Correct The Record Silent On Disruption Memo For Trolling Twitter, Reddit, 4chan

A Hillary Clinton super-PAC known as Correct The Record has been extremely silent on an alleged memo that leaked containing digital disruption methods to undermine non-Hillary Clinton voters by disparaging them from voting for other candidates on the ballot, as well as using disinformation to create negative groupthink against anyone who isn’t Hillary Clinton.

The news was originally spread when Real True News reported on the memo’s leak. This was a follow-up to other information Real True News reported on regarding a separate leaked memo showing that CTR was involved in physical disruption tactics to remove campaign signs and stickers from middle and upper-class areas showing support for Donald Trump.

The newest leaked memo was posted up on Scribd, featuring seven pages of a manifesto to cause disruption within 4chan, 8chan, Reddit, Twitter and Facebook to prevent people from supporting non-Clinton candidates.

One of the prime directives was spreading mimetic material. However, they didn’t want pro-Clinton material because they felt it was ineffective, they preferred making memes based around negatively depicting the other candidates.

The memo starts by stating…

“We are entering the final phase of the election and this is an all-hands-on-deck full-spectrum push for digital disruption and dominance. We are facing a decentralized leaderless emergent structure that can only be countered by our numbers with discipline and tactics. As such, these will be the scripts for Week 0 (through Week 3 to the vote)”

They have a referendum for each of the social media outlets, starting with Reddit, where it’s stated…

“We must maintain dominance on promotion/demotion of stories and isolation of Trump-positive threads. We are working to compromise moderators to improve our ability but will “operationalize” them in the final week of the campaign to try to make the board “go dark.””

They mention utilizing things like poll-flogging to induce emotional rage, concern trolling to create despair and using disinformation to create fear.

They even mention using Twitter’s Safety Council to get people shadow-banned who come across as “enemy thought-leaders”, writing in the memo…

“Twitter is an important resource for journalists who wish to engage in high-value political discussion. It is also poorly regulated and features several enemy thought-leaders with tens of thousands of followers. We cannot compete with their personal magnetism but the Truth and Safety Council that has been installed will allow us to no-platform (ban, shadow-ban, or threaten) any user. If Twitter is scorched-earth after this election, that’s fine so long as the right woman wins.”

The fact that they mention being able to use the Safety Council to shadow-ban people (although it’s called the Trust and Safety Council) caused instant alarm bells to go off for people who saw the memo.

Later in the memo they mention things like infiltrating pro-Trump Facebook groups to create dissent and discouragement, writing…

“Facebook is a pervasive social media that is used by older people and professionals. It is a demographic cross-section that is less activist (on the whole) and less sophisticated (on the whole) than Twitter. It is higher social-capital than the chans or reddit. It is a good place to work on negative social reinforcement. Lacking a down-vote mechanism, you will need to reply to memes with counter-memes or other mockery. If you can infiltrate pro-Trump groups, concern trolling may be effective if your FB wall will support it”

Instantly, there were questions about the veracity of this memo, as it seemed too ludicrous to be true. I did instantly reach out to Correct The Record via Twitter, asking them about it, but after nearly 100 retweets they have not responded. They have continued to engage others online and answer questions but have refused to address the CTR Digital Disruption Memo.

I also tried contacting them through their official website, but I have not received a response as of the writing of this article. Additionally, I tried reaching out to the site directly through their administration channel but they blocked incoming messages from unapproved accounts. If they choose to respond the article will be updated.

This isn’t the first time the group has come under fire for underhanded tactics. This month alone saw IVN taking them to task for potentially breaching federal campaign regulation, and they also recently came under scrutiny from a watchdog organization for potentially violating election laws, as reported by Yahoo! News. This digital disruption memo wouldn’t be surprising if it turned out to be true given the history of the group’s antics this past election season.


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