculative fiction community. We have read all of the accounts. We are listening to the stories. We stand with the women who have been the subject of this author’s behavior.


“In light of these revelations, we have made the decision to no longer publish Sunil Patel’s work. We have removed The Merger from sale, and have canceled all forthcoming short stories and essays with the author.”

Another outlet, Fantastic Stories, also announced that they would be dropping Patel from their line-up, doing so through a tweet during the afternoon of October 16th, 2016 which reads…

“Fantastic Stories has terminated its relationship with Sunil Patel. He will not be editing the POC Take over issues. More info to follow.”

A day later, Fantastic Stories made a tweet acknowledging that they had found a replacement for Patel.

It’s interesting because back in late 2014, Patel made a collection of tweets about #GamerGate. His Twitter account is protected but there are archives of his comments, and here are just a few.

Despite being another male feminist, he still seems to have come under the same canopy of abuse that others like Devin Faraci and Robert Marmolejo stand under.

The allegations against Patel don’t seem to hold any weight, but he’s already lost some standing and some employment opportunities due to those allegations. This news follows on the recent developments of another anti-#GamerGate critic, Matt Hickey, who was charged and arrested for multiple counts of rape.

So far, many of the most outspoken people against #GamerGate and the call for better ethics in journalism, have been outed recently for some kind of sexual assault, rape charges, abuse allegations or pedophilia.

[Update 10/19/2016:] According to File 770, two more publishers have stated that they will not be doing business with Sunil Patel any longer following the accusations made by those accusing Patel of improper conduct. They’ve stated that they’ve listened to the accusations and believed that they were true. Mothership Zeta made an announcement on October 18th, 2016 stating that they would be dropping support of Patel, along with Steven Saus who does business with Alliteration Ink, stating that they would no longer be doing business with Patel after their latest publishing contract expires.

(Main image courtesy of inkuuusan)

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  • Thorable Inu

    Male feminists hang around and are attracted to damaged women, easy prey, maximum white knight opportunity, in their minds at least, the reality is that the sneaky male is gross to all, so the results are clear to see.

  • C G Saturation

    If he’s anti-GamerGate, then I don’t really care if he’s not guilty. Anti-GG don’t seem to understand what it’s like to be falsely accused, slandered or smeared, until it happens to them. They deserve wake-up calls like this.

  • Arbitrary

    “Author Man routinely preys on the badass women around him, using his name and buds as shields.”

    I think someone needs to learn what the word “badass” means, you narcissistic cunt.

  • Blake

    Further proof SJWs are racist, abusive and pedophiles

    • C G Saturation

      On top of the fact that some of them have already been convicted for such.

  • BrahmsTwiter

    Is Movie Bob wanted for questioning?

  • Fenrir007

    Live and die by the SocJus sword. So is the fate of the cucks.

  • DDD-kun

    Catch one body and it’s a bizarre case. Catch two bodies, it’s coincidence. Collar three bodies and you have a pattern.

    It’d be to benefit of anyone with any stitch of investigative know-how to actually start looking into these issues. Keep a few strong facts in mind:

    – Both Faracci and Patel committed career suicide by immediately kowtowing to ALLEGATIONS. Not hard commitments, but simple, non-court tested allegations. No due process, just swift & abject surrender to the court of public opinion. I don’t care how vilified they may be, no man or woman in this country would knowingly paint a scarlet letter on their own back without damn-good reason.
    – To my knowledge, there are no subpoenas, warrants, or writs being issued for pursuit of any settlement or trial circumstances, and that seriously needs to be looked into.
    – Authorities on such cases in the workplace and cases that are more domestic would be a boon to help figure out if this crap is really just coincidence, or if we can spot a 3rd AntiGG around the corner that will make this a pattern*.

    *Matt Hickey doesn’t make this a pattern, given he actually IS going to court to fight official charges. They come in threes so people should keep an eye out for the third. That’s when we’ll know if there seriously is a problem in the village, so to speak.

  • NeoTechni

    Another antigamergate sex offender eh? I’ve added him to my list

    Antis have based their entire argument against Gamergate on guilt by association. Arguing that due to the severity of the crimes, the ends justify the means, so even though guilt by association is the very basis of bigotry it’s justified in this case.

