Devin Faraci Steps Down From Birth.Movies.Death Amid Sexual Assault Scandal

The sexual assault allegation levied at editor-in-chief at Birth.Movies.Death, Devin Faraci, did not come onto the scene without controversy and the allegation certainly didn’t exit the scene without consequence. Faraci has announced that he is stepping down from Birth.Movies.Death following his acknowledgment of sexually assaulting a woman over a decade ago.

Variety‘s Brent Lang is reporting that Faraci has wrote “to friends and readers” that he’s forfeiting his position as editor-in-chief at Birth.Movies.Death and will be working on becoming a better person, saying…

“This weekend allegations were made about my past behavior. Because I take these types of claims seriously I feel my only honorable course of action is to step down from my position as Editor-in-Chief of Birth.Movies.Death. I will use the coming weeks and months to work on becoming a better person who is, I hope, worthy of the trust and loyalty of my friends and readers.”

This move comes after Faraci’s boss, Tim League, said that they would be investigating the matter and had Faraci to come “offline”.

Faraci never acknowledged his victim with an actual written apology directed toward her, but instead he “begged” for forgiveness and insinuated that the “vile” act may have occurred.

Faraci has been a big proponent of third-wave feminism, using his social media platforms to dogmatically put down those who have opposing views while espousing the principles of being a male feminist. Things turned sideways when allegations claimed that Faraci was a sexual abuser and that he allegedly sexually assaulted a woman a decade ago.

Faraci was oftentimes attacking #GamerGate, calling minorities, females and those in the LGBTQ community “harassers” and “abusers”, but many suspect that this was his way of projecting his own shortcomings onto the consumer revolt who has called for the reformation of the media landscape due to rampant corruption.

While many people followed behind journalists like Faraci in believing that #GamerGate was about harassment, it turns out that some of the biggest anti-#GamerGate critics were involved in sexual deviancy, pedophilia and sexual abuse. Even one of Faraci’s previous peers excoriated him over Twitter for the possibility of him being a sexual abuser.

There actually is a pattern, Matt Hickey was exposed for being involved in a porn scandal where he would get women drunk and take advantage of them, along with Sarah Nyberg, who was outed for being a pedophile, as reported by Breitbart. Both of these individuals have claimed to be staunchly anti-#GamerGate.

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