Battlefield 1 Cheats Grant You Infinite Health, Accuracy, No Gun Overheating
(Last Updated On: October 23, 2016)

PC gamers get all the delicious cheats thanks to modders, hackers, coders and trainer makers. The latest batch of cheats to be made available are for Battlefield 1, featuring things like super accuracy, infinite health and infinite ammo.

There are a couple of cheat trainers available for Battlefield 1, including one from Mr. Antifun that features nine different cheats. There’s infinite health, infinite ammo, infinite gadgets (for bombs, explosives and other tertiary add-ons), no gun overheating for when you’re in a turret or using a flamethrower, there’s super fire rate for the auto-weapons, super accuracy for all weapons so you don’t have to worry about bullet drop or dispersion, no recoil so there’s no worries about the gun bouncing back on you, infinite tank health and instant tank gun reload after firing.

Those are some prime-time cheats and gamers are already snatching them up quick. You’ll likely want to avoid using the cheats in online matches because you’re more than likely going to get hit with a banhammer.

Cheat responsibly!

You can grab the Mr. Antifun trainer from over on the forum download page.

There are a few more cheats available as well, but they come at a price. There’s a premium cheat trainer from Cheat Happens that allow you to utilize easy kills against infantry, the ability to go invisible and unlimited explosives. It also contains the other cheats from the Mr. Antifun trainer, including unlimited health and unlimited ammo, along with not having to reload.

You will have to disable your firewall or antivirus software briefly if you’re having trouble running either of the trainers, or you may have to choose to run them as an administrator.

Battlefield 1 has been receiving a ton of positive review scores a lot of strong feedback from the gaming community for its unparalleled visuals for a first-person shooter on home consoles, as well as having an unprecedented amount of environmental destruction afforded to gamers in an eighth-gen gaming title. Sadly, we don’t get many games these days that push the boundaries of gaming tech, and there’s been a lot of stagnation in the gaming arena.

Anyway, console gamers are screwed when it comes to cheats but at least PC gamers continue to have the afforded opportunities to mess around with a game and break it as they see fit.

Battlefield 1 is available right now for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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