    [Devin Faraci]( is by no means anti-gamergate’s first sex offender, to the point where it’s happened so often it’s been called Ghomeshi’s law. There’s been pedophiles [1](, EDIT: [2](
    , alleged pedophiles [1](, rape defenders [1](
    [2]( [3]( EDIT: [4](, [5](
    , child porn disseminators [1]( [2](, alleged rapists [1]( (citation 3), EDIT: [2](, [3 (the trope namer)](, [4](, [5](, physically abusive towards women [1](
    . All while claiming to not only have, but BE the moral high ground. Even while doing the very things they claim makes gamergate a threat big enough to warrant guilt by association. Even when they simultaneously argue against guilt by association for objectively bigger threats.

    I’ve long since argued that this hypocrisy is dehumanizing. And it needs to stop. Otherwise it’s time we start treating every antigamergater as a rapist in sheep’s clothing. Its not only fair, it’s been their entire argument from the start.

    I personally would like this eye for an eye to stop. But only one side is able to do that.

    • Alistair

      That is so True. What do they’re call us, “Sexist, misogyny etc etc” And cry out “Rape culture”

      Wu a SJW feminist chuck devin under a bus. It the 1st time she did something right.

      They’re distance themselves from Matt, devin but the MSM stay silent.

      But you know what i think the court, would be good and must go though due process, the court would ask SJWs feminists and other SJWs to come forward.

      Edit: You mention Matt going to court, well lets see if MSM covers that story.

  • palaeomerus

    Gas lighting women in what sense? Legally it’s not thing. Legally you get into fraud or abuse eventually with specific details that can be criminal behavior. In contract lw you can dissolve a partnership or a marriage on the grounds of one person being emotionally difficult to work with but you are not by either civil or law required to be super honest and nice to people. People who don’t like gaslighters are free to not associate with them. This seems to have no “there” there at present. It’s just a “he’s a dick who was a dick to women. let’s stop publishing him.” situation. Weird but…personal. Not criminal.

  • MusouTensei

    Well since there is no evidence I would have said he is not guilty, but this apology, and the complete lack of self defense against the accusation, makes him look guilty, what a moron.

  • Hawk Hopper

    “I want a John Wick remake staring Wu taking down GamerGate”-Some faggot.

    For that concentrated cancer, this guy really deserves to be destroyed by the cult of no evidence.

    It’s the world he helped create, let him suffer.

  • DogDish

    Never let disdain for the target trump your principles. Ruining a man’s career/life, even someone as vile as Faraci or this Patel mong, should not be taken lightly, and certainly not without proof. I don’t mean to dismiss or silence the voices of the alleged victims, but this public character assassination in social media shit has got to stop.

    • Mr.Towel

      As said on articles of previous targets, they deserve due process. Such Abuse and Sexual Assault allegations should be proven in court as any other.

      But that said, again, it’s still funny to see the sword turning against the swordsman. Many of these male feminists have been defending the “Listen & Believe” and “Everything is Rape” from their own feminist ideology while laughing whenever a false rape allegation was proven and dismissing the many lives destroyed by it. Now the Devil is burning by its own flames, they’re feeling the suffering of those whom they laughed.

      • Viredae

        I certainly have a lot less sympathy in my heart for someone who’s behaved this way in a consistent manner, rationally speaking, I still understand and am aware of the horribleness of the situation.

        But once I’m out of polite company, I will be quite happy to dispose with the courtesy.

  • I’m not defending Patel here, but this Listen & Believe Women bullshit is getting so ridiculous now.

    It means that any woman can now just make up a false allegation out of nowhere in order to ruin a man’s life, or worse, get him convicted as well. All without even a shred of evidence.

    Don’t get me wrong, Patel is a prick for his anti-GG agenda, but come on now. This is witch-hunt. Women should be required to bring evidence/proof to the table instead of just “HE SEXUALLY ASSAULTED ME!!!!!!!!”

