CBC, LA Times Keep Silent On Crash Override Network Leaks
(Last Updated On: October 7, 2016)

The Crash Override Network leaks have proven that members of the supposed anti-harassment group were engaged in targeted harassment, doxing and sabotage. The chat leaks from Skype and Trello revealed a lot about the organization, detailed over on Heat Street and Washington Examiner. Well, readers have been reaching out to networks who previously promoted Crash Override Network to see if they would be willing to update their stories about these issues, but sites like CBC and LA Times have been dead silent about the matter.

On January 23rd, 2015 Brent Bambury from CBC’s Day 6 did a radio show interview with one of the co-founders of Crash Override Network, Zoe Quinn, as they discussed the network’s role in helping those who suffered from harassment or doxing.

I reached out to Bambury and the CBC regarding doing any updates or follow-ups on their coverage of Crash Override Network, informing users that their data may not be safe with the organization or to at least make people aware about the targeted harassment that was carried out by those who the group felt was ideologically opposed to them. However, the CBC did not respond and have been completely silent about the matter.

The Hero Complex section of the LA Times also did an article promoting Crash Override Network on February 4th, 2015. The article was written by Todd Martens, who quoted Quinn as saying…

“One of the most frustrating things about all this is the amount of damage that’s been done to the notion of games and the people who play them in the public sphere,” […] “Gamergate is undoing the work of so many of us in the indie space who have for a long time been saying, ‘Games are for everyone. Games can do anything.’ My own work has centered on that.”

According to Crash Override Network’s own research, #GamerGate was never actually used to harass Anita Sarkeesian.

The Crash Override Network chat logs and Trello cards, did show that they performed opposition research and doxed individuals in order to ruin them financially or defund them by any means necessary.

I wrote to the LA Times about this particular article from Martens, but did not receive a response.

E-mail campaigns were also put together by Kotaku In Action to reach out to these outlets, but they have all chosen to stay silent on the matter.

Many media outlets chose to promote Crash Override Network, sending many people to the organization but have failed to inform people that some of their information could be used against them if they don’t align with the political and social ideology of the members of the group. In two other separate cases, members of Crash Override Network were also engaged in sexual harassment and a targeted doxing attempt on a supporter of #GamerGate, as reported by Breitbart.

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  • Mr.Towel

    This shit reminds me a lot of the Denial of Holodomor. Millions of millions of Ukranians dying faster than Hitler could think of ways to killing Jews and the only think the western media did at the time was just ignore. Or worst, when some Pullitzer Prize winning dickhead like Walter Duranty didn’t appear on the New York Times to blatantly lie and deny the whole thing.

    • Elilla Shadowheart

      Ideologues gonna ideologue. And since it paints their side in a bad light, and instead of being introspective and looking at issues. It’s much better in the land of identity politics to let them keep doing shit.

  • C G Saturation

    Just like they keep quiet on all the other leaks going on. Corrupt assholes.

  • Alistair

    One day & One slip up by them, then & Only then these cunts will have to answer.

    Im surprise by the number of sackings and rise of people out of work Hasn’t trigger any Alarm bells ringing funny that eh.

    • von Stroop


      • Alistair

        Talking about CON Leaks, that doxxed people and losing their jobs.

        One day they’ve go too far, and then we see what happens.

        • “One day they’ve go too far, and then we see what happens.”

          lol, they’ve already gone too far with this SJW/feminist bullshit of bullying, censoring and shutting anyone down who disagrees with them.

          Even if they are to go even further (if that’s even possible), the mainstream media and games media will just do the same old usual of praising and championing them for standing against the sexist and misogynistic shit-lords.

          Lather, rinse, repeat

          • C G Saturation

            I agree, SJWs/feminists have long acted disproportionately in response to anything and everything, especially considering how ridiculous and devoid of reality their mindsets and behavior are.

            But I think it’s also “too far” in the sense that they have so much clout amongst the media that desperately tries to defend them.

        • C G Saturation

          Nothing’s going to happen because CON is friends with the right people in high places, just like Hillary. It’s quickly becoming obvious exactly who has been “in bed” with these assholes and their corrupt friends.

          Some people seem to have trouble grasping why there’s so much corruption. It’s simple, really. Over a long period of time, assholes meet other assholes with the same goals, or get cozy with people in useful positions, and it gets to a point where they can do terrible things and get away with it.

          Especially because regular people don’t believe this kind of thing can happen, and let their guard down until it gets to this stage.