Beyond Good And Evil 2 Officially Announced
(Last Updated On: October 6, 2016)

After waiting over a decade for a sequel, Ubisoft has officially announced that a new Beyond Good And Evil game is in works by Michel Ancil, who will be working with the Ubisoft Montpellier Studio to help bring the game to life.

The news was made over on the official Beyond Good and Evil Facebook page, where they explained that the game will be following up one of the most original games that Ubisoft created and released back in 2003, where they mention on the Ubisoft Club

“[…] this game is the most beloved game of our communities! Released in 2003, this game was a creative bet that took all trends in reverse: the hero was a young girl with skills and wits, Jade, that was very different from women character in video games at that time. The game had a unique style mixing Japanese and traditional cartoon. It remains a unique experience with lovable characters, a brilliant storytelling and a gameplay mixing driving, fighting, collaborating, photographing… Dive into the world of Beyond Good and Evil.”

The reason a sequel has been as delayed for as long as it has is because the original game didn’t quite sell as well as Ubisoft had hoped. It was another one of those situations like Mirror’s Edge, where only a small amount of gamers played it but they loved it more than the mass amount of gamers who buy other titles.

They don’t detail any aspects of the actual gameplay or talk at all about what players will do in the game, but this does follow up some recent concept art where they showed a garage that will play a central role in the upcoming title.

Some gamers are under the impression it might be a prequel while others are hoping for a sequel, starring Jade.

Ubisoft would catch a ton of flack if they decided to switch the protagonist from  female to male, with the SJW-oriented media likely willing to drag them through the mud if they made such a change. We’ll likely have to wait for more info to find out more about the game because Ancil is still working on the game Wild, and he plans on finishing that up before committing wholly to Beyond Good and Evil 2.

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