    • palaeomerus

      I don’t think they even alleged a sexual assault at this point. It’s just that he’s toxic and manipulative to people. And the answer to that is apparently not ‘tell him to fuck off & hang out with better people’ anymore, it’s ‘get his contracts canceled’ & make it hard for him to find work. He’s been hoist on his own SJW listen and believe petard, but beyond the “this is the world you wanted to build & it’s eating you alive, how do you feel about L&B now?” schadenfreude DID HE DO ANYTHING REAL beyond alienating someone with his shitty but totally legal behavior?

      • I didn’t say that the women were accusing Patel of sexual assault, what I said in the 4th paragraph of my post was just generalizing, because ‘sexual assault’ tends to be a woman’s best and most used weapon against men when they want to get the man screwed over for life.

        But regardless of how “light” the accusations are, we all know how SJWs/feminists act. They’ll be doing their best to paint Patel as this “sexist”, “misogynistic”, “woman-hating” man. Some might even try to slander him. And I would not be surprised at the slightest if another woman came out of nowhere from the blue and accuses him of sexual assault. Then he’ll have a real problem on his hands.

        • C G Saturation

          We’re close to the point where making a woman feel not-happy in any way is considered illegal and grounds for capital punishment without reprieve.

    • C G Saturation

      I think part of it is because, in the past, women who did get sexually assaulted were dismissed, ignored or even ridiculed. Now we’re on the complete opposite, where women can easily destroy any person’s life by simply pointing fingers. Both of these extreme scenarios are stupid.

      I think another factor is the media, government and other groups like the Soros foundation who gain from demonizing men for various purposes. And if men aren’t actually committing crimes, then they need to falsify them to push their agenda. Or, you know, widen the scope of what constitutes sexual harassment, assault, etc.

  • Nohbody

    I know I shouldn’t be cheering people being fired over unsupported allegations, but I still can’t help but smile at it happening to the sycophants of the same people who themselves have used it to get their victims fired.

    • Shogun1x

      Well, neither of them made any attempt to defend themselves against the allegations. They just immediately apologized, so I think Faraci and Patel are both guilty. Not gonna lie though, if they denied it I’d have to fight hard not to laugh my ass off at them being destroyed by the “listen and believe” shit they want to foist on others.

  • The amount of these stories coming out makes me think three things:

    1. Listen & Believe is so ridiculous that, without evidence presented to a court or police, it’s nearly impossible to determine whether these are true allegations or not.

    2. If they’re true, then feminism has created the very thing they claim to fight against: a culture where rape and sexual assault can be hidden by offenders who spout the same politics as their friends in order to deflect suspicion.

    3. If they’re false, then feminism has gotten worse because they are throwing each other – particularly men, I noticed – under so many buses, they’re starting to block the freeway and build up traffic.

    • CC

      The reason they assume there are so many rapists around them is because there is, they just don’t realize that their paranoia allows for rapists to take advantage of that assumption and angle themselves into negative positions.

      It’s a WELL-KNOWN phenomenon among radfem circles, but the other problem is each circle is itself pretty isolated which makes them prime hunting grounds for predators.

      It’s the struggle Phil & I were trying to point out to SJWs from the start. For their own sake. :|/ It’s an uphill battle.

      And before you say “Leave them to their chaos,” yeah but then they make waves and cause problems everywhere else.

      • Mr.Towel

        You can be pretty sure this kind of bogus “listen and believe” allegations are bound to hit non-SJW soon enough.

    • C G Saturation

      I thought 2 has always been obvious.

      Modern “feminism” claims to be about equality, when it’s actually creating inequality. It claims to be for women, but is about pushing for women to be just like men, to the point of denying reality. It assumes all women want the same things, which is downright false. It ridicules feminity and female sexuality, promotes masculinity, and body-shames healthy attractive women. It has done irreparable damage to traditional male-female interactions and relationships, partly in thanks to its brutal demonization of men as the conspirators of anything and everything. It’s often staffed by sexual and financial predators using “feminism” as a shield to hide their own misdeeds, or point the fingers at others who are often innocent.

    • durka durka

      well you cant be doing what you criticize right? Their shield is feminism it hides their horrible acts.

  • R.J.

    I am so, so grateful to GamerGate. I have never seen a better demonstration as to the true nature of the “moral crusader”.

