Beholder Is A Dystopian Sim About Snitching In A Totalitarian State

Warm Lamp Games’ Beholder is set for release this fall for PC. The game is a dark, dystopian sim about a totalitarian state ordering you, the player, to snitch on people. It’s essentially SJW: The Game.

As a landlord you’ll have to spy on people, report their habits and turn over anyone who appears to be involved in any machinations against the state or subversive antics to undermine the despotic control held over society.

The debut trailer does a fine job of introducing gamers to the dark art-style and loathsome atmosphere setup in the title that is quite reminiscent of Papers, Please. You can check out the trailer below.

Just like in Papers, Please, there’s an option to report on people who violate the strict rules of the despotic and oppressive government institution. Reporting people will keep you safe but will you be willing to betray people simply trying to survive?

Part of the appeal of Beholder is that the game relies heavily on the choice of the player and the consequences that follow. They don’t say exactly what the consequences are but it doesn’t take long to find out while you play.

You can actually get an idea of what the gameplay is like with the video below from YouTuber eNtak, who has half an hour’s worth of gameplay footage posted. Check it out below.

The sweaty-forehead gameplay and intense decisions surrounding every choice you make that will determine the outcome of the lives of the people under your tenancy can be experienced ahead of the release of Beholder thanks to a playable demo that they have posted up over on the Steam store page.

You can grab the playable demo to get an idea of what the gameplay is like, how to strategize your prioritize and to get a small sample of what’s in store when the game releases later this fall.


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