Dead Rising 4 Halloween Trailer Has Frank Dressed To Kill

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Capcom released a new Halloween trailer for Dead Rising 4 featuring Frank in a variety of holiday-themed costumes, ranging from Santa Claus to Akuma.

The trailer is fairly short, covering Frank West decking himself out in ridiculous outfits and then beating the crap out of zombies. Instead of tricking or treating, Frank is tricking and beating zombies into a pulp. You can check out the trailer below courtesy of Izuniy.

The trailer first shows Frank trying on a bunch of different outfits, including a wrestler outfit that looks a little bit like King. There’s a cowboy outfit, a fat Santa Claus outfit, and an Akuma outfit based on the demon fighter himself from Street Fighter.

We get to see some of the ridiculous vehicular combinations afforded to the photojournalist extraordinaire, including a snowmobile fused with an old town car.

We see things like a tricycle combined with a bladed lawnmower with a flamethrower, allowing Frank to ride around, mowing down zombies while setting them on fire… and getting a bit of exercise while he’s at it.

The game promises more tricks and treats for the obnoxious reporter, and some of the things look completely over the top, such as an electrified axe with an AOE attack. It reminded me of Thor’s hammer Mjolnir.

The game is scheduled to drop on December 6th at the end of the year. It’s just after all the crazy Black Friday deals so it may be coming in at a disadvantage, especially with the likes of all the massive AAA shooters that have come out recently and are due to drop in November.

Then again, the Yule time festivities of Dead Rising 4 fused with the overt action-comedy tones could lure in an audience not looking to play grim-dark, super-serious military shooter #4328.

Dead Rising 4 is due to launch on Windows 10 and Xbox One.


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