    That said, both this and especially the Faraci incident is really odd. How can someone be so self-destructive as to internalize “listen and believe”? How does one become so irrational? As fun as it is to see ‘SJW’ douchebags flung from their high horses in humiliation, I think we’re now seeing evidence-free accusations used as a tool to advance careers at the expense of the accused. The office politics of the future is going to suck even more than it already does. Anyone with the opportunity to develop a skill set that makes one hard to replace should probably do so ASAP.

    • “I think we’re now seeing evidence-free accusations used as a tool to advance careers at the expense of the accused.”

      It’s virtually a witch-hunt, and it’s been going on for the last 6+ years now. SJW-Feminists absolutely love it because it ruins men’s lives so easily. They could not give a toss whether he did it or not. They just want him screwed over because he’s a man.

      For example, the Mattress Cunt Emma Sulkowicz. This person has been proven to have lied about rape, and what happens? She was REWARDED for it and praised for her “bravery”. The falsely-accused guy, despite being proven innocent, is still getting attacked by SJWs and feminists, you know the “not guilty doesn’t mean it didn’t happen” line.

      I’m not saying that the women who made the accusation against Patel are lying, but people really need to get it into their thick heads that women are actually capable of being manipulative and lying.

      • palaeomerus

        But in this case how does a publisher dropping a writer advance a career? It’s not big money. A “witchfinder” who points at assholes or deemed assholes can’t really sell the scalp/pelts they collect. Thus at best this is a sick hobby. At worst it is a clique taking someone down because the clique says so. If this is a set up then Patil is being sunk for purely malicious not just ruthless cut-throat reasons. He’s not opening up a publishing contract slot or losing a series IP to a competitor. If it’s real then he pissed some people off who went to his patron/employer and convinced them to affect a retaliation on the grounds that he is not fit to associate with. Culturally this is very weird and unfamiliar to me. it’s like watching some strange religious festival where I can’t tell what’s really going on under the surface.

        • R.J.

          I don’t mean it’s necessarily the ACCUSER who directly benefits (schemes like that would probably often be rather transparent), but SOMEONE often is (or perhaps it becomes a win for ‘the cause’). In this particular case, for example, it appears an even more ‘diverse’ person replaced the guy.

      • C G Saturation

        > people really need to get it into their thick heads that women are actually capable of being manipulative and lying.


  • Alistair

    Look LOOK These special snowflakes sexs pests double standards are dropping like Flies.

    Huuuuuurrrrrah. *Put record on Another one bite the dust*.

    • While it’s nice to see SJWs screwed over, but on this occasion it sounds like an unreasonable witch-hunt.

      All that was needed to do to take Patel down and fuck his life over was a few words from a woman to get the snowball rolling. No evidence whatsoever.

      While it’s easy to laugh at Patel, I think the whole situation highlights how dangerous this “Listen & Believe” crap is getting. And it’s something that is advocated for and being pushed by SJWs and feminists.

      • Alistair

        Yes i do sound hash at times, however they´ve both males and females feminists got 1 goal.

        Yes I understand that evidence should be brought forward, let the court decide.

        The same court should be for Matt hickory and the other one.

        But i got no sympathy for them, but that my opinion.

        If a women is proven to lie They’re should pay the court cost for wasting time.

        edit: The normal reaction is ‘You innocent until proven Guilty.

        SJW Reaction is “You Guilty until Proven innocent”

        • Mr. Saturn

          It is more “You’re still guilty even when proven innocent.”

          • C G Saturation

            It’s more like “you’re guilty regardless, because you were born with a Y chromosome”.

      • C G Saturation

        The media and their handlers have been working real hard to cultivate a culture of fear around all men. An interesting thread filled with related stories:

        There’s also this:

        And I heard a few other stories of grandfathers/fathers accused of pedophilia for simply being around their grandchildren or children, as well as a guy in the UK who didn’t stop to save a lost child because he was afraid of being accused of pedophilia. The child ended up falling over and drowning.

        It’s a shame the media and their handlers don’t have to accept any of the responsibility for the atrocities they’ve directly created.