Aragami Cheat Lets You Freeze The Enemy AI
(Last Updated On: October 9, 2016)

The breakout sleeper hit of the fall is the Kickstarted indie title, Aragami. It originally came onto the scene back in 2014 during the tumultuous time of #GamerGate’s nascence and the deluge of federal and criminal corruption that spilled out of the gaming media and mainstream press. After being successfully Kickstarted, developers Lince Works got to work on ensuring they had a smooth release on PC and PS4 this October. Well, for gamers having a bit of difficulty getting past some of the segments, there’s a cheat for that.

Like clockwork, a trainer was made available from Mr. Antifun for Line Works’ Aragami. The trainer only enables one basic cheat (for now) and that’s to freeze enemy AI.

It’s obviously not the most requested cheat, given that a lot of people were asking for infinite health and whatnot, but freezing enemies is better than nothing, right?

Others are asking for infinite scrolls because they still want the challenge of facing off against challenging AI but without the limitations of the scrolls.

For now, the cheat trainer is limited to just the one AI freeze. Nevertheless you can get your hands on it by grabbing it from the Mr. Antifun download thread.

Aragami has been receiving some fairly positive praise from Steam users, with a fair amount of people comparing it to the age-old PlayStation series, Tenchu.

The game was originally known as Twin Souls: The Path of Shadows, which is actually a pretty cool name and better reflects the actual nature of the game.

A lot of people are enjoying the cooperative modes and the throwback gameplay that focuses more on playability than trying to tell a AAA quality story. It’s reminiscent of a lot of the games that came out during the PSX and PS2 era.

If you want to get your hands on the game you can do so right now by picking up a digital copy from over on the Steam store or the PlayStation Store for $19.99.

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