Busted! Sees Gamers Trying To Uncensor Lewd Anime Girls While Avoiding Dad

Now here’s a game that represents real life struggle and modern day challenges for the average young man. Silver Cow Studio has announced that Busted! is currently available right now over on the Steam store for only $4.99. The game puts players in the role of a righteous teenager going through puberty who must satisfy the urges of his chivalrous libido.

Alone, in the room, the teen must use his computer to uncover anime titties by playing clicker games on his computer. Players are tasked with clicking like they’ve never clicked before, all in an attempt to see cartoon boobs without being caught by a lurking dad.

Why not just lock the door? Well, any good teen trying to surf the parts of the net that require erasable-history tactics will tell you that. However, the dad in Busted! has more tricks up his sleeve that go beyond stepping through the door. Check out his techniques for busting his son with the launch trailer below.

Yes, the dad will use the camera, the closet, the attic latch and even the window to lurk, peep, visibly fondle your privacy like no body else.

Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to click like a maniac and uncover the boobies before you get caught. It’s not just about uncovering boobies, it’s about uncensoring the bountiful mammaries of fictional anime beauties. Think of it as a good American saving invaluable Japanese art from the oppression of SJW censorship.

Given all the censorious nonsense invading gaming at the moment, and the academic-led gaming media working as proponents for censorship at the behest of culture critics, third-wave feminists, politicians and Tumblr SJWs, this game seems like it’s coming out at around the perfect time.

Gamers looking to blow off some steam and blow off their load… of stress, they can do so by picking up a digital copy of Busted! from the Steam store.


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