Battlezone PS4 Pro Update Offers Higher Resolution, Balance Tweaks

Rebellion announced that patch 1.02 has gone live for Battlezone on the PlayStation 4 and for the PlayStation 4 Pro, the latter of which is due out on November 10th. Rebellion wanted to be ready for the new console refresh and decided to offer up the new patch in order to give gamers something special to look forward to when the PS4 Pro becomes available.

They new 1.02 patch includes sharper resolution for the reflective light, as well as super-sampling the resolution for cleaner lines and weeding out aliasing. They’ve improved the dynamic lighting within the Cobra’s cockpit and and updated and tweaked the physics and clarity of some of the particle effects.

A couple of bugs were also squashed in the process and a few balance changes were made to the difficulty in the campaign mode, the enemy’s rank scaling and the convoy and defense missions.

These changes have all been made to give the game lasting appeal for the people who already own the title, and stronger appeal for the people who don’t.

Battlezone launched recently as part of the new wave of games for the PlayStation VR. It’s received some positive feedback from critics and should look and work better on the PS4 Pro when the system launches next month.

I imagine a lot of people still probably aren’t entirely sold on VR due to it looking awfully gimmicky – no where near as bad as the Virtual Boy, but still gimmicky enough. A lot of analysts were banking on Sony cashing in with the PSVR, so we’ll see if a collection of games like Battlezone working right proper will be enough to keep the sales momentum going through the holiday season and past the launch of the PS4 Pro.

As for Battlezone, you can learn more about the game, as well as the new campaign content they have planned for release down the road, by paying a visit to the official website.


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