CBC Twitter Blames Ombudsman For Delayed Response Regarding Dishonest Coverage

On the old One Angry Gamer site we covered more than a dozen different instances of the CBC either denying or being called out for disinformation. So far the CBC has yet to respond to the CRTC’s investigation into these issues, but the official Twitter account for the CBC has offered their take on what should come next.

Recently, Twitter user Lunar Archivist reached out to the CBC’s Twitter account and managed to get a response. On October 19th, 2016, when asked about the issue the CBC’s official Twitter tried weaseling out of the it, responding by saying that Ombudsman Esther Enkin addressed the issue of #GamerGate three times already on the CBC’s website. Lunar Archivist responded by saying that neither the French nor the English CBC Ombudsman could agree about certain informational points that the CBC misrepresented in their coverage and neither provided a response to the CRTC’s director of consumer policy. The CRTC has been awaiting a response from the CBC for the past 10 months.

The CBC Twitter account responded by saying…

“As mentioned, you should contact the ombudsman with your case number. If you made a complaint to the CRTC, it would be forwarded to the Ombudsman. You can follow-up on your complaint here: http://www.ombudsman.cbc.radio-canada.ca/en/contact-us/


“If this was fulfilled, and it was sent to the ombudsman, you will need to follow-up. If you can DM me your name, I can pass it along to see if the matter was raised.”

There were no further comments thereafter.

The CBC account essentially put the onus back on the Ombudsman to respond to the CRTC’s investigation into the CBC’s multiple hit-pieces on #GamerGate that contained lots of misinformation and inaccuracies. Even French-Canadian Ombudsman Pierre Tourangeau admitted that the CBC has been repeating untrue allegations, stating in one particular review back on July 23rd, 2015

“In regards to the first part of [redacted] complaint, specifically his denial that Eron Gjoni ever accused Ms. Zoe Quinn of having “exchanged sexual favors for a positive game review or positive coverage”, I would like to note that Ms. Beausoleil and the management of ICI ARTV admit that ‘no source supports this statement, as the blogger repeated allegations made by English dailies that were misinterpreted’

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation have published more than a dozen pieces on hashtag GamerGate, and not one of those pieces have acknowledged any of the accomplishments made in improving the ethical standards within the media industry, from the 50 pages worth of material the FTC used from Kotaku In Action and #GamerGate in their investigation into Gawker, to all of the websites who updated their ethics policies in light of e-mail campaigns to get them to come up to federal standards.

The CBC ran multiple interviews and hit-pieces on #GamerGate, or included it in a number of related (and unrelated) coverage, labeling it as a “harassment” campaign that sends female game developers “rape” and “death threats”. There has never been any cited evidence that #GamerGate actually is a harassment campaign yet that has been the media’s go-to line in how they’ve portrayed the scandal to the public at large. As mentioned, it’s been 10 months and the CBC has not addressed the issues that were brought up to the CRTC regarding their dishonest coverage.


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